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Monday, August 11, 2008

   The Dream And The Decision

First, I'd like to apologise for not updating since... About 1am Friday morning, but MyO says it was on Thursday... So, sorry for not updating since whenever.

Now... For the dream... Bear with me, because it was probably the most random dream I've had for a while.

Me and two of my friends, Chelsea and Sian, went to China on holiday (... See? It even starts off random!). Anyway, Chelsea had a car, and she drove us into the town/city centre, and parked the car.

We went into a souvenir shop, and I wanted to buy this purple umbrella, but decided not to, because it wasn't waterproof (?). Anyway, when we went to the checkout, all these Chinese people had proper English accents XD

Anyway, we left the souvenir shop, and me and Sian spotted a tattoo shop down the road, Chelsea said we'd have to be quick, because she'd only put 2 hours on the car (lmao). So, we trundled off to the tatoo shop. Chelsea said she wasn't going to get one, but me and Sian did.

But, when it was Sian's turn to go into the tattoo room, she chickened out. Then I was my turn to go in... And then I ended up back in the hotel room. I asked Chelsea what happened, and she told me I'd passed out when the guy started doing my tattoo (LOL).

I looked down at my right ankle... And there was my tattoo... A little Libra sign!!!

-End of dream-

So yes... I am booking my tattoo on Thursday, hopefully! Only probablem is... I need help to choose which design to go for...

Libra 1: A funked-up version of the Libra sign:


Or Libra 2: The, er, non-funked-up version...


Hmm... And THEN... Once we can decide which one out of the two... I don't know whether to still have it on my right ankle... Or, if I should have it at the top of my back/bottom of my neck, like, right in the middle? Only, that would hurt a lot more than on the ankle, because it'd be on my spine =/

Help me decide people! It's going to be plain black, whatever the decision, and it's not going to be any bigger than in the pictures.

Help is muchos appreciated! Help, and I will reward... With something...

Edit: Damn... I've forgotten what I was going to edit with... Oh yeah! My star sign IS Libra, otherwise I would not even consider getting it, even if it was in my dream! Lmao!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have to rant. It's 12.14 in the am, but I NEED to rant.

I had the shittest night at work ever. as did Rich. Obviously. Because he was working with moi. That's not why it was shit XD

Anyway, Jack the other guy on shift tonight, is only 17, and therefore needs authorisation from someone else who is 18 or over (like me =D) so he can sell it.

Anyway, he 'forgot'. He sold a can of Pimm's to someone, and didn't ask either me or Rich if he could sell it. We were BOTH stood RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!

So, Rich phoned Andrea. I think Andrea phoned Matt. Matt and Andrea came in, and sent Jack home. So, he may FINALLY get the sack! Every single one of us is hoping he gets fired.

Anywaqy, to keep him away from the till until Matt and Andrea got in, Rich made Jack go and work the milk.


It took me and Rich half an hour after we closed to FIX the milk. Jack had overfilled certain types and sizes of milk, hadn't rotated the milk properly, and hadn't condensed the milk down to just a couple of cages!! IT WAS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE! I want him GONE!

Oh, and then there's thing "Lamborghini Man". Note: He doesn't own a Lamborghini. He came in one night, and asked if we had any bottles of 'Lamborghini'. He actually meant Lambrini.

Anyway, he is a total freak. He's worn the same clothes for about 2 weeks now. He always has a radio. And he's always FUCKING RUDE! He never says please or thank you, and tonight... Well, after tonight, I nearly lost my rag with him.

He came up to me with three bottles of 'lamborghini', and asked me to double the bag up. I got one bag from my little perch of bags, and told him I would. Then, he had the fucking CHEEK to say, "no, double it up NOW". I nearly turned round and told him to fuck off. I alos nearly said to him "y'know, manners don't cost anything. A simple please and thank you would be nice."

I've now told Rich that I refuse to serve him EVER AGAIN, because he's so fucking rude. THE STUPID FUCKING CUNT! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!



Can you tell I'm angry? XD XD XD

Well, it's now 12.22 in the am, I must be off to bed. I have a driving lesson tomorrow. Or... Er... Today? I doubt anyone will read this XD

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

   Photo Time!

Time Started: 9.48 in the am
Mood: Hungreh!
Currently: Singing Along To...
Song: You Raise Me Up - Westlife

Yes, it's time for some drunken pictures XD

Anyway, whilst I wait for the 20 pictures to upload (XD) I think you'll be glad to know that I did finally get the next chapter done for my Georgia Nicolson fanfic. As soon as this post is done, I shall be starting the next chapter, hopefully.

The video of me and Matty shouting to each other about Andy in Tramps... Will be uploaded sometime. That requires using my phone, and finding out which file it's called before I try to put it on the computer XD

For the pictures, if you click on them, they SHOULD open in a new window (I dunno, though - do they normally open in a new window for Photobucket? =S), and then if you let your cursor hover over them, it'll tell you who's who, lol.

I think I'll leave it there, lol.

Toodles! xxxxxxxx
Time Fin: 9.55 in the am

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

   Man Magnet Continued...

Time Started: 10.38 in the am
Mood: Ehhh?
Currently: Swaying to...
Song: Born To Be My Baby - Bon Jovi

Sorry I haven't updated since Friday! Last minute plans were made to go out on Saturday night, and I haven't had a chance to update =S

Don't worry, Spongebob will only be staying for another week or two =P

So... Er... Yeah. The night out on Saturday... With Rosie, Sam, Andy and Dave. And then Steve (whoever he was), Matty (Andy's brother), Reena and Maddie joined us, too. Oh, so did Hannah... Briefly... And we saw Boother and Salmon (old school chums - ish). It was like a school reuinion at Tramps (the nightclub). Lmao.

Me and Rosie had a competition to see who could pull the most guys. She won. Lmao. She got 4, I got 3, apparently XD

She managed to make a promise with Sam that they would get married if by 30, they were both single and not married already. She also managed to get Dave, who is really hung up on her. Then she got this random bloke called Damion who was at the bar. Oh, and then there was the really psycho guy, who was also at the bar.

But, the psycho guy also wanted to know who I was, so therefore we both pulled him. Lmao. Then I got Damion's friend, who was a totaly freak, so I ran away from him, lmao. And then there was Andy =S Dave, Matty and Rosie were like "Andy really likes you". I was too drunk to do anything except nod and agree XD

Oh, then I was dancing with Matty for the rest of the night =S Rosie took lots of photos. I'll have to show you guys them, sometime.

I also managed to take a random short video of in the club. We were all dancing to Scooter, and then you can just hear Matty shouting to me "WHERE'S ANDY?!", and then I shout back "I DON'T KNOW! HE WENT SOMEWHERE!" or something. It's quite amusing XD

I'll have to upload it sometime. I have a lot of random videos to upload, actually XD

Anyway, I REALLY need to finish this chapter for my fanfiction. Not 'Confessions'. I only have one chapter left to do for that, and then it's finished =O No, I'm writing a Georgia Nicolson fanfiction, and I've completely lost interest in it X_X So, I just need to get the whole story out of the way.

Pip pip!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

   New Theme!

Time Started: 5.12 in the pm
Mood: Spongebob óż
Currently: Singing along to...
Song: Shut Up And Let Me Go - The Ting Tings

I .::LOVE::. The Ting Tings! My Spongebob music will show up tomorrow, so you're saved from the madnosity of that XD

Anyone want to see a video of me?! Well... No, not me. But me going outside to see Bam =D

Hmm... Not much more to say. My driving lesson today was fab =D We went on the dual carriageway, and I went really fast and overtook some lorries =D (Or, trucks to you Americans XD). I was doing 70mph, and was secretly thinking "WEEEEEE!!!! MORE SPEEEEEEEED!". Teehee.

I think I have a bit of a thing for Russel Howard =S I.E. this bloke off Mock The Fucking Week:

Hahahahahahahaha! Scenes We'd Like To See time!

Both of those were on last night =) I'm so glad I can watch them online. I hope they show for you guys, because they are from the BBC channel, and the last time I used anything from the BBC channel on YouTube, you couldn't see it =/


(If anyone keeps wondering why I keep saying sppon [probably all of you], it's because if you put 'speak soon' together as one word, you get 'spoon'!!! =D)

Time Fin: 5.20 in the pm

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

   If That FREAK Touches Me One More Time...

Time Started: 11.33 in the am
Mood: Grrr!
Currently: Bouncing along to...
Song: You Win Again - Bee Gees

Yes... I am listening to the Bee Gees XD I have a sudden love for them... Anyway, thanks for your comments! I've had 10 two days in a row now =D And I commented back yesterday! I will comment back after I've posted.

Bam's not only eating my floorboards... He's eaten the bottom of the door on his outdoor hutch X_X But, that's because it was really windy, and the door had closed, shutting him out in his run, so he was obviously trying to get back in.

Me and Mum just helped these people design our new kitchen XD Well, no. I kind of chose designs, and Mum agreed XD

Work last night... GAH! I was doing reductions (as usual), and Dale had gone on his break, so Matt was on till. Anyway, I was down the chilled aisle, and Dale came up behind me and patted me on my shoulder. It freaked me out so much, I nearly shit myself.

... OK, not literally... I'm now giggling at what I've just written XD

Anyway, when it was time for tale to BUGGER OFF HOME, I was covering the tills, and facing up the big pops. Anyway, Dale stuck his head round the corner and was like "I'm off now, see you soon" and he WAVED at me. I was like "WELL FUCK OFF HOME, THEN, AND LEAVE ME ALONE YOU BIG-CHINNED FREAK!"

I didn't say that, though. I wish I had.

I favourited a Mock The Week clip yesterday on YouTube. I'll go and find it, because it makes me laugh EVERTIME I see it. It's not a "Scenes We'd Like To See" clip, either.

This one's a really old one! But funny all the same XD

Ooooh the new episode is on T.V. tonight... But I'll be at work =( No matter! It's repeated Saturday night =D I'll watch it then!

Here's a 'Scenes We'd Like To See' clip. It makes me laugh like a loon.

It's a bit long, but funny nonetheless.

Eh, I should really be off. Commenting to do, bath to have... Fanfics to write X_X Pip pip!

Time Fin: 11.49 in the am

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Time Started: 10.51 in the am
Mood: Eehhh?
Currently: Singing along to...
Song: That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings

Well, Bugsy (real name is Ian, teehee) (he works with my Dad) told my Dad yesterday that the thunderstorm on Monday night was really weird... Because he lives in a block of flats, so he's pretty high up - ish.

Anyway, his view looks out towards the hill we live on, and he said that the lightning was continuously striking on our hil X_X No wonder it was so scary! He also said that he saw a massive one fork down just behind our hill. That would've been the one that struck behind Mrs O's house, and took out the power for a few seconds.

The thought of that storm still freaks me out, yet... I want another one.

I got rudely awoken by Jehova's Witnesses this morning. They were like "sorry, did we wake you up?", and I was like "grunt". Anyway, they wanted to talk about God, and if He really cares about us. I was polite and just nodded along, and gave some of my opinions and stuff, and I even told her that I'm not a religious person, really. Anyway, she left me with a booklet to read, and said she'd call another time to discuss it with me. I was like "oh, God noooo!".

I can't find the 'Elves' thing for Mock The Week... It might be in a longer clip, but I doubt any of you have time to watch a 9 minute clip XD So, here's another "Scenes We'd Like To See" clip.

"Oooh James, what a wonderful present... Chlamidia!"
"My name is Bond... Mohammed Bond."
"Everything's ready for your mission, Bond, all you need to do is fill in this health and saftey risk assessment."
"Mr Bond... Have you ever kissed a man?"
"Here's your new car, Bond. A Ford Focus."
"I'll have an egg roll... Scrambled, not boiled."
"It's not just a baseball bat, Bond... It's a baseball bat with a nail through it."
"We'd better slow down, there are speed cameras."
"I hope you're not going to be one of those Russian agents whose name is just a cheap sexual pun, Miss Suckmeoff."

"I'm Wayne Rooney, and welcome to 'Grannie's Do The Filthiest Things'."
"Welcome to Blind Date, with me, Stevie Wonder."
"Now on BBC 1, it's the senile dementia show, 'Where Do You Think You Are?'."

Ooooh dear me... I was laughing so hard at the 'TV shows that never made it to air' bit, that I could only write down a few of them.

So... Anyone like the new picture in my intro? I don't, but there we go XD

Oh, God. I've got to work with Dale tonight... He is extremely weird. He just pokes me, and taps me on the shoulder and touches me (non-sexually, obviously) for no appraent reason, and I really hate it. It freaks me out. I don't like anyone touching me fo no apparent reason, but it's even worse when he does it.

Have I become a man magnet or something? Because there's Dale touching me at any spare moment, there was Martin, the ridiculously-hot-and-sexy-foreign-guy who has buggered back off to Czech and I no longer like (eek, how am I going to tell him that when he gets back?), and now there's Alex.

Alex Clarke... He was a guy in my year at school. I never ever spoke to him, and vice versa. I didn't even know he knew me. Anyway, he added me as a friend on Facebook, is all friendly to me when he comes in the shop, and he's asked me in a message if I'm seeing anyone.

What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On?

Even Matt (manager) at work calls me "babe", or "Princess". I may have to go and hide my head under my bed, to stop this from happening. I mean, seriously. This is ridiculous.

I am pretty sure Matt doesn't like me like that, anyway. 1) he is about 32, and 2) Mum would kill him. And my Dad would kill him, too.

So... Erm... I have indadvertantly become a man magnet. I don't like it! Lmao!!

Anyway, yeah. I shall go, to save you from any further ranting... And to go and put Bam outside. He's still eating my floorboards!

Pip pip!

Time Fin: 11.21 in the am (It's taken me a whole half an hour to do this!)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

   Fucking Internet

Yes, I am going to rant about it again. It's working at the moment, but over the weekend, and especially yesterday, it just didn't work AT ALL.

Oooh, also yesterday... Well, last night. We had the biggest thunderstorm I've seen for quite a while. I was scary, really. The lightning kept striking in the fields behind the houses over the road, and it kept striking Bredon Hill, and the in the fields behind us. I twas really freaky. The power went off for a few seconds, but came back on again =/ Normally, it goes off, and stays off. But the storm was so loud and freaky. I captured about a 40-second clip of it on my phone. I might upload it tomorrow or something.

We had flood warnings, too. But luckily, it hasn't flooded. After the first storm went away last night, it all went quiet, so we all decided to go to bed, and try to sleep. But then the rain started. Really hard rain. Like torrential downpour, it was. Then the lightning and thunder started again, and me and Dad got back up. Then Dad woke Mum up, and they put some sandbags in front of our door (it always floods out there). So then we were awake again (except for Sophie - she'd fallen asleep), and we all attempted to go back to bed, but none of us could really sleep, because the rain was soooo loud. You couldn't actually hear the thunder over the rain.

Eh, more Mock The Week, I think XD This is the first ever 'Scenes We'd Like To See'.

One day, I'll put up a different part of the show, because 'Scenes We'd Like To See' is at the very end. I'll try and find the 'Elves' thing for tomorrow's post. It's hirarious.

Pip pip!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

   For Those Who Can Watch It...

For that someone who asked, snogging is also known as kissing XD

Me and Sian did watch 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging'. It wasn't as good or as funny as I had hoped, but I'd definitely go and see it again =D

Anyway, here's another Mock The Week clip for those who can watch it.

I might actually wet myself laughing XD

Pip pip!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, ye people couldn't watch it. I've honestly never heard of YouTube saying "not available in your country".

But no worries...

I shall find an embed video XD

I actually spelt it wrong yesterday. I put 'wekk' instead of 'week'. It's called 'Mock The Week'. XD I make me laugh XD

Careful, for this one you seriously need a good sense of humour! It's all in jest, I tell you!

What was I going to say? Oh, yeah. On Tuesday I bought Guitar Hero for my Nintendo DS. Bloody Hell, it doesn't half hurt your hand =/

I also bought One Republic's album, and The Ting Tings album. I lobe them both.

I also bought a disco ball, that spins round and plays music. It lights up, too!

I bought a lucky bamboo plant.

I also bought a Top Gear DVD.

I bought many things for Bam. I like to think he appreciates them. That's what I would like to think, but I know that in his tiny pea-sized brain, all he thinks is "NOM!" hahahahahaha!

Should be going to see "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" tomorrow. If Sian ever texts me back XD

Er, yeah. That's all =)

One day, I will comment you guys back. When I have more time XD Pip pip!

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