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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

   *Shakes Fist At Photobucket, My Rabbit, Dave The New Team Leader, And Cyclists*
Photobucket:- I am ATTEMPTING to upload some LOLs ready for later on this post. But, just as I'm selecting the files to upload, and just about to press the upload button, the bloody thing scrolls all over the place, and I end up clicking that 'effing 'remix' button, and now I have to start again!! GRRR!

My Rabbit:- He just did a huge poo on my bed. I don't know why all of his poos aren't normal rabbit-sized pellet poos, but the ones he does his cage are. But the one he did on my bed, STANK, was HUGE, and WET. I was not impressed.

Cyclists:- Got stuck behind one on my way to work yesterday. Weaving all over the damn road. Some people just need to be taught how to ride a bike properly...

Dave The New Team Leader: Soo... I spent an hour with him. He's... Quiet. Andrea introduced us. He shook my hand. WHY? Is it the right thing to do, Team Leader to Team Leader? Is that what Team Leader need to do? Is that what cheeky little Team Leaders need to do when they've stolen someone else's job?

Sorry... Off point, there. Andrea introduced us, and, like I said, he shook my hand. Andrea introduced me as "Emma, who is waiting to be Team Leader". He scowled when she said that, so I scowled back, secretly thinking "yes, Davie-boy, you, you little fucker, STOLE my job!". I can see we're going to get along like a house on fire XD Andrea also told him that I pretty much know everything about the shop, how to open it, how to close it, what jobs need to get done, and all that malarky =P She told him that if he needed help with anything, and he was on shift with me, then to come to me XD

I had to hand over my store keys =( But, to be fair, I knew they were only given to me temporarily. They have to go to Ian, because he's the new site manager. Cheryl (Ex-Team Leader Rich's wife, also of Team Leader status, but only works three days a week) was given Rich's keys by Rich, and he told her "oh yes, these keys are now yours", and Andrea comes along and tells Cheryl that she needs to give her keys to Dave, because he's the new full-time Team Leader, and she isn't. She apparently cried. I think something was mentioned about me, AGAIN. She always seems to bring it back to me =S It was probably something like "oh, but Emma's gets to keep her keys". No, love. I don't. They were never my keys. They're the store manager's keys. I just had to use them for the two weeks that I was running shifts, the silly moose.

Me and Cheryl don't really get along that well. Lol.

Like Ange *scowls*. I can't stand Ange, the sour-face old cow. She must be approaching 80 years old. Hahahaha, nah, she's not that old, but she is old.

I get to work with Ian tonight. I met him last night, too, actually. He seems quite nice, and more talkative than Dave XD Andrea's also told Ian that if he needs help, or little reminders, then to come to me XD I seem to rock... Oh God, we've got Dale on tonight, too. I still can't stand him, the smarmy, big-chinned freak (again, nothing against big-chins... His is just... TOO big, though).

Magical Elves!! Sorry, we have Magical Elves at our shop again!! They're little chocolate bars, with popping candy in them. They're fantastic XD

Anyway, time for the LOLz, and then I must be off to write some fanfiction-ness XD

... I love them all XD


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