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Saturday, December 25, 2004


I wanted something to have for the holidays even though it's not done yet^_^ Hope you guys have a amazing day and I give lots of love and hugs to all of you!!

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Friday, December 24, 2004

   Flaming comic....
Well, I've started some of my comic that I'm going to be adding about those a-hole flamers. The comic is about 22 frames long and I'm probably going to break it up into 3 pieces so everyone can read it clearly. It's going to kinda look like a manga but I'm not trying to make the character(s) look anime...more just however I feel like drawing it! Here's an example of the dialogue in a couple of the frames...mind you this is mostly just showing one person sitting at a computer:
Frame: "Next picture...what's this she says? 'Please leave a comment if voting no.' PSH! As if!"
Next Frame: "She spends hours of time and pours her heart and soul into a drawing and then expects me to leave a commen?"
Next Frame: (See character drinking soda) "C'mon! I'm a busy guy! I don't have time for that stuff. Vote 'no.'
Yep, there's your sample! There's a few frames in here that really allow me to tell those flamers what I think of them! *rubs hands together evilly*

Ok, this may seem random, but there's this event that happened to me and whenever I tell my friends this story, it totally FREAKS them out. This is a true story and actually happened to me:

Ok, it was 1:30 AM and I was driving home from work. I used to work for Burger King and when you close at night we wouldn't get out till really really late 'cause we had to wash the dishes and all that other fun stuff. Anywho, I live out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and the roads are super hilly and extremely curvey and there aren't any streetlights, lines painted on the roads, or sidewalks of any kind. So, when you're driving home, it's complete blackness except the reflection of the trees when your headlights hit them. Anywho, it was really late, I was tired, so I was sorta out of it while driving home. On one of the roads there's this EXTREMELY sharp turn that's so sharp, that you can't see where your car is going to end up when you complete this turn but since I know these roads very well, I knew that it straightened out and then leads you to a sharp incline. So, I was winding around this turn and all of a sudden, I see this old woman walking down the road!! I slammed on my brakes and swerved because not only did it shock the living crap out of me but I also didn't want to hit her since she was on the same side of the road my car was! So, I slowed WAY down and I look at her. This old woman doesn't even look at me. She just keeps her eyes fixed straight forward and keeps slowly walking forward. I then notice she's only wearing a long white pajama gown like the ones you see almost all older woman wear to bed. She then walks right past my car, eyes still fixed forward and she disapears into the darkness behind where my lights touch. I wanted to turn around and ask if she was ok, but I was too freaked out! I then continue driving down the road and at the top of this hill, I remembered that there is a small cemetary there that had recently been basically destroyed 'cause we had a tornado come through that summer! And keep in mind that there aren't any houses around either!! Is that not the FREAKIEST thing!! My friends still freak out when I tell that story when we sometimes drive past that spot. Well, Awesomedude898? Did I not tell you it was weird? Now, I'm not saying it was a ghost or anything but it's just something we have never figured out!

Anywho, I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve! I know I will 'cause my friends and I are exchanging gifts!!


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Thursday, December 23, 2004

   Yep, someone hates me....
It's official. There's someone or someoneS out there who absolutely, 100% can't stand to see my name in the top 10. It's fun when people PM me and say "CONGRATS YOU'RE BACK IN THE TOP 10!!" and then a little later they come back "oops, someone flamed you down again." I mean, COME FREAKIN ON!!! LEAVE ME ALONE FLAMERS!!! You know what, I wasn't going to do it because I thought the flaming was going down after I posted my angel and Legolas drawing but now I see those a-holes are back. So, I'm doing a comic based on these people. Oh man, I had written it all out one night when I was super upset at them and now my anger has boiled over the pot so I am SO going to draw it out and if these flamers read this...I hope they get the freakin point that they're being complete dicks about it!! GRRRRRR!! And I think my friends, supporters, and those who have had this done to them, will find it both amusing and entertaining.:-)

MY MUSIC VIDEO IS BACK!!! Sorry that it wasn't working for awhile. My bandwith got used up 'cause too many people were viewing it! Heehee...so, I got a new account and let's see how fast the bandwith gets used up again! It's ok, I don't mind! I changed it though so people have to push play to watch it instead of it starting up on its own. Oh and if it's looking incredibly jerky or the sound is skipping, could someone let me know. It's hard for me to tell since I'm on the crappiest dial-up known to humanity and I can't really view any videos properly. I know the quality isn't that great now, but at least the video ran smoothly and insync with the music...so please let me know if it's acting super funky or if it looks totally fine. I'd love you forever!^_^

My 1,000 hits drawing is officially underway!! I better get it done pretty soon since I'm already at almost 850 and it's going up like a rocket!

Oh, I just have to give the biggest THANK YOU to my friend rythem. She did an absolutely adorable drawing for me on my b-day!! She also called me sweet and nice but she's the sweetie here!! The drawing is posted below and be sure and go to her site and vote on it because it's the cutest thing ever! I'm an elf!! SCREECH!!!!! THANK YOU RYTHEM!!!!^_^

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It seems people are really enjoying my new angel drawing! I didn't think it would be doing that well...same still goes with my anime Legolas...I seem to notice people are less likely to flame my drawings when they don't involve Inuyasha. I wonder if those people don't like Inuyasha or they just are bigger sticklers about it...I dunno. If you guys can head over to a couple buddies of mine: YoukaiShina and Lewna...they're recently been targeted by the flamers and I think their drawings could use a boost since they work very hard on their pieces^_^

My friend Cinamon mentioned that I may be the target for flamers because I have made such a push against them and have many supporters backing me up on this so, that makes them mad so they vote 'no' on my drawings even more! She mentioned I have a lot of power on this site and so did some others...is that true? Where the heck did the power come from? Can I give it back? Well, I was nominated by my teachers back in high school to represent our school at a leadership conference. Maybe I actually learned something! Heehee...well, I just stick up for my fellow artists because it's not right for people to get power trips and decide to vote people's work down just because they want to.

I've had lotsa people asking me what types of colored pencils I use. I know I've mentioned it before but I use Prismacolor Colored pencils and they rock my socks! They're pretty expensive at usually over a $1 a pencil but I won a box set of 96 in an art contest a few years back. Trust me, if you try these pencils, you'll never go back! They are totally worth it!

Anywho, I had a good birthday yesterday! My friends took me out to Red Lobster and then we went out shopping and then we came back to my site and hung-out. It was nice to be with my buds!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

   Adding a new drawing!!
Yep, awhile back, my bud MiTz came to me and asked if I would do a drawing of an angel for her so...like 2 months later I finally did it! You may notice that the medium is a bit different and that's because I used water graphite pencils in it as well as regular pencil! What's water graphite you ask? Well, you draw out your shadings and then you add water to it and viole! It blends super-smooth...it's kinda the same idea as the water color colored pencils I used for my anime Legolas drawing. You have to be careful though when appying the wet brush to it...one slip and the graphite will smear like crazy! I did use a reference for this one too...well, the face anyway but the rest I made up. Anywho, the facial expression came from some demon that I spotted in my Angel Sanctuary manga that I had just gotten. I loved the face and it immdedietly got to me to do the rest of the image as an angel for MiTz. Anywho, when you see my fan art go from 13-14 then you'll know it's been uploaded onto Otaku...for some reason it takes FOREVER for my drawings to show up!

And yes, I am still noticig that certain people appear to have a grudge against me and my drawings. I'm not on the computer during the day but many have PMed me telling me that I was #5 on the top 10 and then almost immedietly after, I was bumped off the list. I swear, I don't know what these people's problems are but they must REALLY REALLY not want me on the top 10.

GEEZ! You guys did a good job making my music video exceed its bandwith for the month!! Heehee..that's why the video wont play now but don't you worry! I'm just going to create another username for that site and upload it all over again! MWAHAHAHA! I'm glad to hear your guy's interest in my Inuyasha and Kikyo video. It appears some people absolutely loath Kikyo while others love her! Well, maybe the Kikyo hater's minds will change somewhat after I make this new video. Now that I have my own computer back!! WAHOO!! It was getting a "tune-up" and they found 101 viruses on my computer! It's not like I'm downloading porn or something so where are these viruses coming from? Sheesh!

One more thing (sorry this is a long-ass post for today), I was playing some more of the new Inuyasha game for PS2 and I noticed something; how come the people hired to be the voices of Miroku and Sango can act while the voices of Inuyasha and Kagome CAN'T act!? ARGH! The english voices make me shudder. No wonder I don't watch it on cartoon network. I mean, if you're going to have these people be the lead voices...you better hire people who can actually read the parts well! Oh man...you know what I should do...cause I know that there's a lot of people who've never heard the original voices..I should make a short video that just allows you guys to hear the ORIGINAL VOICES IN ALL THEIR SPLENDOR!! Heehee...I'm nuts...maybe 'cause I turned 22 today. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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Monday, December 20, 2004

*Whew!* Wipes Sweat From Forehead....
2 hours and 13 minutes later I have visited all 33 of my Otaku friend's that updated their sites yesterday and have answered to 22 PMs!! I still have more to go through but let's take this one step at a friend, aye? ARGH!! I need a faster internet...er my mom and dad do!! They would upgrade but alas, we can't. We live too far out in the middle of freakin nowhere in New York! How far out there? Well, there's a higher population of deer than there are people. Picture the woods in the Blair Witch Project...that's sorta it but not *that* far out.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Last week my friends from college threw me an early birthday party since they knew they wouldn't see me on my actual b-day and I got a lot of great stuff but one thing that I got I knew you guys would appreciate. My fellow anime-lover friend, got me the 2005 Inuyasha calender! I'm sure some of you have already seen it but as I was flipping through it, I was really really impressed with the pictures in it! They're all awesome and what's the coolest part of all? They have a picture of human Inuyasha every day when there is a new moon! How cool is that?!

Also, I have decided what my next Inuyasha Music video is going to be. Instead of having it be an Inuyasha and Kagome video, it's going to be Inuyasha and Kikyo...I can hear the boo's already:-) But no, I wasn't that big of a Kikyo fan until later on in the series when they had an hour special episode that told the ENTIRE story of Inuyasha and Kikyo...like how they 1st met and where Inuyasha's prayer beads came from, and so forth and so on. The music video is going to be all clips from that episode. It was that episode that brought me to tears 'cause I was devistated when they betrayed each other thinking that the other one was the actual betrayer. Although I knew what was going to happen...I still cried and it takes me a lot to cry for movies/shows. I have a good song to go along with it too! Oh, that episode is episode like 155-156 or something like that. It's WAY near the end of the series.

I still plan on doing another Inuyasha and Kagome music video too after the Inu and Kik one. Buterfly9999 mentioned about having the english-version of the song 'I Am' to go with it? I know the japanese version and probably have heard the english is there a way that someone could PM me the lyrics? *hint hint nudges buterfly9999's ribs* ;-)

HOLY CRAP!! I've had over 50 people visit my site today!! I really need to get going on that 1,000 hits drawing if I want it done by the proper time! How the heck are you guys finding my site?! Oh well, I love it and I love all the comments you guys are leaving for me too! I love reading them! They make me smile:-D

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

   I can feel the love!!
AW! I just have to say that I am all choked up from all you people out there who are supporting me and backing me up through my problems with the flamers on this site! It has gotten me down so much but you people somehow raise my spirits back up and inspire me to keep drawing! I have seen many people leave posts mentioning my flaming woos and and drawing pictures for me and I read some comments left by people saying how much they love my work even though they have no idea that I end up reading them. *Sniff* I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Whew, now that I got the sappy stuff out of my system I am now officially done for the semester at college and I get a WHOLE month off for winter break!! WOHOO!! The only downfall with being home in the chill of upstate NY is that our internet connection is really really crappy. How crappy is really crappy? Try 28.8K dial-up! Yeah, poor me...I will accept donations in cash, check, money order, or chocolate;-) To give you an idea of the slowness here's an example: On Otaku, I go through each of my friend's sites (or try to), leave comments and then go to my next buddy and back at college, this takes me about 1/2 hour at most. Here on this internet connection to do the same thing listed above, takes about 2 hours!!!! Oh, and that's not even letting the pictures load on the sites...just the text. It's painful!! ARGH!! And...since I'm on a dial-up, my parents don't want me on the computer before 10:00 PM because it hogs the phone lines and the don't want to miss calls. So, what I'm trying to say is, don't be mad if I can't go through all your pictures and such and comment on them! I really would if I could and don't be surprised to see me the last comment posted on your site for the day...it's 1:09 AM right now and I just finished reading your guy's sites. So, if you have a new drawing or something you would like me to see, just leave a comment for me on the main posts of my site or PM me and let me know about it!!^_^

Oh, you know how I mentioned that I would do a super duper ultra mega cool drawing if my site got 1,000 visitors? Well, I've had over 730 visitors so far and I've had over 300 people come and visit within the past couple weeks so it may be coming up soon! I have the PERFECT drawing all planned out in my head too and I think I may get it started soon!!


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Saturday, December 18, 2004

I don't like to post more than one comment in one day but this is TOO great! You know how I've been bummed and bothered that people have been targeting my drawings and going through them all voting "no" on them just to bring me off the top 10? Well, my dear friend Lewna has just posted a drawing based on that made just for me!! Oh man it's SO great! Click here!> Seeing Inuyasha like that, pretty much mimicks exactly how I feel about it too! THANK YOU LEWNA!!!
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   Holy Macaroni!!
Wowsers people!! You must really be enjoying that music video!! I've had people tell me they watched it like 10 times in a row, others have said it has inspired them to draw or write poetry, others have provided links to my site from their own to have people watch it! I think I'm blushing!! It makes me want to do another one!! But to what song shall I have it go with? Hmmmmmm....any suggestions? I want to do another Inuyasha and Kagome one...and probably Kikyo will make some appearances;-) I did want to do one that went along with the love song that's always played during the romantic moments in the show. It's the instrumental song that has that pretty voice sorta humming in the background...but I think I want one with words instead.

Oh and some people still are asking me where I got the music video from and where they can get others like it...again...I MADE IT!!! I think some people don't feel like reading things all the way through..that's ok, I do that too. Heehee...that rymed.

I've had lotsa people telling me that I should do drawings of the rest of the Lord of the Rings cast in anime style after seeing my Legolas one. Do you guys want me to? I'm enough of a LOTR nut that I would do it. I didn't think people would go so ga-ga over the Legolas anime drawing. What was I thinking?! C'Mon! It's Legolas...he kicks serious boot-ay! Mmmmmmmmmmm.....Legolas booty;-)

I thought I would give a BIG congrats and THANK YOU to Roaring Flame Cat who won my original Sango, Kohaku, and Kirara drawing from my e-bay auction! I guess standing beside the auction with a rifle in hand works, huh? Heehee...AND I sold the drawing of Kagome holding a sly looking Inuyasha and I've JUST been told that the winner of that auction was none other than my bud here on Otaku Silversoulwolf! Golly! I'm tickled pink that you guys here like my stuff that much!!


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Thursday, December 16, 2004

   Legolas drawing...
Okey dokey! I see that my drawing finally got its butt onto this site. GEEZ it takes FOREVER! I see people have already gone through it and gave it negative votes without comments even though I clearly asked them to. Yep, I think I'm getting used to that by now...I add a drawing, someone(s) instantly votes "no." Anywho, feel free to go check it out and if you want to read a bit about it, then check out yesterday's post!:-)

WOW! It seams you guys are liking my music video^_^ Yeah, it was a blast to make! The program I used to get the clips is a DVD ripper program I have on my computer that will rip DVDs and make them into compatible formats to splice and edit. The program I used to put it all together was Adobe Premiere. It took me about a full day to just get all the clips I wanted...1/2 of them I didn't even use and I ran through my head what episodes stood out when it came to the emotional aspects of Inuyasha and Kagome and other such cool points. I also used clips from the 1st and 2nd Inuyasha movie...I have the 3rd one too but didn't before I made this. Then it took about 4 hours to edit and create the video. Oh, and what's AMV? I heard a lot of people mention that and said I should submit it to there?

Also, for those still interested in scoping out my auctions on e-bay where you can buy some originals of my drawings, then check out yesterday's posting as well!

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