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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I added yet another drawing! This one is for you BakaBoy who's sweet enough to PM me but doesn't want to create a profile^_^. Anywho, I've been wanting to color a drawing on photoshop since I just got the latest Adobe Photoshop CS and we've been learning how to use it in my design procedures class. BakaBoy came to me with an idea for this drawing and asked me if I ever do anything on the computer. So, here's proof that I do indeed, do things on the computer! I can't take ALL the credit though for this one because my teacher helped me a bit on some parts of it to show me how to perfect shading and what not. He actually let me do this in class for an extra credit assignment! Wohoo!! I drew it out first in pencil and then scanned it in and then cleaned up the lines and all that stuff on the computer.
Even though I had fun with my 1st Naruto drawing on photoshop, I'm still for the most part, going to stick with the pure hands-on artwork using colored pencil and inks and paints. I may pop out a photoshop one every once in awhile but I like the feel of the hand-done ones better. Anywho, enjoy the new piece!!

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