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Sunday, January 30, 2005

   Fresh Out of the Oven!
I just finished my new drawing! It's from Fruits Basket and like I said on the drawing, I hope I got the colors semi-right. I was mostly worried about Kyo's and Sohma's hair and eyes(hey look! I finally remembered their names!). Here's the link to the drawing:
Click Here!
I hope you guys like it and please let me know what you think!

I'm sorry I didn't have this done earlier like I thought I would. You can blame by friends for that...they come bursting in my rooms and go "Hey! We're going to the Jekyll and Hyde Club and you're coming with us!" So, they dragged me out and I didn't finish this drawing till like...5 minutes ago...it's 2:35pm now. And I'm SO sorry for not getting to anyone's site yesterday! Again, blame my friends. I'll be over to all of you today!^_^

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

   *Sniff* Poor Kenshin...
I saw the 2nd Samurai X movie today...oh poor Kenshin...he needs a hug really bad. I can't wait to watch the 3rd one! I don't think I saw the 3rd...I remember seeing the 1st and 2nd so I'm all excited!

I should have the Fruits Basket drawing done later today but probably wont post it till tomorrow...I REALLY hope the colors come out right!

A friend of mine sent me this gif...I'm sorry, I think it's HILARIOUS! I think it's funny for everyone but even funnier for those who have seen Lord of the Rings:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Wipes away tears* Oh dear...so freakin' funny. Sorry I'm easily amused. I still remember when my friend was telling a story and he kicks the air and his shoe went flying off and got stuck in a tree! I was laughing for like 20 minutes over that one! He didn't think it was as funny though:-)

I think this picture is just TOO CUTE! AH!!


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Friday, January 28, 2005

Thanks to all those who answered my Fruits Basket question! Basically everyone said the same thing...except about the rat-boy's hair...that one changed a bit but it seems like it's silver to black hair(and I'm sorry for calling him rat-boy..I can't remember his name at the moment). Thanks again...couldn't do it without you guys!

Check out these captions I made...I saw some on a website but you couldn't save them so I made some new ones!

Heehee! Couldn't resist adding them to my site...they make me giggle:-D

Oh, I got the Samurai X DVD collection...you know, which is Rurouni Kenshin but like...mad more disturbing and dark? I've seen them before but haven't in a long time and I watched the 1st movie today...SO COOL! So sad! He's got the 1st 1/2 of his scar!

I'm sorry my last post made some of you want to read Immortal Rain...well, I'm not sorry...it's amazing and everyone should read it if they can! I forgot to mention it's rated 16+...don't really know why...it's not like they're having sex or anything in it...well, it is sorta gory at times. Yeah, that's probably it! But you guys should get it! It's so fab!!!!^_^

And YES! My video avatar above IS from the 3rd movie! Apparently, the fact I wrote that it was wasn't noticed but yes...they sorta work together in the 3rd movie! I think the whole standing back to back thing is cute! I think that's the closest they've ever been besides when they're trying to kill each other^_^

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Question for those who have seen Fruits Basket...
Well, my next drawing is going to be from Fruits Basket and I would like to know what is the hair colors of the boys who turn into the rat and cat? I know one has orangish hair but what is the other hair color? Oh, and could you tell me those two's eye color too? I saw one has lavender eyes? AH! I'm sorry I don't know! I've looked at pictures online but don't know who's who! Any help you guys could give me would be just fan-diddly-tastic!

I had such a great day today! I went to career services to start looking for jobs and when I showed the head of the department my portfolio, she was bowled over! She was going on and on about how many jobs she could find me! She was more wowed by my photorealism work and said she could possibly find me work in the film departments doing movie posters! But she was going on about my illustration work and telling me that I would be great at doing Graphic Novel covers! How cool would that be if I might be doing covers for graphic novels?! For those who haven't seen my photorealism work then please Click Here! But it felt good to know that my job outlook is looking good! YAY!^_^

Oh, and you know how I'm going on about how amazing 'Immortal Rain' is? Well, one of the things most captivating about it is the way it is drawn and the emotion the artist somehow manages to capture in a single frame so, I scanned a few snippets from my copy to show you guys the style of it! I tried to scan parts that didn't give away much so I hope you guys like them!

AH! It's so beautiful! And ALL the frames are drawn this well! You should see the fight sequences!^_^

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   Do My Eyes Deceive Me?????
Am I seeing 47 comments left on my last post!!!!! Holy Stramboli!! I feel the love! Thanks guys! I'm glad you like my new video and my drawing!^_^ Oh, and guess what?! I have it so now you can now DOWNLOAD my music videos!!! WHEEEEEEE!! So now, instead of watching it like 30 times like some of you say you do, you can now watch it straight off your computer without having to worry about internet connections or that my bandwith got used up! Right now, I only have the Inuyasha and Kikyou one but don't worry. I'll be adding the Inuyasha and Kagome one soon too! Here's the link CLICK HERE!
Just go towards the bottom of the page where it says "Local" in green letters and click it!
The download will start up within a couple seconds...I'm sure you'll figure it out. Keep in mind this is a BETTER QUALITY version, so it may take longer to download.

Ok, I just finished 'Immortal Rain' Volume 4....OH MY FREAKING LORD!!! It...just...oh...I...too...AHHHH!! SO AMAZING! Yet again, the ONLY manga that I could NOT put down and read straight through. And let me say right now...it's SUPER rare for me to be brought to tears...yep, this did it! So incredible...oh man...I have found my fave manga and the character Rain is edging up to be one of my fave male characters...he's starting to bump up with Inuyasha! You were right aliryn....I'm am SO PMing you and we MUST gab about this!

I still need to find another soul out there who has seen all the Inuyasha episodes! I need to gab about that one too! The final episode was just so...AH! Ok, *breathe* I'm cool...not going to spoil the ending for you guys.

Oh and I fixed the music video so it works again...yeah, the bandwith got used up in like what? ONE DAY! So, if you haven't seen it and don't want to download it, then they're right below in yesterdays post!

Plus, I added the link to my FanArt gallery under my profile as seeing that the portfolio plugin is still down^_^

God shut me up...BUT, many asked what a Miko is...I think the english translation is a priestess? You know how Kikyou has those powers and purifying arrows sorta like what Kagome gets later on in the show? That's what a Miko is...a youkai exterminator..oh wait, you may not know what a youkai is...it's a demon!:-D

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Glad you guys like my new Kenshin drawing!! Thanks so much! For those who haven't seen it, here's the link again: Click Here!

And here's the cookie for those who came back yesterday!...well, actually, everyone can view it but I made sure and get it done for today. It's a new music video made my ME!!

It's ALL Inuyasha and Kikyou so sorry for those who hate her. Actually, I didn't like her that much either until I saw this episode(the video uses scenes from the hour-long special that FINALLY tells us the ENTIRE story of how Inuyasha and Kikyou 1st met as well as answers ALL questions one may have had!) It was after this episode we see what a truly, kind-hearted person she was and it's this Kikyou that Inuyasha fell in love with and still has feelings for to this day...poor Kagome! Anywho, this comes from episode...uh...crap...I think it's 152-153? And it goes along with the Linkin Park song 'In the End.' Hope you guys like it! I even made it in 2 sizes for the different internet speeds!

Here's the better quality one for those on faster connection...Just PUSH PLAY!


Here's the smaller one for those on slower connections..Just PUSH PLAY!

Let me know what you guys think!^_^...oh, you're may be wondering about the shell that Inuyasha gives Kikyou that has the lipstick in it...well, it was his mother's and he gave it to her as a gift which is a big part of the episode because it mentions that Kikyou would always be a Miko and therefore, would never truly be able to be a woman so him giving this to her...made her feel...pretty!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

   Kenshin is Done!!
Just as I promised...I finished it! WHEW! *Cracks aching back and sore hand* Thanks to all that came back! I'll have your cookie tomorrow and hears a hug!
I hope you guys like it...I don't know Kenshin very well so I hope the colors are somewhat accurate. HIS HAIR! Oh man...freaking, flipping, fudging hair!! It took me SO long! No clue why! I was doing it and then I realized...wait...this is taking a long-ass time! It took me like 2 hours! What the frick?! Ah well, now I know and can prepare myself. Now, let us never speak of it again.
Oh, here's the link to it: Click Here!
Please let me know what you guys think...I always enjoy whatever comments you guys have! Enjoy!!^_^

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Holy Snow!
Can any more snow dump on us?! Well, I guess so since we're supposed to get like another 10"! Oh, I forgot to mention on the post with yesterday pictures...it's a sequel based on Final Fantasy VII but in movie form! The blonde haired character is Cloud and the white-haired guy with the short hair is Kadaj and he's the leader of the Silver-Haired Brothers. And some noticed they look a bit like Sephiroth...well, supposenly they're either the sons or clones or reincarnation of some kind of Sephiroth. And Kadaj seems to be following the orders of the guy in the white cloak(you can see him in the picture in yesterday's post) and some think that this may be Sephiroth!!

Oh, my new drawing of Kenshin should be done later today and I'll make sure and post again when it is finished! So, if you guys feel like coming back later today to see if it's up for viewing that would be uber super! Whoever does will be my new heroes and I'll give hugs and cookies to you!

Today the auction for my drawing 'Lean on Me' ends! Some people are already fighting to the death for it so if you want it, todays the final day! Here is the link to the auction: CLICK HERE!

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   Thanks Guys!
I'm so glad that so many of you like my latest drawing! You have left such super-sweet comments that I can't wait to post my next one...which should be very soon! Oh and for those who didn't see yesterday's post, here's the link to it again: Click Here!

China Town is awesome! A group of my buds went to China Town and I got every single Inuyasha soundtrack ever made for only $20! It comes with all the songs from the show, movies, as well as the symphonic 'Wind' soundtrack! It even comes with the techno remixes of almost all the beginning and end songs from the show! The song playing on my site right now is the Karoke version of 'My Will.' Yes, it even has the Karoeke versions too. So, if anyone wants ANY song from Inuyasha ever made, just catch me on AIM and I can send it to you!

Have you guys seen the trailer(s) for the new Final Fantasy movie? It's called 'Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.' Oh dear god it looks so freakin amazing!! I can't WAIT for this to be released! Just check out some of the screencaps below of it:

So cool!! AH! The guy with the short-white hair...I can already tell he's going to be my fave. He's the bad guy too! You know what's funny? They made all the bad guys left-handed!! C'mon! Coming from someone who is left-handed...we are not ALL evil...MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

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Friday, January 21, 2005

   Drawing is All Done!
I finished the drawing for Immortal Rain and it's up for viewing! Since the link on my site is down for maintenance(as well as every other person I noticed) here's the link straight to my drawing: Click Here!
Please go and have a look at it and vote and comment! I always love hearing what you guys think of my work!

As all my other drawings, this was done completely in prismacolor colored pencils. I actually finished this all in one day too! Drawn and colored with classes in between to interrupt my progress...*curse classes*. This probably took me 6 hours or so to complete it. I went crazy with the shading on this one...especially the faces. I'm still not sure if the hair color is right on either of them. The guy's name is Rain and his hair color was completely different from cover to cover and the girl, Machika, her hair color changed to but not to the extreme that his did. His eye color changed too from green to lavender! I dunno...but when I personally was reading the manga, I got the impression that his hair color was silver so that's what I made it.

Hope you guys like it and if anyone wants tips or anything about coloring or drawing, feel free to PM me! Oh and for those who wanted the html to make the background image stick, I'll PM those to you as well...thanks again Krystale! Oh! And another big THANK YOU to JigglyMonster for providing the background image! Ain't it awesome?^_^

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