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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I got to borrow more Fruits Basket from my friend! I'm watching some Fruba tonight! And this other guy that I just got to know told me that he has like every MP3 known to man of animes and I can download them right from his AIM so I'm super happy. Plus, he has MP3's of TONS of other music so now I found the song I want to make for my latest anime music video! GRABS YUKI AND DANCES AROUND ROOM!

Oh and in case you guys didn't notice I joined the "Link is a Hot Tamale Club" a.k.a. LIHT and I made that banner too! Go check out Fox Ressurected site if you want to join. And it was brought up that I should make a Yuki fan club and make banners and stuff. Is that something people would actually be interested in? 'Cause if people would join, I'd make them.

Here's some funny pictures I found:

And for some reason...Kadaj from FFVII Advent Children reminds me of Sesshoumaru in this picture...or Inuyasha...I can't tell which:

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

You people who are voting for Yuki are AWESOME! So far, Yuki is running neck and neck with Sesshoumaru for the lead! WOHOO! Please keep voting for YUKI! You can vote everyday and I super appreciate it!

To vote for Yuki, simply click on the banner below which will direct you to a website. On that site, a box will show up and TWO smaller boxes will appear and there will be a list of names on them. The 2nd small box has Yuki's name and all you have to do, is click the circle next to his name and click "Vote." That's it! Here's the banner to click:

Please vote for him! And those who wont vote for him because you're Kyo fans...well, you know what I say? PSH! Some friends you are. I like Yuki better than Kyo yet I still did a drawing of him for a friend of mine. So, I do the Inuyasha hair toss, stick up the nose and say "FEH!" in your general direction^_^

You know what I'm SUPER curious about? Since I've noticed cartoon network editing out TONS of stuff I'm really wondering what they're going to do with the member of the Seven Brother Group who's gay. This guy has a MAJOR crush on Inuyasha and some of the things he says....ho-doggy it's enough to make Inuyasha blush...and it does! So, I'm wondering what they're going to do with this guy since it's hard to take away the fact that he's infatuated with Inuyasha. I hope they don't change too much because that guy is SO funny! It's so great 'cause everytime he sees Inuyasha, he gets all giddy and waves at him yelling "HI INUYASHA!!" Inuyasha is just like..."what the hell"....and Kagome is like "Hey Inuyasha...is that your boyfriend?" And Inuyasha is all like "SHUTTUP!!!" LOL! It's SO freakin hilarious!!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Vote 4 Yuki!!!
Ok guys I have the BIGGEST favor to ask you...I'm in a contest where a group of us are each given a hot anime guy and what we have to do as the manger, is to get people to vote for our guy. The guy I requested was Yuki from Fruits Basket and if you guys need reasons to vote for him, here's some:
He's sweet, he's considerate, he doesn't care about physical beauty, he's shy, he will go out of his way to help you, he carries your things for you, he gets angry at those who say bad things about people he cares for, he's got GORGEOUS lavender eyes that look as if they can see into your soul, he's strong, he doesn't take crap from Kyo, they call him "Prince Yuki" at his school, he's got his own fan club at school, he wants to fit in with others, and one more reason....HE'S A FREAKIN HOTTIE! So...do you think you could vote for him? Please....pretty please...pretty pretty please please? All you have to do is click the link below and then on the site, find the voting box with Yuki's name which is in the 2nd box down. Those who do this will be my hero 'cause we get kick-ass prizes if our boy wins!

Oh, and I hear that they actually edited away Kenshin's naked scene that I talked about in yesterday's post!! Curse you cartoon network! I noticed when watching Kenshin Sat that they edited out a lot and they edited a really important part which was Yuki envisions Kenshin being killed because he took Kenshin's sword and that's what drives Yuki to break through his bonds! Ah well, so I took a few screencaps of the scene I talked about yesteday(just check out the post if you have no clue what I'm talking about)

Kaoru and Megumi's reaction upon seeing Kenshin naked while he goes on and on...and on about what they need to do:

Kenshin FINALLY realizes that he's naked:

Kenshin's face upon confirming that he is naked:

Heehee! Priceless! Naked scenes are always so humorous^_^

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Monday, February 21, 2005

I was chatting with with a friend of mine about Inuyasha and we summed up his personality in two phrases:
2)With a side order of "Get Bent."
Haha! Yep, that's pretty much Inuyasha right there...we thought anyway^_^

I watched some Kenshin today and almost died laughing when Kenshin was taking a bath and a realization came to him suddenly, so he jumps up and goes running to Kaoru and Megumi going on and on about what they needed to do and FINALLY he notices their expressions and looks down and realizes he's COMPLETELY naked! LOL! His face was priceless...like "oh yeah...I'm...uh...naked." Kauru and Megumi's faces were priceless too^_^

So yeah...nothing to say so here's some pictures!
Pretty Eyes!!!

I'm Sexy and Know it:

Lucky Girl *grumble*

There's something just SO SEXY about this picture...I think Shiek's hands are beginning to venture a tad:

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another Drawing....
I have no idea why but I did another drawing yesterday. It's of Link and Zelda and I made Link's head to big but..whatever...I don't care. I measured it and everything and it still didn't come out right. Meh! Here's linkage to it: Here it Be!

I finally was home on a Saturday and got to watch the English Rurouni Kenshin! The voices are pretty good and I don't mind Kenshin's even though it's very different from the original. I was talking to yukina123 and she mentioned she never heard the original voice so...here it is! Just push stop on the music in my profile and push play below. I know some people wont be able to hear it 'cause you need windows media player:


Oh and about the Samurai X movie I talked about yesterday. I wouldn't really categorize it with the other 3 Samurai X movies which are Trust, Betrayal, and Reflection. Samurai X: the Motion Picture is nothing like the other 3 and is more so like the anime TV show then the OAVs. Sorry to confuse some of you!

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Thanks to all you who answered my MP3 question. They were very helpful! *HUGS!*

For those who haven't seen it, I did a new drawing for Takara Sohma of Kyo and Kagura from Fruits Basket please check it out if you haven't seen it yet. For those who have already seen it, I was very disapointed in the scan of it 'cause it looked so grainy. So, I re-scanned it at a higher resolution and that fixed the problem! So, I'm SO sorry that I deleted the old one and replaced it with the new one therefore, I lossed your guy's comments and votes!*Sniff* If you want to be my hero and go back and vote and/or comment, I'd love you forever! Again, I'm SO sorry but I couldn't stand looking at that version 'cause it looked so off from the original:-( Here's the link to the new and improved piccy: Kyo and Kagura

Oh I have another drawing up for grabs on e-bay. It's the drawing of Sad Inuyasha..you know, this one:

Now I think he's sad 'cause I'm selling him! It's ok for those who don't have money or anything it's just I get yelled at if I don't let people know when a drawing of mine is for sale. The auction doesn't end till Monday so there's still some time to go: Click Here!

Has anyone else seen Samurai X the Motion Picture? I got it recently and was quite disapointed in it. It's drawn like the anime series which isn't a bad thing and it takes place sorta inbetween their adventures also in the series. I was pretty darn bored throughout it until towards the end where we see a small mental break-down in Kenshin and during the big battle scene where Kenshin gets the crap beat out of him. It was pooey because most of the movie didn't revolve around the main characters but new side characters and *yawn* it wasn't great until like the last 1/2 hour. Anyone else agree or disagree?

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Friday, February 18, 2005

It's done!!
The drawing of Kyo and Kagura from Fruits Basket is complete and I just uploaded it into the fanart gallery. Here's the link to the drawing: Click Here!
This was a requested piece made by Takara Sohma who wanted me to do a drawing of these two since she thought their relationship was really funny. Well, after seeing that episode I realized it really was! Their love is very one-sided as Kagura is OBSESSED with Kyo and Kyo is all like "ACK!" That term is what brought on this drawing I did^_^

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Hey guys! I'm going to have a new drawing posted probably later today. It's 12AM now so it'll probably be done by the afternoon-ish time Friday. It's of a requested drawing of Kyo and Kagura from Fruits Basket.

Hey do you guys know any good MP3 downloading sites? That are free? They have to be the type that can be downloaded like zip files and stuff since programs like Kazaa and Bill Torent are blocked on campus. If anyone knows any sites, that would be great! Here's a site where I download great anime songs from: Click Here!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thanks to everyone who answered my Kenshin drawing question! *HUGS* I would definitely say that the winner was for him to have his kimono part on and part off which is something I considered and I think that would be a sexy picture...you know, having Kenshin be flirtatious but without really trying. I may not have it done for awhile though 'cause I'm doing quite a bit of commission work now. Sorry!

Do you like my new background? I finally got around to borrowing the Fruits Basket anime from my friend and holy stromboli is it freakin good!! It's just so...AH! I know most people are Kyo lovers but I like Yuki the best. He's just so incredibly sweet and timid and those purple eyes! *SWOON!* I'm still amazed at the difference from the original voices to the dubbed. They made Yuki's voice really deep and monotone in the English version but in Japanese he sounds more feminine and soft-spoken but without sounding boring like the English Ben Stein voice.

So many people are switching their accounts!!! AHHHHHH!! Do you guys have any idea how bad I am with names and having like 15 people switch Otaku names...I'll warn you right now, I'll have no idea who you are unless I'm reminded. I'm bad enough when people switch avatars on me...I associate people with their pictures and that throws me for a loop. Not your guy's faults though, don't change what you're doing because I have weird ways of learning.

I'm sorry, but this picture made me laugh SO hard...well, the text of it anyway. It's SO like the magazine but cooler since it's Inuyasha:

I'm telling 'ya, I'd actually buy one of these magazines if it looked like THAT!^_^

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Quick Question....
For the realistic Kenshin drawing...do you guy want him with his shirt/kimono on or off? I'm sure I'll get mixed responses but I want to see what the majority would want.

Oh and here's a screencap from the FINAL episode of Inuyasha...I feel like torturing you guys a little^_^:

OH! What's going on? Why is Inuyasha part demon and Kagome is holding him like that? You want to know don't you? I'm so incredibly cruel I apologize:-P

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