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Saturday, December 4, 2004

   Last episode of Inuyasha....
Ok, I saw the final episode of Inuyasha a few weeks ago and, I wont give anything away, but it was extremely disapointing with many unanswered questions and nothing gets resolved. So, my question is, does anyone know if this is truly the last episode? Ending at 167? I've heard rumors that this is simply a "pause" in the series. Others have said that the real ending will happen in the upcoming 4th movie or later movies. Others have said the mangas will end like the show should have. Does anyone know?! I'm dying here and I've chatted with others who have seen the final episode and they're having the same ordeal. AH! WHY!? *Cries*

Anywho, for those who are wondering, no, I'm not going to pull my drawings off Otaku. I'm just going to simply shake my head at how despicable some people can be. And it's not all pity for myself either, it's for those other artist as well. Of course, there's plenty of people out there that are super duper awesome and have left wonderful, helpful comments so I will keep them up for you guys.^_^

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Friday, December 3, 2004

Ok, I've had about up to here with the rating system of this site. Not only did someone or someone(S) go through all my pictures and give them negative votes but they went through EVERYONE ELSE'S too!! Everyone went from anywhere from 88% down to 82%! Who are these people!?!? And WHY!?? I'm ready to start pulling my drawing down because of the absolule despicable way people are treating artwork here. Horrovacui, a very talented artist, pulled her stuff off Otaku for the same reasons and went to DeviantArt instead. I have also posted my work there and indeed, people are much more open and mature there. I am TOTALLY not saying everyone on this site is like that, but it's those select few that are ruining it and making people not want to post their work on this site. And no, I'm not complaining just on my part either it's ALL the artist out there that's having this done to them and something needs to be done. Especially because the majority of the artists here are inspiring, young artist and what does it say when people go through and vote "no" I don't like your drawing with no comments left. How is that helping not only the artist's work but their self-esteem as well? *Shakes fist in anger*

Anywho, thanks to all you who answered my little survey! It's little things like that that allows us to get to know each other a bit better and if you haven't taken it yet, what are you waiting for?! Chop!Chop! heehee...you really don't have to if you don't want to and I'll be answering all my PM's soon!^_^

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Thursday, December 2, 2004

   Just wondering....
Howdy! Ok, I just thought it would be nice to get to know you guys a little better. I mean, yeah, we all like anime but I wanna learn more about you all! So, if you feel like taking this little survey, that would be super! Oh, and you don't have to answer ALL of them;-P
1)Real name?
3)What color are your eyes?
4)What color is your hair?
5)How long is your hair?
6)How tall are you?
7)What's the last movie you watched?
8)What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
9)What's your fave movie?
10)What's your fave show...besides anime!!?
11)Whose your all-time fave cartoon character? Can be anime or non-anime.
12)What's on your mousepad right now?
13)What's on your wallpaper right now?
14)What's your fave color?
15)If you could live anywhere and never have to worry about food or money, where would it be?
16)If you could be anyone or anything, what would it be? Can be an animal, person, thing, fictional creature, etc.
17)If you're at a desk, what's on it?
18)Do you have a picture of yourself somewhere on the web? Are you willing to share it?
19)Do you hate me for asking all these dumb questions?:-D
20)And lastly, what's the funniest thing you've ever seen or heard?

*Whew, that be it...for now. MWAHAHAHA! For those who may be shy to answer, I'll start:
3)Inner green and outer brown
4)Super dark brown...basically black
5)Down to about the middle of my back
6)I'm 5'9"
7)Finding Neverland
8)Space Mutiny...so bad
9)Lord of the Rings...oh I can't choose between the 3!
11)Yakko Warner from Animaniacs. Some of you may be too young to remember that show, it aired from the early 90's to '97. SO hilarious! The things they would say..oh boy, wouldn't be able to pull that off on kids shows now-a-days! Perfect example: Teacher: "Yakko. can you conjugate?"....Yakko: "Who me!? *Gasp* I've never even kissed a girl!" LOL!!
12)Link, Zelda, and Sheek
13)Kadaj from FF VII
15)In a cottage, with a ranch and animals, LOTS of open space, near the woods, but not TOO far from civilization.
16)An Elf...not keepler or santa elves...LOTR elves. So freakin' cool!
17)Oh boy let me list them: Tidus and Yuna figures, Legolas and Gimli action figures, Inuyasha and Kagome figures, my LOTR calendar, a Yakko mug full of pens and pencils, and my 2 pride and joys...an autograph from Elijah Wood who signed a print of the drawing I did of him, and my Inuyasha animation cel..yes, it's real *hugs*!!
18)Yes, you can see it here
No, the ears are not real, and no, that's not really Legolas. I posed for my friend who was in a photography class and she asked me to dress up and pose with my standee. My friends always thought I looked like an elf...
20)When walking with my guy friend up the stairs, we heard a girl's high-pitched screech down below and my friend says to me "Someone pinched my ass!" And for a second, I really thought that it had been him who screamed and I lost it when I realized I was an idiot. He thought it was funny too.
Oh, and another equally funny time, my same guy friend was telling a story and as he was talking, he hit the empty chair with a coat next to him and w/out pausing he says "sorry," then keeps on with his story. He then stops and asks "Did I just apologize to a coat?" LOL! Oh god so great! I'm easily amused^_^

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

   Got out of class early!!
WOHOO! I love when my professors let us out early. I was only in class for 1 hour and it's a 3 hour class! I should be doing work but meh, here I am on the internet wasting time...I love wasting time.
Anywho, I added a brand-spanking new wallpaper today! That should be around sometime soon. Recently, I had seen a couple pictures from the new Final Fantasy VII movie that's coming out and I was blown away by one of the characters. I then saw the trailers and this character, although he's the bad guy, is SO incredibly cool looking. He's got super fly silver hair and amazing green cat-eyes. He also whoops butt with his sword skills too and the all-time coolest, most radest thing is.....HE'S LEFT-HANDED!!!! LIKE ME!!! WHEEEEE! I know, I've had too much Hazelnut coffee this morning but hey, Link from Legend of Zelda is a lefty too so that kicks boot-ay. Anywho, that's who my wallpaper features...oh, and his name is Kadaj.
I've had people ask me if I sell my drawings. Well, indeed I do! In fact, my drawing of Inuyasha fighting Sesshoumaru is up for grabs on e-bay right now. Yes, the original! I've sold some other drawings too that aren't shown on Otaku. I was going to sell the drawing of Inuyasha hugging Shippou, since I started drawing it with the idea of selling it, but I fell in love with it so I kept it. The same goes with the one of Inu and Kag. Oh if you guys want the link to the auction, it's here
It's had a couple bids on it and there's about 4 people watching it, so let's hope they duel it out at the end to own it...that's what usually happens. My drawings sell from anywhere from $20-$50. Depends on the luck of the draw as auctions do.
And I got the penciled in part of the Inu and Kag picture! But I'll probably wait to post that till it's done but with the adult Shippou one, I'll be sure and show you guys the pencil sketch 1st.^_^ Love to all!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

   2 postings in one day!!
Uh-oh! Send out the reinforcments! Heehee, anywho, I added once of my older drawings in the original anime section. This drawing is featured in my Lord of the Rings website but I've had people tell me that it reminds them of anime so, here it shall be posted! Kinda funny they said that since back when I drew this, I didn't even know about anime...well, besides Pokemon and stuff but I didn't know that it was a certain style. This was done probably about 3 years ago...wow! I feel old. Anywho, let's see if people enjoy it and I've noticed that many people have asked me to post my drawing I was paid for to do on this website? Would you guys like me to do that? It's not going to be all that different from the one of Inu and Kag that I already have because this person asked me to do it in the classic anime style, the 2 of them facing each other w/somberlike expressions, with their hands in front of them, holding the other one's hand. Well, if you guys would like me to post it, I'll be more than obliged! ^_^
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I added yet another drawing! This one is for you BakaBoy who's sweet enough to PM me but doesn't want to create a profile^_^. Anywho, I've been wanting to color a drawing on photoshop since I just got the latest Adobe Photoshop CS and we've been learning how to use it in my design procedures class. BakaBoy came to me with an idea for this drawing and asked me if I ever do anything on the computer. So, here's proof that I do indeed, do things on the computer! I can't take ALL the credit though for this one because my teacher helped me a bit on some parts of it to show me how to perfect shading and what not. He actually let me do this in class for an extra credit assignment! Wohoo!! I drew it out first in pencil and then scanned it in and then cleaned up the lines and all that stuff on the computer.
Even though I had fun with my 1st Naruto drawing on photoshop, I'm still for the most part, going to stick with the pure hands-on artwork using colored pencil and inks and paints. I may pop out a photoshop one every once in awhile but I like the feel of the hand-done ones better. Anywho, enjoy the new piece!!

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Monday, November 29, 2004

   I'm Back!
Wohoo! I'm back to my fast internet and for those who have sent me PM's and have signed my GB recently, I'll be answering those and going to other people's sites very soon...after my class though of course:-/
Anywho, I must say this...WOOOOOOOOOOOW!! That last post I made sure brought in a lot of comments! I'm very glad though because I'm seeing all the wonderful people out there who give nothing but support and kind words, and that I'm not alone in this terrible ratings battle...well, I'm not glad that that is happening just that other people are finding this system terrible. I wonder, if enough people complain to the owners of this site, that they can change it. I mean, a "yes" or "no" rating? C'MON!! I think at least it you should be able to give it a rating of 1,2,3,4,or 5. Like on one site I have my artwork called Tolkien Online, you have a rating of 1-5 and if you give a rating, your name will automatically show up whether you leave a comment or not and this keeps people from randomly going from picture to picture and giving it bad feedback. What do you guys think of this? I wonder if they can do that on this site....mmmmmm I'm eating Ramen right now. Shrimp....yummers.
Anywho, I've put off my adult Shippou drawing *ducks flying mangas* but only for a little bit!!! I'm being paid to do an Inuyasha and Kagome lovey dovey drawing so I'm going to get that done 1st and then get back to Shippou. $$ is good.
Can't wait to visit all your guy's sites to see how you're doing!!!^_^

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Friday, November 26, 2004

This is just something that I have to say because it has come to my attention very recently and it was my dear friend Horrorvacui that made this observation as well and had the guts enough to post a comment about it, so I will too.
Ok, I'm a nice person and all but there is something that has been bothering me like you wouldn't believe. There are some people out there, that for some reason, get the urge to go through EVERY SINGLE ONE of my artworks and give it a negative rating. Like Horrorvacui mentioned, I know when this happens, it's obvious, since my rating has jumped from 89% down to 83% in a matter of 2 days. Plus, when I happen to check my drawings, I can see when there has been 7 new votes cast and all my drawings have gone down in rating. Why do people do this? Is it for spite? Jeleousy? You want to move up in the ratings? You want to make an artist feel bad? I'm just so confused and appalled by this notion that some people are like this!
I'm totally not saying that you have to like all my work. By all means, if there is a drawing of mine that you think totally sucks, then say "no." But do you seriously HATE EVERY ONE!! I've even gone as far as changing my styles to see how that would change people's views and still, people go through every drawing and say no. Plus, it's those people that don't leave COMMENTS on my drawings! If you don't like it, then say why!! If there's something about it you don't like then just tell me! Don't go through all my drawings and give it a negative rating just because you feel like it and don't have any explanation.
Argh! I apologize to all those who have been nice to me about my work and have helped me along the way to have to read through my little temper tantrum there. I just feel that it's very childish and immature of people to do. Again, thanks to my supporters out there and since I'm on my parent's crappy dial-up for the weekend so it takes forever to do anything online...they only have a 28.8 modem...I know! You probably didn't think that existed anymore but believe me, it does:-/ I promise to write to all my buds too when I get back to the faster internet! Love, Peace, and Turkey Grease!!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

   Okey Dokey!!
Wow! I would say by a land-slide that the idea of having Shippou with his hair down was the winner. Thanks everyone who made suggestions and/or comments! *MWAH* Blows kisses in all directions^_^
Since Thanksgiving is coming up you would think that would actually give me more time to work on this drawing but it's quite the opposite. Not only am I going to be hopping from house to house amongst family but my friends usually nab me and make me stay out till all hours of the night...especially since we haven't seen each other since August. However, I'll be sure and being my materials home with me so I can work on it whenever I have a moment to spare and I promise that I'll scan the drawing while it's still in its pencil form so that I can show people how that looks since I didn't do that with the Juri drawing:-/
I'd also like to drag your guy's attention to a new drawing by Roaring flame Cat who drew me in it!! I'm the cute little fox that's trying to get a piece of Inuyasha;-) She also used the idea of what I'm always preaching about with using LAYERS in colored pencil and I would say her drawing really has a break through with that! Very nice and bold:-D
I also would like to give thanks to AwesomeDude898 whose always pouring out with wonderful comments and suggestion and also having blurbs about my work on his website! You're awesome!!^_^

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Monday, November 22, 2004

   At a Lost....
Ok my friends, I have a question for ya....
I'm about to make way on my next drawing of adult Shippou and I'm not sure what I want to do with his hair. Originally, I was going to have it back in a ponytail like he does in the show except make it longer and without the bow. But, the more I've thought about it, I wonder if it would be cool to have Shippou with his hair down instead. I would keep it the same color and everything, it would just be down instead of up. I really am torn between them 'cause I know the obvious, most set way to do it would be with it up and I have a feeling, some people may drive a stick if they see him with his hair down.
WAHHHHHHH!!! I don't know! So, that's why I'm asking...er... BEGGING for your guy's ideas or thoughts about this. Whoever comments will be my hero! ^_^

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