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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

   It Has To Be Done

This is possibe most entertaining, hilariouly funny, taking-the-piss programme I've ever watched in my entire little life.

It's called 'Mock The Wekk'. It takes the piss out of absolutely everything, even if it was something really bad that had happened, so you need a real good sense of humour to watch it.

So, if you like that sort of thing... Click:


I would've embed it, but the user's disabled embed coding, so I can't XD So, click on the link, and heaxd on over to have a bloody good laugh XD

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Monday, July 21, 2008

   It's Been One Whole Year...

... Since the floods last year. Well, OK, it was exactly a year on Saturday, but my internet was being a fuckwit, and so I couldn't reminisce.

Here's some piccy-wiccy's.

They were taken at the bottom of the hill we live on, and on the bridge. The one picture with the orange barriers was taken in Cropthorne, where the road actually collapsed, and was named "Cropthorne Canyon". It's still called that now, even though the road is actually fixed...

My parents actually drove around the lanes, to get on the other side of the floods to take most of these pictures. It was actually quite scary.

Hmm... It was all quite mad. I seriously hope it doesn't happen again.

Eh, new chapter of 'Confessions' is up, if anyone reads that XD Pip pip!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

   Ahhh... Erm... Yahhh...

Commentsies. I did try to comment yesterday, but then the internet died, so I gave up. But thanks for the comments today. No, yesterday! =D

My parents shall never know about my manlove manga. EVER. Even if I have to eat it to stop them from finding it! My Mum walked into my room yesterday whilst I was reading it. I was like "AHHH! DON'T YOU EVER KNOCK?!" *stuffs
manlove under duvet*. Hahahaha.

foamy14, it's... Good. Lol. But, where the anime just doesn't blank out ANYTHING, the manga has conveniently placed bursts of light covering somethings up. But, you can still see practically everything XD As the little bursts of light aren't all that big XD

I feel like singing "they call me mr bombastic". I need to find out the proper name of that song. And then download it. Mwahahaha *googles*.

It's just 'Mr. Bombastic'. I am downloading it (illegally, I may add, as with everything else XD), and then I shall sing along to it, and add it to my mobile phone XD And it will be my ringtone.


*Wheezing with laughter at her own madness*. Help.

*Wheezing with laughter even more*

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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Thank you for all your comments =D 12!! They made me happy!

I'm unimpressed, because my internet just restarted itself, and I'd written an awesome post!

Work last night was hilarious! I was working with Rich, so it was bound to be XD We danced round the shop whilst singing 'Prince Charming' and 'they call me mr bombastic'. LOL.

Rosie and Alex have split up =( Y'know, Rosie's the one who had the baby. I put up photos, remember? Anyway, Alex packed his bags, told Rosie he didn't love her anymore, and that he's only interested in Jake. What a bastard!!

My cousin Shane and his girlfriend Lisa (they've been together for years, don't worry XD) and their little baby girl came in the shop, and Shane told me they're thinking of make me a god parent to the little baby (I've forgotten her name XD). I was like '=O' when he told me!!



I have a new fanfic up!! As in, a proper new one. It's a Georgia Nicolson one, as you all know how much I lobe those books XD I can't wait for the film! I am literally buzzing with excitement.

Oh, the postman yesterday was in fact a postwoman. She has to knock on the door, because my mangas wouldn't fit through the letterbox XD I'm very surprised. I thought Sensitive Pornograph was going to be bigger than it is (OO-FUCKING-ER!), but it's actually quite a small manga. I've hidden it in one of my drawers. OO-ER!

I really am just going to shut up, now XD


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Firstly, the postman has STILL not turned up (it's now 12.29 in the pm). I want my fuckng mangas!

Secondly, work last night was pretty crazy =/ But, now I can add points to cards, and do tills lifts (i.e. taking money out of the till) without having to call the manager =D It makes me feel special.

Thirdly, here's that 'Rainbow' video I mentioned yesterday. You'll have to turn the sound up, and the quality isn't that good, but you get the general idea.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

It is HIRARIOUS, and has so many innuendoes. I can't remember if it actually got aired, but I highly doubt it. You can't have kids going round to other kids saying, "I haven't got any balls, so can I play with yours?". It's just wrong XD

Right, so now for some HIRARIOUS pictures. I'm not just putting up LOLcats anymore, now. It's going to be funny signs, and stuff, too. I have a large collection at the moment =D They are funny.


Pip pip!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

   Oh, Bloody Hell

I am actually in love with my new theme, as mad as that sounds. I want a gay eskimo. I want to keep it under my bed. And steal it's furry rainbow coat XD

Thankies for the comments =) I will return them today XD I actually have spare time today before work, thank God. I'm hoping to finish a chapter for one of my fanfics and submit it before work today, too. But, we'll see how things go XD


inkenyo 2.0:- Well, I actually thought that it was the Arrogant Worms who sang this 'Gay Eskimo' song, but apparently not =S Hahaha, sorry about that, you should tell your Grandma that I'm secretly a gay eskimo! LOL!

DaFeather:- I did indeed make it to the loo in time beofre I had any accidents XD I would've actually hanged my head in shame and disowned myself if I hadn't made it to the toilet in time. If that's possible. And I don't think it is.

Mangus Lensherr:- Oh God... I don't want to have hair like a monk! I'm already convinced that I have bald patches and receding hairlines as it is! *Gets paranoid*.

Twists Of Rain:- The fact that the first word you saw was 'PORNOGRAPH' makes me laugh. It's like you have an eye for porn... Err... Yeah =D

Foamy14:- Yeah, you have to be 18 here to buy THAT sort of thing, too XD But I never have the guts to go into a shop and buy it XD I'll have to try and get it online LOL!

RagingFlameSprite:- Yu-Gi-Oh! has hidden yaoi? =O Then again, it's not just animes that can have hidden sexual thing in it... The amount of little kids shows I've seen that say dodgy things... Like the 'Rainbow' programme. "Let's all play with our twangers", "I've only got a little one", "it's not the size of your twanger that matters, it's how you pluck it!". Seriously, I'll have to find that video. It was so dodgy. Also, I don't just generally sit around watching kids shows. I'd like to make that clear XD

Koon:- Aren't you always horny anyway? Lol! You'd only be able to see my feet if anyone took a picture of me in that awkward position - since I was so far down the bed. I don't like my feet.

sparkle 078:- We must embrace the gay eskimos! As there are such few of them! I would actually love to meet a gay eskimo. It's now one of my goals in life. Yes, you'd love to see Sensitive Pornograph XD Well, then again, maybe not. It's so full-frontal, I'm left drooling afterwards and make no sense (well, I do that all the time anyway, so no change there. Except for the drooling. I don't drool all the time. That would be wrong. LOL).

So... The sleeping habits get worse...

This morning, my Mum didn't walk in... But, I managed to wake up...


GIGGLING FOR FUCK'S SAKE! What the Hell is wrong with me?!

I blame the sleeping position yesterday... Because I was vaguely aware of being in a similar position this morning, which I think is what set me off giggling, and woke me up properly.

Someone, please save me from my own madness. Please.

So far today... I have re-written all my fanfiction plans and stuff. You know when they get to that stage when they've been looked through so much that they're ripping and disintergrating?

They'd gone past that stage. So I re-wrote everything XD

Ahhhh these fanfics are stressing me out so much! I need to get them done!! Lol.

One last thing to say. Read my new and probably-not-improved intro XD

Pip pip!

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Monday, July 14, 2008


I am so excited, I might actually pee.

It doesn't help that I've just downed two cans of coke. Hahahahahahahaha.

I went on Amazon.co.uk (I've given up on Waterstones.co.uk, and Play.com completely - for a while anyway XD), and I've ordered Fruits Basket volume 19, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...


Hooray for manlove manga =D

I've been trying to order it ever since I watched the anime (ahhh... The mental images XD), and it's ALWAYS been out of stock, and I just happened to look at it today, and there was ONE COPY left! So I was sat there, cursing my internet and going, "fucking Hell!! ADD TO FUCKING CART! I WANT TO FUCKING BUY IT!"

So... Once my internet decided to play, it got added, and should be here by Wednesday or Thursday =D Along with Fruits Basket 19.

But, with a name like 'Sensitive Pornograph', it will definitely catch my parents' eyes if they ever wander into my room... So I may have to hide it XD

Talking of parents wandering into my room... I left Bam outside last night, and Mum came in my room this morning to grab his food bowl.

Anyway, I was still asleep... Hahahaa... And Mum said... Mum said... I was sleeping in the most odd position...


I was halfway down the bed, shoved right against the wall, and my arms were just dangling down by my sides.


She said it was actually physically impossible for me to get any closer to the wall. Oh, how it made me laugh, I'm still giggling now. Noooo, need to pee XD So yes, I was actually crying from laughter, because the mental image was so funny, and it didn't help that Mum did an impression XD

Anyway, sorry I haven't been online. I haven't really had any time to myself. I've just been so fucking busy X_X I need to write some chapters for my fanfics, too... Gah.

I might go and pee first.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Time: 11.06 in the am
Mood: Ha!
Currently Singing Killing: Animals - Nickelback

I still have that Charlie the Unicorn video 2 in my head. "Swim away Foogoo fish!" hahaha. Anyway, thanks for your comments, and I warn you, this is going to be a long post.

I may change my theme soon. I'm getting bored of Nellie.

Hahaha, Bam (rabbit) just tried to climb up my quilt (I've pushed it up against the wall), and he made it halfway up, then slid back down. Backwards XD

Erm... On Sunday, I did that extra 3 hours, didn't I? Wasn't too bad, I guess. Monday... I did my training (can't remember anything, which doesn't really help), and then we went to the Orthodontist, and I got my bottom set of braces on X_X

Before I carry on with that, I'd like to say that Bam keeps nudging my laptop. For attention.

Anyway, Boob-woman asked me if I wanted different coloured bands this time, so I asked for purple *grins with purple teeth*. So, Boob-woman took the grey bands off my top ones, and put purple ones on (though, she missed a grey one, and it's still there), and tightened the top brace (I personally didn't feel it get any tigheter =/).

So, then she put my bottom brace on, and now my mouth is purple =D As much as I hate my braces, at least I'm happy in the knowledge that they are purple for now =D When I go to see my consultant in September, and she asks if I want a different colour for the bands, I may go for green XD

So... Tuesday... Not much happened... I was off work. Oh, and I was off work yesterday, too. It rained ALL DAY yesterday. And I literally mean all day. Non-stop. I dunno if my fellow English peopel watched the national weather at all Tuesday, but if you did, you would have seen how long it lasted =O It's quite sunny today, though. It's a bit cloudy, but sunny, too, y'know?

So... I also had my driving lesson. I was really worried, because I hadn't driven a car for over a week, so I thought I was gonna do spectacularly crap. In fact, it was the opposite XD

We were going to drive to Worcester, but the rain put me off that idea. So, we drove to Evesham again, and there was this pigeon. It was sat in the road, and I saw it, and I was like "is it going to move?", and Susanne said "it doesn't look as though it is".

Well, it did move - too late. Just as it flew off, it hit the windscreen XD As much as I shouldn't find that funny, I do. I dunno whether it survived or not, I couldn't exactly stop on the main road to find out XD

So... Then we went into Evesham... I did a three-point turn fantastically =D Then I did a parallel park. Fantastically. And then... Heh.

We were driving through the town centre, and there's a lot of pedestrian crossings. Anyway, we were coming up to one, and I started slowing down, because I saw a woman come up to the crossing. But she didn't press the button or wait or anything! She saw me coming and just walked out!

So I had to do an emergency stop. Susanne was like "are you OK?". I was fine, but the best part of this story is that the woman who had walked out was already bandaged up, and completely bruised and battered already! Me and Susanne had a good laugh and said "it's no wonder she looks like that if she just walks out in front of cars". LOL!

I ordered Fruits Basket 17 the other day. And I've read it =D So, what do you do when you've read that one? You order the next one XD I got an email from Amazon this morning saying Fruits Basket 18 has been despatched, and I'm using first class apparently, so it should be here tomorrow. Hopefully.

Christ, I have 700 songs exactly on my iPod, and I can't find even one that I want to listen to >_<

New pictures of Bam =) Actually, here's some pictures of the scratches he gave me before we got his claws clipped (that was an experience and a half - the vet wouldn't stop loving him. The vet is quite sensationally mad).

Yes, one of those scratches have actually scarred. And yes, I do still have my belly button pierced XD

Oh yes! Pay day tomorrow! We have a 30% bonus as well =O Quite fabulous. As I have more training tomorrow, I may go to Love Italy Girl (the other Love Italy store has older clothes in - bleck), and spend =D It's real expensive in there, though, and the woman who runs the shops actually ships clothes in from Italy =O So I'm going to have a badger in there =)

I discovered the other day that I have 12 pairs of shoes. I don't know how, why or when I accumilated them all, but I have.

Anyhoo, I must be off to comment. Pip pip!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Dudes, and dudettes. I present to you:


If anyone wants to know, I am currently making that "plrlrlrp" noise XD


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Monday, July 7, 2008


I SOOOOO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS FILM!!!! You all know how I'm obsessed with the Georgia Nicolson books (btw, 'Stop In The Name Of Pants!' is really good XD), and when I heard that they were making them into films, I got all excited.

This is isn't the trailer I saw on T.V., though. Must find it.

This isn't the one I saw either =/ It does look good, though XD My friend Sian texted me yesterday, and asked me if I'd seen the trailers, and that we should go and see it XD So we definitely are.

But by the looks of things... They've made Robbie really weedy =/ Unless that was Dave The Laugh. No, it was definitely Robbie, because he was on stage. Hahahaha. I sound so mad XD

Ho hum, I must be off.

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