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Thursday, October 23, 2008

6 comments!! Wow! Admittedly, three of them were silver star rose (who seems to have awoken from the dead... Let's see when her next post will be XP)...But that's not the point!! XD

I just uploaded one of the most confusing fanfictions EVER. It was based on one of my own dreams... And I just got lost and confused writing it... XD

I stayed up late last night. Until, like 2am. I got home from work at about 11.10pm XD But yes... I stayed up late... Watching... Stuff. XD So I'm exhausted.

I need to write my Halloween fanfictions and upload them tomorrow, and also do my Halloween theme for here tomorrow.

'Why?' You ask? Because on Monday, and for sure, this time... My internet WILL be cancelled. And if it doesn't, then I'm going to give up cancelling it, and just live with the internet I've got XD But if it does get cnacelled, I'll be offline for a while, until Mum sorts out new internet. I'm thinking Sky or AOL. Though, we looked into Sky internet, and they're a bit complicated... So I might just say "eh, let's go for AOL". But then, if it doesn't cancel, I'll just stick with this. It's not so bad now that I've changed the DSL cable XD

Time for LOLs!

You know the one with the walnut halves?? That's a TESCO product XD I work for TESCO... LOL. I thought I'd make a connection there... The dangerous barbed wire makes me laugh... Dangerous barbed wire? As opposed to the non-dangerous kind? Hahahaha... I have a dangerous trees one, somewhere, too... That'll be uploaded tomorrow... XD

Anyhoo, I must be off... Baths to have, fics to write, sleep to get, work to go to, etc... Toodles!

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