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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

   Okey Dokey!!
Wow! I would say by a land-slide that the idea of having Shippou with his hair down was the winner. Thanks everyone who made suggestions and/or comments! *MWAH* Blows kisses in all directions^_^
Since Thanksgiving is coming up you would think that would actually give me more time to work on this drawing but it's quite the opposite. Not only am I going to be hopping from house to house amongst family but my friends usually nab me and make me stay out till all hours of the night...especially since we haven't seen each other since August. However, I'll be sure and being my materials home with me so I can work on it whenever I have a moment to spare and I promise that I'll scan the drawing while it's still in its pencil form so that I can show people how that looks since I didn't do that with the Juri drawing:-/
I'd also like to drag your guy's attention to a new drawing by Roaring flame Cat who drew me in it!! I'm the cute little fox that's trying to get a piece of Inuyasha;-) She also used the idea of what I'm always preaching about with using LAYERS in colored pencil and I would say her drawing really has a break through with that! Very nice and bold:-D
I also would like to give thanks to AwesomeDude898 whose always pouring out with wonderful comments and suggestion and also having blurbs about my work on his website! You're awesome!!^_^

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