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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

   Bloody Rabbit...

Bam is annoying me to the extreme! He's just jumping EVERYWHERE! Onto the bed, around the room, on top of boxes... It's so God damn annoying!!


I'm trying to upload some LOLs, but it's being rather slow.

Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I was commenting people back, then the phone rang, and Mum answered it. Whenever someone answers the phone, and I'm on the internet, the internet immediately goes off and won't come back on for hours. It's so annoying! It's supposed to be bloody broadband!

Talking of my internet... It was cancelled 10 days ago, now. The people at the company told Mum that it'd be turned off within 5-10 days... Guess what? I'm still online =S God knows what's happening... But if it's still on, I'm going to still be using it XD

Apparently, I wasn't looking very happy yesterday when I got to work. All this stuff with Mum and the police and Dave is getting me down, but I'm holding on =)

Anyway, I went on checkouts when I got to work, and Matt (manager) was putting some sweets out. And then he threw a Flump at me! (For those who don't know what a Flump is - it's a long piece of twirly marshmallow) He said he was trying to make me smile, and my customer stood up for me and said that throwing a Flump at me wasn't going to get me smiling.

Then Matt left at 6pm... And then he came back and gave me a Wispa!! As in, he'd actually gone and bought a Wispa for me!! (Again, for those who don't know - a Wispa is a chocolate bar - it's got little bubbles inside, and it's LOVELY!)

Matt had also bought an entire box of Wispas. But I did smile when he gave me my own Wispa. He didn't have to buy me one! Lol.

Sunny D! I love Sunny D! Sorry, that was random XD

LOL time!!


Thank God I don't have a carpet...

Ahahahahahahaha. A bill just came through from the phone/internet company. We refuse to pay the internet bill, since we've CANELLED it! Gah!

Anyhoo, I must go and write a chapter for one of my fanfcitions, and I must go and see if Mum wants hotdogs for dinner (I'm looking after her, since she's been signed off from work with depression about this whole thing).


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Monday, October 6, 2008

   I've Got A Jar Of Dirt...

Yes, the arrival of Cap.n Jack Sparrow has... Arrived! I tried to find a wallpaper of him holding the jar of dirt... But I couldn't find one.

I have two songs on the playlist at the bottom of my site. The "'I've Got A Jar Of Dirt' remix... I could listen to forever XD The video's even better. Go to youtube and type in "I've Got A Jar Of Dirt Remix". Then there's even a link in the info bit where you can download the song =D

I can just see all of you getting so annoyed at the jar of dirt remix XD

Well... I've had a spectacularly crap weekend. On Saturday night, I stayed up until about 2am talking with Mum and Dad, and found out some stuff... About Mum's childhood. And it isn't nice. And it involves her Dad (I'm no longer calling him 'Granddad'). And abuse. I'll leave you to make the connection.

Then I found out that my Auntie Clare was raped by a great-uncle, who also touched my arse when I was younger.

Oh yes. I found out lots on Saturday.

So, I went to bed at 2am... My Mum called my Aunt, who came over at about 2.15, and then there were specialists and police in the house until about 4.30am. Then a police woman came over yesterday and took a statement from my Mum about what Dave (her Dad) did to her.

And so hopefully, he and Roy (great uncle) will be arrested. Mum's scared shitless that Dave will come round the house. She wants to move. I wanted to move, anyway.

Soooo... Yes... It's not bee a great weekend... It hasn't been a great week in general.

LOLthings time!

The last one makes me LOL like mad XD LOLLM!


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Saturday, October 4, 2008

One Day Soon...

... I shall actually comment back. I need to sort out my theme, too, but I also need to write some stuff for my fanfictions X_X

Someone said they wanted to read ym fanfictions... I can't remember who it was, but if anyone does want to read my fics, there's a link to my fanfiction.net profile up in my intro =)

My rabbit is being so NAUGHTY. It's ANNOYING
Omg, the most embarrassing thing nearly happened at work today (note: I was actually supposed to be off from work today, but they were so short-staffed. that they asked me to come in for a few hours. I'm not bothered. It means I get paid my holiday pay AND overtime =D).

Anyway, this bloke came up with some flowers... I turned the flowers so that the flowery parts were facing me, and the stems facing the bloke. I moved the flowers back and forth, trying to scan it, and then I noticed that the stems were getting dangerously close to his manly bits!! I quickly turned the flowers so that they weren't near his... Y'know. It was so funny, and he hadn't noticed a thing, so there I was, still trying to scan these bloody flowers, giggling away to myself. LOL.

I told Frankie afterwards, and she pointed and laughed at me XD

Hey, do you know what I haven't put up for aaaaaages? Funny pictures!! I have a nice collection of LOLcats, LOLdogs, LOLrabbits, LOLcelebs and various other funny pictures going on in my folders... LOL.

Ahhh... I love it XD


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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just totally went into LOLspeak... =S

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! WOOOOO! I'm officially 19!! Meaning that I have to change my intro XD

I didn't update yesterday, did I? Eh, well.

I'm not commenting tonight, either, for obvious reasons. It's my birthday =D

I'm ill, though =( I have a cold...

I got some MONEYYY!!! 30 to be exact... Well, it would've been 55, but 25 was sent as a cheque, and the person who sent it (my disowned Aunt) hadn't even spelt my name right, and I tore the cheque up into little pieces... I don't want her money. Or her card. Or her letter. Or her number. I got Mum to throw it away for me.

I waited all day for Dad to come home so I could open my presents =D

I've actualy been on my own for the majority of the day... My Dad's been at work, and my Mum had to take my Nan to hospital... So it hasn't been the best of birthdays... Lol.

I must go now... Mum's cooking us curry =D


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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nooooooo, it's...! Me. Oh. *Disappointment*.


Well, well, well. Look at this... I posted yesterday... And now I'm posting today! =O I also got 6 comments yesterday... Yes! I actually bothered to check! Thank you, peoples. And guess what...? I'm actually going to scrawl back on your planks! (In other words, I'm coming to comment you, too!)

Have I mentioned at all, that I have pet giant snails?
They're not very giant at the moment, as they're only babies, but they are getting BIG. Especially my sister's. Her snail is called Gary (after Spongebob), and mine's called Bryan. As you do.

My manager at work has two, too. As does Tina, who I work with XD June at work also wants one! LOL.

I'm trying to figure out what theme to have in October... For the first few days, it's going to be a 'Happy Birthday' theme (for obvious reasons). Then, I might have... Pirates. I have a couple of good songs for that theme... And then at the end of the month, I'll haze Zombies (for Hallowe'en!). So that's, like, 3 themes in one month XD

I need to have a bath =/ My hair's like a birds nest.

I'm thinking... On Thursday, I'll be 19. (I just accidentally typed '109' LMFAO). I think it's time for a new moi. New style of clothes... New diet (PAH! That won't last long...). EXERCISE! Yes... I see it now... I'm going to get incredibly fat. LOL. Naw... My Mum is taking moi, and my sister clothes shopping later (she wants to buy my sister some skinny jeans... I have some already - I can't fit into them anymore. I have thunder thighs LOL). So, it's time for me to have a new style... More pretty, methinks. A bit like in that photo of me up there *points to intro*. I don't wear that top often... In fact, I don't look like that often XD I often look a mess... So I'm just generally going to make more of an effort with everything...

... My spelling has become atrocious. Seriously.

My Gran's had her belly button pierced! I am not joking! We went to the Tesco she works in yesterday (Yes, me, My Mother and my Gran all work for Tesco...), and she randomly got her belly out to show us her piercing. Then she made me show some of her work collegues MY belly button piercing XD Hers looks dry and a bit sore at the moment. Mine looks fabbity fab XD

Planning my next tattooooooo... Bon Jovi. I still can't decide whether to have a logo, or lyrics =/

... BOTH!


I'll make sure I post tomorrow, chums. Pip pip!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

It's A Happy, Happy Daaay... Toodle-oodle-aaaaaay!

Sorry, someone was singing that on an advert on TV this morning *shrugs*.

I bought the Pussycat Dolls new album yesterday. It's not as fantastic as I thought it was going to be... But it's alright =)

I have this WHOLE WEEK off work =D I'm sooooo happy! I just need to do lots of fanfictions, to use my time off wisely =)




Ok, I did that in the wrong order, really. I should've put my Dad's birthday first XD Ah, well...

Yes... On Thursday, I shall hit the big 1 9. 19, in otherwords. One of the more pointless birthdays to have... I mean, what's so exciting about being 19? Nothing. Absolutely fuck all.

On the other hand, it does mean that I only have one year left of being a teenager... Wow.

I changed my DSL cable for my internet... I don't know if it's actually made it any better. At least all the lights on my router come on more or less straight away. But the internet itself is really slow now... Hmm... I just can't win.

I must MAKE Mum phone up the internet company we're with at the moment to cancel it, and then phone up a different one. I'm paying like, 20 a month for internet I don't even get. There are companies out there who charge like, 15 and you get unlimited internet usage time. With the package we've got at the moment, we only get SIX HOURS A DAY. How tight is that? That's why I want us to change companies, so I can actually pay less for more =)

Because it is me who pays for the internet. No one else.

This song is really weird... It has a cat meowing in the background =S What's it called? 'Halo'. It's on the new PCD album. Number 10, if you must know XD

I need to clean out Bam's cage. It really pongs.

I must be off. Things to do, people to see (well, not really), fanfictions to write, and so on.


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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, I've been running the shop of various shifts for the past week, now... I'm working 2-11pm tonight, and I'll be running the shop during that time, too...

I ran the shop 2-11pm yesterday, too. It was amazing. Everyone had confidence in me, I remembered to do everything (mostly - and with little reminders from Ben), and if I asked the staff to do something, they did it straight away. I love working Saturday nights, now. I want to work them all the time XD

I did get abuse from a customer, but whatever *shrugs*. I'm so used to that now, I just don't let it get to me anymore. I was in charge of the shop, and if I said he was allowed alcohol, then he wasn't allowed alcohol. That was it. It's damn well tough. I had the keys to the shop, I was in charge!

I asked Ben a couple of times to do certain things (like put milk out and stuff), and he was like "one step ahead of you, I already did it". I laughed. Most of the time I didn't have to ask anyone to do anything, because they all just got on with it. It's possibly one of the best shifts I've ever been on XD

TalimSoul - I will NEVER go back to college, or go onto university! I prefer to not be in debt, thank you. I hate education with a passion. I would'nt be caught dead be in school/college/university. XD

I had my first driving lesson since about the beginning of August on Friday XD I thought I was going to crash my instructor's car, fail, and suck, and so on. In fact, I di brilliantly XD My instructor told me I'm so close to be able to take my practical test, now =) Yaayyy!! So, hopefully. By the beginning of next year, I should hopefully have my full license =D A provisional license just isn't enough... Lol.

Me and silver star rose (or Jane/Hazel) are getting along again. I wouldn't say we're BFFs again, (I don't even know what BFF means, but it sounds good...), but we go on, we have a laugh, and stuff.

I'm planning my next tattoo. It's Bon Jovi. Not the band themselves, but like, a logo of theirs, or a lyric of theirs or something. Even if it's just the words 'Bon Jovi', I want it somewhere XD

I was just thinking that MyO seems so... Quiet. Dead. deserted. There's no one around, really. So, I thought to myself "what's the point of staying? I hardly use it myself."

I don't know whether to delete my MyO, or just... Stick... =/ I dunno.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fed Up With Life...

I'm going to have to find myself a new job. And move area. I'm fed up with where I live, where I work, the people I see...

I just hate it all, now.

My job - I was supposed to be Team Leader, and now I'm not, because they're sending another Team Leader to our shop to do the job. For the next two weeks though, I'm supposed to be doing all this training and running shifts, so I can see what it's like.

Right, so that why none of the staff (other than my Mother and Bosswoman Andrea) are taking me seriously. I've been on... Three shifts so far. I've ran NONE of them. Because apparently, when someone else comes in (Rich, Matt or Andrea), then they're automatically running the shift. But, this morning, Andrea was only in to do all the price changes and everything, and teach me stuff.

When Rich came in at 9, he immediately went to Andrea and asked what needed doing. She said "I don't know, you'd better ask Emma, as she's running the shift today". Oh, so according to Andrea (who is currently store manager until we get a new boss), I was running the shift, was I? So explain to me why Rich told me I WASN'T running the shift, but he was. Explain to me why that, when Matt came in and me and my Mum complained to him, he said Rich was right and that Rich WAS running the shift, even though Andrea told everyone it was ME running the shift?!

It's pissed me off so much. I don't see the point of these two weeks, because I'm not actually going to be a Team Leader afterwards... And what's the point of putting me on shifts if I'm not even going to be running them, because two of the higher managers are convinced they run the shifts even when I'm on?

OK, so when a higher manager does come in, it's them who automatically runs the shift, but Andrea specifically said that I needed to run the shift so I know what it's like. What's the point of saying that, if neither Rich or Matt actually let me run the shift?!

Tomorrow... I get to run the shop for THREE hours on my own! Woo? I'll go into the shop for 2pm (and stay until 11pm), and Matt will be in until 8pm. Meaning I won't be running the shift until then, when he goes home.

I'm so fed up with it, that on Saturday, I'm going to talk to Andrea, and tell her that I'll do these two weeks (well, it'll just be a week from Saturday), and then I want to go back to my normal shifts, and that we can forget the step-up shit, and the Team Leader shit, because I just don't want it anymore.

As for the area I live in... It's full to the brim with drug addicts, drunks, old people, chavs, and depressed people (me being a depressed person myself...). I hate it here. I'm going to find a new job as soon as I can, get my full driving license as soon as I can - and then I'm out of here. I'm gone.

I'm starting to think that I really am depressed. A couple of months ago, I was feeling so low, that I burst into tears at work for no reason. Mum wanted to take me to the doctors, but I refused. I'm not ahppy with anything, and everything it just making me depressed. That's why I need to get away from my shitty job, and the area I live in. I need to escape. I need to find a job I'll actually like and enjoy. Like working with animals, or writing stories, or something like that. Something I actually WANT to do.

I only joined my current job, because I was sat at home doing nothing, and I needed the money. That's all I'm doing this job for right now.

And to top my spectacularly crap day off... Bam has just pissed and shit on my bed. Thank you very fucking much, disapproving rabbit of mine.

On a good note, we have two new pets. Two giant snails! They're only babies, so they're tiny, but when they grow up, ooooh don't they get big XD

Anyway... Toodles.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Shittest Day Ever In The History Of Shit Days.

It has been so shit today, that I'm actually crying.

You know I said I was going to be a Team Leader at work?

Well, now I'm not.

I went into work today to do some overtime, and Andrea and Tony called me into the office.

They said they'd just spoken with Debbie (the area manager) who had something about our store not having a Team Leader once Rich leaves.

Andrea and Tony both said that they were training me up, and I'd be Team Leader when Rich leaves.

But no. Debbie has decided that I WON'T be Team Leader, and instead is going to send someone from another store to replace Rich.

This means that the training I've been doing the past couple of weeks, will be for nothing. I'm supposed to be stepping-up to Team Leader in these next couple of weeks... But not anymore. I'm still doing the step-up shifts... And the training... But I'm not actually stepping-up to anything. I'll be training for Team Leaderism... And then go back to being a normal customer assistant.

Is it me, or does that seem just a little bit unfair?! They've been training me up, told me I'll be the new Team Leader, and then the area manager phones and says I can't do it?!

It's upset me so much, because I really wanted to be Team Leader, and now I can't.

I'm now going to see if I can find another job, because this is just so unfair. I'll probably end up staying at my current job, but if they ask me to do anything ever again, I'm going to tell them where to go, because this disappointment has been too much.

But, get this, after the next couple of weeks... No one seems to know what shifts I'll be doing. I don't know if I'll have my old shifts, new shifts, or rotating shifts...

I'm so pissed off/upset. I'm going to go and get a large bottle of vodka and neck it. Toodles.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Where was everybody on Monday? Only two people commented? =O Then again, I never seem to comment anymore... It's more to do with my lack of time.

I will comment back inkenyo 2.0 and angel kat. I think I have time to comment two people, lmao.

Emmah news?


Well, I got to do the gap scan at work last night =D The gap scan is where you have your little handheld computer (PDCU? I think that's what it's called), and you go around the store... Scanning all the gaps on the shelves of the stock that isn't there.

Was fun =)

Oh, I got the first chapter up of the sequel to 'Confessions Of A Blader'.

Seriously, I nearly died when I saw the amount of emails in my inbox this morning. I thought someone had signed me up to spam.

I had 25 emails. Only two were spam. The others, were ALL from fanfiction.net, and one was someone adding one of my other oneshots to their favourites, leaving the remaining 22 to be favourites, alerts, and reviews of the sequel to 'Confessions'. Oh, I think a couple was someone adding me as an author to their favourites and author alert. I don't mind. =)

So yes, that was a nice surprise for me this morning, and has put me in a rather good mood. Even though I have go to work an hour earlier tonight so I can do the gap scan again. And I have to work with Dale. Gah.

Bam's disappeared... No, he's at the end of my bed, licking and eating the floor, but he's found a way to be quiet whilst doing it... Bloody rabbit. We've been worming him, actually. It's funny. I have to hold him whilst Mum squirts the wormer paste into his mouth, and he doesn't actually pull away, but just laps it up, as thought it's something tasty. His back feet all twitch. It's very funny XD

This is really random... But I want Kai Hiwatari and Tala Ivanov from Beyblade tattooed on my arse. LOL.

Bam just jumped up on the bed, and tried to eat my knee!

Anything else...? Hmm, I think not.

I do wish Bam would stop shitting on my floor, though. It's a bloody good job I don't have a carpet. He's going to sleep now, over by my wardrobe.

Excuse me as I go and eat lots of chocolate!

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