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Thursday, December 11, 2008


I don't know why the slanted liney things (do they have a name?) are in the title. I can't be bothered to delete them.

I'm debating whether to put up LOLs or not.

I'm not watching anythign tonight =(

It is 16 minutes past midnight, though... Hmm...

I should really be asleep.

Omg, my friend Chelsea is coming to visit (she lives in the North of England, now) and it's not that I don't want to see her and her boyfriend... It's just that she wants to go out for a drink, and I'm utterly skint.

On the subject of money, or, lack of it... And how it links to the buying of Xmas presents... I went Xmas shopping with my parents today. I bought a lot of stuff for myself - AGAIN XD I bought a new belly bar, 6 mangas (Absolute Boyfriend voume 4 - AT LAST! and Death Note volumes 1-5) and Madagascar 2 the game for my DS. It's fantastic XD

My parents, though, have bought a PSP for my sister! =O They were going to buy her a new DS, but they decided on a PSP instead. When Dad said he'd buy me one for Xmas, too, Mum tutted and moaned that they didn't have enough money. Whatever. She didn't even talk to me when I came home from work, either. I don't know what the matter is with her, but I feel slightly ignored.

Do you know how many times I've thought about leaving recently? So many, I've lost count! I just want to get away. Like, so bad.

No LOLs. I can't be bothered.

Too tired... I'm off to... Probably tidy my room or something =/ Even though it's like, 20 past midnight, lmao. Toodloo!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It is... 00.59 in the am at the time I'm sarting this post. It is ridiculously late, and I am exhausted.

I was at work at 6 today until 11 (me and Dave actually get out on time, unlike some other managers...). Omg, Dale is such a twat. Dave just calls him a numpty at every chance he gets XD It's hilarious.

I'm apparently watching 'South Park' 0_o

I bought a new pair of shoes today... Yesterday... Whenever XD They're purple and LUSH.

I'm going to dye my hair purple again. Have I mentioned that at all?

Kenny is crying because Cartman ate all the skin off their chicken XD This is really really mad...

Hahaha Cartman thinks he's dead XD

ROFL! He thinks his Mum's crying, but she's actually fucking XD

"I'm like that kid in the movie. I can see dead people!"


"One spoon of super-aids in your butt, and you'll be dead in 3 years" LMAO!!!!!

Omg, I can't stop laughing XD

Work tonight... Last night... Oh God... Erm... Work was... Stupid, to be honest. Me and Dave had a giggle, and Dave took the piss out of Dale a lot. That's all that happened, really. Dave did offer to let me go home an hour early, and get Dale to stop the extra hour, though XD I was like "no way to get home, though".

Turned the TV over now... Watching 'Shameless'. Actually, is 'Teachers' on...? No, it isn't. I hate late night TV. There's fuck-all on.

As far as my Xmas present is concerned... My Mum has bought me the fluffy Spongebob dressing gown I've wanted for a while, and she going to pay for my theory driving test for me. So, all in all, my parents will have spent 60 on me, and 120-or-something on my sister, which seems hardly fair.

Digital cameras really AREN'T that expesive. You can get a decent one for well under 100. There are some that only cost 60 - and are pink! Oh well, I suppose I'll have to be happy with what they've got me.

'Shameless' is really quite boring. I've turned it back to 'South Park' LOL.



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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

   No Xmas Theme...

... I've decided against a Xmas theme. I just can't be bothered this year... That means there won't be a New Year's theme, either.

Kai wasn't even supposed to be my background. But he is. The polar bear wasn't supposed to be my icon. But it is. Leona Lewis' version of 'Run', though WAS meant to be my music. And she is. I love this version. Sure, the Snow Patrol version was good, and I love Snow Patrol, but I love this version just that little bit more...

I told my Mum and Dad what I wanted for Xmas - finally. A digital camera. I don't own a single one! They were like "but they're expensive..." WELL DON'T FUCKING GET ME ONE, THEN! I'M NOT FUCKED EITHER WAY. It just seems unfair that they're going to get my sister a new Nintendo DS when she broke the old one, yet my Dad's been going on at me for ages "oh, what do you want?" and I finally tell me, and he's like "oh, can't get you one of those". What-the-fuck-ever. It's not like I NEED a digital camera, but I'd LIKE one.

But, to be honest, money IS tight. My Dad has just been made redundant. His job finishes at the end of the month.

I phoned up work this morning to tell them I'd be back tonight. Andrea was like "wahey!". Lol. She also told me that my licensing package came through, and is sat at work =O As in, the licensing thing you need to say you can run a shop XD

I have to fill in the paperwork shit, send off the forms, then revise like fucking mad, and then I have to sit the exam =O

I'm going to dye my hair purple again. The examiners will love that.


Oh! If you hadn't noticed... My intro has changed. There is no mentions of gay eskimos, cups of tea being for life, and there's no butt-ugly picture of me.

There is, however a new link. It's to my Facebook =D Enjoy it, abuse it, and for God's sake, send me some spam! I love spam!

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Monday, December 8, 2008


Now I know why I don't bother posting at the weekend =P

Still ill.

No work today.

Didn't go Xmas shopping yesterday. Haven't gone today, either.

Need to go and get my prescription from the doctors. And some feminine supplies. And chocolate.

I have a box of mini mince pies. I don't like them.

I submitted a quiz - it's not up =[ I dunno how long they take to be approved/denied, though...

My foot's gone dead.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I phoned in sick for work. I'm not going in today. I thought I was getting better, but I feel super shit today.

I thank Jangalian, for being the only person to comment. You commented twice, by the way XD But thanks, chick! =)

I'm giving up doing long posts. No one seems bothered with them *shrugs*.

I'll try and upload my quiz today. I think my parents want to go and do a bit of Xmas shopping. That's good. I'm off work ill and going shopping, lol. I genuinely am ill, though, and Dave & Matt at work know it.


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Saturday, December 6, 2008

   Guess Who?!

No... You haven't gone mad. Well, actually, that's debatable XD No, it really IS Saturday, and I really AM updating!! =O I know I don't normally... But I have too much energy XD

I woke up at 10am yesterday - and haven't been to sleep since. I went to bed last night in a pitiful attempt to catch some shut-eye (a pitiful attempt - because I was watching Jimmy Carr and drinking Coke Zero at the same time - I don't advise it) and just never got any sleep.

Work today... Has been odd, to say the least. I left an hour early, I've hardly been on the tills, I ACTUALLY GOT TO WORK SOME FRESH STOCK JUST DELIVERED =O How bizarre.

Did I mention yesterday that I've been uploading shitloads on TheO? I can't remember.

In my moment of non-sleepiness last night, I planned out a quiz!! I once tried to submit a quiz. But that was 2 years ago, and it was REJECTED. I'm hoping that this one is MUCHLY better. I just need to type up the questions, answers and results, and get pictures and SUBMIT.

For those who don't know what 'Mock The Week' is... Google it. Or even better - YouTube it. You have been missing out.

Actually... I will put some 'Mock The Week' up...

Mock The Week: Scenes We'd Like To See
Unsuccessful Personal Ads

"Me: short, hairy, fat, pigeon fancier. You: will probably already have moved on."
"Ex-rugby player, dark, swarthy, square jawed, broad shouldered, 6' 3", hands like shovels, all woman."
"Fun loving, wacky, crazy gal looking for man to share the good times, I'm mad me, all me friends say so, honest, I love you already I can tell, wooo arrrghhh waaaa."
"Just back from extremely long time in foreign country. Looking for woman with low profile. Love children."
"Hermaphrodite with flaming red hair, three beautiful legs, one eye, broken nose, no teeth seeks similar."
"Widow, 56, likes opera and cinema. Seeks professional male for long country walks, candlelit dinners and eye-watering anal sex."
"Companion required for long session of Sudoku. No timewasters."
"Long-term gay man, looking to get back 'out there', no STDs, once bitten and all that."
"Bride with six sisters seeks man from large family."
"Calm down dear, this is just a personal ad."
"Outspoken monoped, recently divorced, looking for ageing millionaire for long hops in the country."
"Dull, unimaginative and unadventurous person seeks soulmate. Won't travel."
"They said I should never be released, they said I am a danger to women, let's prove them wrong..."
"Me: Curvy, great sense of humour, loves food, larger than life, positive, enjoys cooking, dining out, bubbly personality. You: Must like a fat lass."
"Me: Man. You: Woman, preferably."
"Man with A.D.D. seeks woman for companionship, fun, long... Ooh look, car for sale, 1,500!"
"Dastardly cad seeks lonely wealthy spinster with understanding solicitor for exertion-filled final few months."
"Straight man seeks comedian with jokes after death of funny half of double act."
"Were you that man on the tube last week? I was that woman. Call me! Anon."
"Caveman seeks match."
"Man seeks man willing to kill and eat him or, if not, for theatre, days out in the country and pub quizzes."
"Were you the blonde running fast on Hampstead Heath at 9.30 on Tuesday night? I was the man in the black balaclava running close behind. Wish we'd had chance to talk. Call me."

See? They can go too far, sometimes... I do love it though XD

Mmm... Chocolate...

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Friday, December 5, 2008


Isn't it funny, that I can write a HUGE-ASS post, and only get like, 3 comments, and yet I can write a post of only 3 lines, and I get 7 comments?!

TalimSoul, your comment made me laugh. Purely because you really didn't believe that it was my real post XD

I'd better start wrapping up Xmas presents. I only have to buy my sister's DVD now, and a bottle of wine for my Mother =)

I've got my Dad's whiskey... And his chocolates. So that's good.

And I've got my Mum's pot things for the tea and coffee and shit for the kitchen. AND I bought her baubles and star for the tree outside.

Oh, I need to find something for the snails, cats and the hamster (I've got the rabbit's Xmas present already). I might get the hamster his little ball for Xmas... As for the cats... A year's supply of treats? And the snails... Something for them to slime over... Or hot water bottles. Or both.


I'm still debating whether or not to put the funniest Scenes We'd Like To See up from Mock The Week. I love Mock The Week, but sometimes they can go too far, and some of you might find it offensive... And maybe watching things like Mock The Week has given me a warped sense of humour? LOL.

We'll make do with the LOLs. Which will come after this important announcement: I have been creative. I have made a number of e-cards, and two wallpapers. They are up on TheO. That is all.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008



... I'm still alive.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Why does the bar at the top of my internet browser (y'know, where you type web addresses?) keep EATING Photobucket?! You know you can drop down and click on a website you recently visited? Well, Photobucket keep disappearing from it!!

Rant of the day over XD

Bam has succeeded in destroying my room. Half of it, anyway. My poor Heat magazines... They have been torn to shreds D=

Bam Margera's DVD is out today! YAAAAAYYY!! Whether I'll actually be able to order it from Amazon, though, is another matter.

Aww, Bam (my rabbit Bam) is cleaning his ears (how weird would it sound if I just left it as 'Bam' and you guys thought it was human Bam...?). How cute!

Work last night... I learned a few things. From Dave. Oo-er. About our site manager... I can't say though. I will get into trouble. Even though you guys actually don't know my site manager. So therefore, I guess I can tell you.

Our site manager got suspended. Because he may have "borrowed" money from one of the tills. And then he put money back in the till, from his own bank account. Dave told me that he doesn't know for sure if it was the site manager who "borrowed" the money in the first place, though. It probably was, if he was the one putting it back...

Anyway... Dave asked me about last Wednesday, too (Rick - the old Team Leader - came to cover the shift, and Dale was also on...). Rich and Dale kept making sexually innappropriate comments. Dale aimed them at me, but Rich didn't. But Dale's already been warned about this sort of thing (the time when he asked 17-year-old Frankie if she was a virgin and what sex positions she likes comes to mind...), so Rich should not have joined in!

Anyway, Dave said Matt was going to sort Dale out, and he told me to leave Rich to him. Dave's lovely =) He's on tonight, actually, and so is Dale. So that should be, umm... Interesting XD

Dave's already said that Dale will be on till all night and will only be let off for his break, because he is quite literally useless. He really is, though! The week before last, Dave kindly let him off for the last half an hour of his shift to finish putting out a few cases of wine. He couldn't even do that properly, because he BROKE a bottle of the red wine! Expensive shit, too! And it then took him HALF AN HOUR to clean the fucking mess up! He was still in the shop 20 minutes after his shift had ended. He's such a fuckwit!

Ben last night... Didn't throw anymore paper at me, thank God. But he did roll down the shop on a cage again. And he did help me out when doing reductions by checking all the bread, eggs, cakes and shit for me. Me and Ben are the best people in the shop to do reductions. Admittedly, I'm better than Ben =P But he is better than pretty much everyone else, too.

Apparently, shoving tissue up my nose yesterday was NOT a good idea. Once I took it out, my nostrils were like two rivers! Again, more description than necessary, there... I've got a box of Kleenex next to me XD The Balsalm kind (Actually, I think that's the only kind they do). It says that the balsalm stops the skin drying out and stops the nose going red.

My arse.

My nose is so sore, and I look like a fucking human version of Rudolph!

Bam (the rabbit) does not look happy. I'll give him some lettuce and cucumber in a minute. He's munching on his dry food, but he doesn't look happy =(

Time for LOLs =D

I'm sooooo hungry =S I don't think I actually have anything to eat, either... Fuck.

I must go and prepare Bam's... Brunch. Lol. Toodloo!

Mood: Still ill... Still crazy. Very hungry.
Song: One Of The Boys - Katy Perry
Time: 11.13 in the am

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Have Two Pieces Of Tissue Stuffed Up My Nose...

... OK, it's one piece of tissue, with both ends stuck up each of my nostrils (Ok, to me, that kind of sounds as though I have more than two... Shut up, shut up, Emmah...).

Honestly it's easier shoving tissue up my nose and breathing through my mouth, than breathing through my nose and sniffing those tiny dribbles of snot back up every two seconds.

Ok, that was more descriptive that I'd intended XD

As you can tell, I am not as such any better =( If anything, I've gotten worse. I still need to have a bath today, do all the washing up (ergh) AND go to work!! I know some of you might be like "you're ill! Phone in sick!" but I'm not the sort of person to phone into work sick just because I have a piddly little cold. Even if I can't breathe properly. Lmao.

I'm more the sort of person to cover someone's else's shift because they've phoned in sick, even if I'm sick myself. I just deal with it, lmao. There are people I work with who phone in sick if they have a bit of a sniffle. Which is pathetic, to be quite honest.

This tissue stuffed up my nose is quite comfy. Maybe I'll make it into a new trend?

... Or maybe not XD ...

I'm very disappointed in myself... I didn't do any updates for my fanfictions. God knows I tried!! I wrote about 3 paragraphs for chapter 3 of 'Black Mariah', but looking at the screen made my eyes hurt, so I gave up, and went to sleep, lmao. My eyes aren't hurting so much today, so I might see if I can do an update today, and apologise profusely to all my reviewers, lmao.

So work tonight... Apparently it's Dave on tonight, which is good because I have a right laugh with him XD And I have Ben on shift, too... So that's good. I'll pass my lurgies onto him as revenge for him throwing all those paper balls at my head.

Omg, I just wondered why my Media Player was all quiet even though it was playing a Bon Jovi song - I discovered that I'd actually somehow pressed the 'mute' button LMAO. I'm such a dumbass.

Like my new theme? FIIIIIIRE! I thought it'd keep us all warm =) My Xmas theme will appear on the week that Xmas Day itself appears...

My Mother actually decided what she wanted for Xmas. She wants new tea, sugar and coffee tins, you know what I mean? At the moment, we just spoon coffee out of it's jar, the teabags are in a PG Tips caddy that came free with the teabags about 2 years ago, and the sugar is in a sugar box thing... That is also broken. So I can understand why she wants new ones XD I'll have a scout around...


Hahahaha, I just sneezed, and the tissue shot out of my nose XD So I put it back in, and then I sneezed again, and is came out of just the one nostril. Hahahahaha. Even through illness, I can be hirarious XD I have too much energy today...



Mood: Ill, but crazy.
Song: Self Inflicted - Katy Perry
Time: 10.27 in the am

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