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Thursday, December 2, 2004

   Just wondering....
Howdy! Ok, I just thought it would be nice to get to know you guys a little better. I mean, yeah, we all like anime but I wanna learn more about you all! So, if you feel like taking this little survey, that would be super! Oh, and you don't have to answer ALL of them;-P
1)Real name?
3)What color are your eyes?
4)What color is your hair?
5)How long is your hair?
6)How tall are you?
7)What's the last movie you watched?
8)What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
9)What's your fave movie?
10)What's your fave show...besides anime!!?
11)Whose your all-time fave cartoon character? Can be anime or non-anime.
12)What's on your mousepad right now?
13)What's on your wallpaper right now?
14)What's your fave color?
15)If you could live anywhere and never have to worry about food or money, where would it be?
16)If you could be anyone or anything, what would it be? Can be an animal, person, thing, fictional creature, etc.
17)If you're at a desk, what's on it?
18)Do you have a picture of yourself somewhere on the web? Are you willing to share it?
19)Do you hate me for asking all these dumb questions?:-D
20)And lastly, what's the funniest thing you've ever seen or heard?

*Whew, that be it...for now. MWAHAHAHA! For those who may be shy to answer, I'll start:
3)Inner green and outer brown
4)Super dark brown...basically black
5)Down to about the middle of my back
6)I'm 5'9"
7)Finding Neverland
8)Space Mutiny...so bad
9)Lord of the Rings...oh I can't choose between the 3!
11)Yakko Warner from Animaniacs. Some of you may be too young to remember that show, it aired from the early 90's to '97. SO hilarious! The things they would say..oh boy, wouldn't be able to pull that off on kids shows now-a-days! Perfect example: Teacher: "Yakko. can you conjugate?"....Yakko: "Who me!? *Gasp* I've never even kissed a girl!" LOL!!
12)Link, Zelda, and Sheek
13)Kadaj from FF VII
15)In a cottage, with a ranch and animals, LOTS of open space, near the woods, but not TOO far from civilization.
16)An Elf...not keepler or santa elves...LOTR elves. So freakin' cool!
17)Oh boy let me list them: Tidus and Yuna figures, Legolas and Gimli action figures, Inuyasha and Kagome figures, my LOTR calendar, a Yakko mug full of pens and pencils, and my 2 pride and joys...an autograph from Elijah Wood who signed a print of the drawing I did of him, and my Inuyasha animation cel..yes, it's real *hugs*!!
18)Yes, you can see it here
No, the ears are not real, and no, that's not really Legolas. I posed for my friend who was in a photography class and she asked me to dress up and pose with my standee. My friends always thought I looked like an elf...
20)When walking with my guy friend up the stairs, we heard a girl's high-pitched screech down below and my friend says to me "Someone pinched my ass!" And for a second, I really thought that it had been him who screamed and I lost it when I realized I was an idiot. He thought it was funny too.
Oh, and another equally funny time, my same guy friend was telling a story and as he was talking, he hit the empty chair with a coat next to him and w/out pausing he says "sorry," then keeps on with his story. He then stops and asks "Did I just apologize to a coat?" LOL! Oh god so great! I'm easily amused^_^

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