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Thursday, January 20, 2005

   Those Who Have Read Immortal Rain...
WHAT THE HECK IS THE CHARACTER RAIN'S HAIR COLOR?! His hair color seems to change from cover to cover! It's a light pastel green on one and then it jumps to a reddish pink! I thought it was white judging by the pictures within but I'm not sure. I haven't read the 1st one so I didn't know if they told us in that volume. Does anyone know 'cause I'll be starting coloring of the drawing soon? Speaking of Immortal Rain I just finished the 3rd volume. OH MY FREAKING LORD is it good!! I could NOT put it down and usually I don't try and read a manga all at once 'cause I like to treat myself but with this one...nope read straight through it without a bored thought passing through my head. Anyone else read the 3rd one? Oh that Yuca...BASTARD! ARGH! Poor Rain! And he was dying in his mortal life too and didn't want the others to see...*sniff* oh Oh OH! And the part where Rain plants an ENTIRE field of white flowers for Freya because she told him she missed the snow and how it blanketed the Earth and he thought this would make her happy again. Oh man...if a guy did that for me...I wouldn't be here on Otaku...I'd be off on my HONEYMOON!

I usually don't watch Inuyasha on Cartoon Network because I can't stand the english dubs but I happened to catch one the other day and it happened to be one of my fave ones! It was the one when Inuyasha is in Kagome's time and goes off saving all those people and stuff. Ok...this BUGGED me. WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE VOICE OF THE FREAKIN CAT!! In the original version, Kagome's cat Buyo has a low rumble that's hilarious! And they actually changed it to sound like the average cat. What the heck?! And then...the part when Inuyasha is sleeping...they actually changed his breathing! I mean...why is this necessary! Not only that but in the original version, he is sleeping pretty calmly and quietly, just sorta breathing a bit more heavily like one does when sleeping. And they changed it so he was snoring?! That angered me for some reason because Inuyasha does NOT snore!

Have you guys seen the trailer for the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? Oh man, it looks SO awesome and it's directed by Tim Burton!! They made it more like a creepy version of the tale which is how it's pretty much supposed to be and Willy Wonka looks so cool! Look at the picture below! JOHNNY!!!^_^

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

   What Do You Guys Think of the New Lay-Out?
I hope you guys still recognized where you were when you came in! I didn't and forgot about it when I checked it out again! I thought these colors worked better together. I mean, I still like green but these are purty too^_^

I must give a super thanks to Krystale for telling me how to make it so the background would stick so it wouldn't scroll as the person scrolled through my site! What a doll! Thank you!!

Based on yesterdays poll, it seems like a pretty close match between Kenshin and Immortal Rain for my next drawing. Many wanted Immortal Rain simply because they don't know it well and want to see the characters! And I can't leave people in their curious state-of-mind so I'll be doing that one 1st and then Kenshin and then Fruits Basket. Thanks to those who answered my poll...which was everyone!

If you guys are interested in owning my ORIGINAL Inuyasha drawing called 'Lean on Me,' then it's up for grabs right now on e-bay! Here is the link to the auction: CLICK HERE!
The auction ends Sunday night and already has 2 bids so if you want it, then keep an eye on it!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

   Drawing Up For Grabs on E-bay!
Hey guys! If you're interested in owning one of my drawings, well, there's one up for sale on e-bay right now! It's the drawing found right here on Otaku called 'Lean on Me' which features Kagome leaning against a blushing Inuyasha. If you guys don't know which I'm talking about, then feel free to check out my fanart on this site or check out the auction on e-bay! Here is the link to the auction: CLICK HERE!
This auction doesn't end until this coming Sunday so it'll be awhile.

I'm glad you returners are enjoying the larger sized music video and I'm also happy that you new-comers are liking it too! I've moved it up above in my profile so it's still easily viewed^_^

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DRAW NEXT!! I have 3 things I want to draw but don't know where to start! I want to draw something from Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket, and Immortal Rain(which I don't think is an anime yet but it's a kick-ass manga). Fruits Basket I've never seen the anime but have read the 1st manga and Rurouni Kenshin...just rocks my socks so...yeah. WHICH DO YOU GUYS WANT!?:-D

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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Music Video is Back!
YAY! My Inuyasha music video back! And it's much much bigger! Now you guys don't have to sit 2 inches from the screen! The audio is still not to its full potential and sometimes the video gets pixelated and stuff but hey, I had to condense it SO much that this is the best I could do. The original version is big enough to be full-screened but there's no way that I could get that bad-boy online. Just click PLAY on the video below to watch it! This was made ripping video from my Inuyasha DVD's and then using Adobe Premiere to edit it! I hope you guys still enjoy it!


And for those who have a slower connection, here's the smaller version again! Sorry for the crappy crappy quality!

Quick question: How many episodes are there in the anime Rurouni Kenshin? I know that some have already seen the final episode and I just got episodes 1-94 on DVD and am wondering if that's the entire series? If anyone knows pretty pretty please let me know! THANKS!

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   YAY Mangas!
I finished Rurouni Kenshin volume 1 today and it took lots of will power not to jump right into volume 2! I go through these mangas so fast and I could read all of them within a day but I try and not do that. I understand Kenshin quite a bit more now that I read the 1st...I had jumped straight to the 10th edition and picked it up pretty well but lots of stuff makes more sense now...imagine that!

I also went and downloaded the 1st and 2nd episode of Rurouni Kenshin off the internet and look forward to watching those! The original versions too! Un-Edited!! WOOT! I have seen the Kenshin movie though awhile ago...I think it was called Samurai X? Boy was that gory and depressing but damn good! At least I know how he got that scar! Have you guys ever seen the un-edited versions of Inuyasha? Hoi-boy do they curse left and right. But in good context though!

I was watching the Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings....again! And I've never ever noticed this! For those who have seen it...you know at the end of the movie, when the remainder of the Fellowship get back together and are all happy and reunited and stuff? Well, you can see Gimli crying!! He's wiping tears from this eyes! How freakin' cute is that!? The bad-ass dwarf gets emotional at reunions apparently. Lookie! I took a screencap of it too!

Ain't that cute!! Sorry, I'm easily awed by sweetness!^_^

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Friday, January 14, 2005

WOW! It seems like you guys are liking my latest drawing of adult Shippou!^_^ Thanks for all your wonderful comments about it and I must give a special thanks to Awesomedude898 who actually uploaded my drawing onto his site and gave a lot of praise for it! THANK YOU!!

It also seems that the females of the audience are thinking that he looks pretty scrumptious. I dunno...I just think he would grow up to be pretty good looking! He's just so cute now that he better be cute when he gets older! I think it's that bad-boy image that I sorta gave him...I think us chicks dig that. LOL! I showed the drawing to one of my friends at home who's into Inuyasha too...and she said that she wanted to hump the drawing!! Ha! Yeah hmmmmm...I think I may have to hide it from her.:-P

Yesterday I went out and got me some more mangas! I already read through my other 3 I just got so I wanted some more! I got the 1st and 2nd editions of 'Rorouni Kenshin'....I got the next edition of 'Immortal Rain'...I got the next volume of 'Angel Sanctuary'....and I got 2 volumes of 'Vampire Game'(thanks for the suggestion DragonMasterKate...they look awesome!). Yeah, so I got lots of mangas now! I went from having none to 10 within a few days! Why did it take me so long to pick one up? *Hangs head in shame* I'm a disgrace.

Thanks to all those gave me the suggestions for other mangas too! Most that you guys mentioned I remembered and browsed through. Well, here's the thing...if the artwork doesn't catch my eye, I don't bother. I know, this probably means I'm missing out on many great mangas but I need that eye-candy and if it looks impressive to me, then I get it! I just think 'Angel Sanctuary', amd 'Immoral Rain' are amazingly drawn and I really like the styles of 'Rorouni Kenshin' and 'Vampire Game.' I know I'm picky! But you guys are such a help when it comes to this stuff!^_^


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   Back By Popular Demand....
Sheesh! It appears like a bunch of you want to see/hear the drunk Inuyasha group again! Well, here it the ACTUAL dialogue spoken in that scene when the Inuyasha group get drunk as well as the audio file so you can hear them in their original voices and/or follow along! Again, you must have Windows Media Player 7 or higher to hear this:

The group is very quiet. They are on a mission to find the God of Wine…there is a strange fog surrounding them and Inuyasha’s eyes are darting back and forth….
Inuyasha: “What!?”
Hatchi: (Transformed into Kagome)“I, Kagome #2 will dance for you!”
Shippou: (Transformed into Kagome)“I, Kagome #3 will laugh for you!”
Kagome: “Everyone looks so happy and they all look just like me…..WHO CARES?! SING!!!!”
*All 3 Kagome’s in a chorus line singing, dancing and laughing…keep in mind that the real Kagome is singing into her hair brush…LOL!!
Inuyasha: “What on earth is going on?”
Miroku: “Everyone, don’t breath in the fog…(goes on a little on demons)….it seems to have the effect of making everyone drunk!”
Inuyasha: “What are you talking about? We didn’t get drunk at all.”
Miroku: “I’m just telling you the facts!”
Kagome: “Oh this is fun! Let’s go out and get the demon!” (She and the 3 “Kagome’s” start walking away)
Inuyasha: “Hey! Wait! You can’t go out there!”
Sango: “HAHAHAHA!!!” (Comes staggering forward)
Inuyasha: “Sango….”
Sango: (Jumps into Inuyasha’s arms) “Inuyasha!!”
Inuyasha: “Sa…Sango! What the hell are you doing?!”
Sango: (Hugging Inuyasha and rubbing her face up and down on his chest) “I don’t care about him. Let’s go.”
Inuyasha: “L-Let’s go?!”
Sango: “That stupid, simple-minded Miroku and that narrow-minded Kagome, don’t count on them! Just let us two go on to beat Naraku! Hmmm….(leans forward to kiss him)
Inuyasha: *Cringes and tries to pull away*
Kagome: “SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!!!!!”
Sango: (Breaks down and starts crying)
Shippou: (Still looking like Kagome) “It looks as though a tragedy play is taking place!”
Miroku: “Sango…” (Kneels down in front of her as she continues crying)
Shippou: “Now the 1st embarrassed actor goes to the leading actress to comfort her.”
Sango: “Houshi-Sama(which means ‘Monk’)…..HOUSHI SAMA YOU SIMPLE-MINDED JERK!!!!!!”
Shippou: “Now it’s turned into an action film!!!!”
Hachi: “BEAT HIM! BEAT HIM!!!!”
Sango: “Hiraikotsu!!!” *Throws her bone-boomerang*
Miroku: *Barely misses getting nailed by it* “Now I understand. This is just what the demon wanted to happen. To turn us against each other….Inuyasha! Blow away the fog with Kaze no Kazu!”
(Sorry this part got cut a bit!! Inuyasha: (Still being pulverized by Kagome’s Sit command) “Sorry I can’t help you.”

Just push stop on the audio above and push play to the audio below to hear this scene!


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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

   YAY! New Drawing is Finished!!
Whew...does my wrist and back hurt. I started this drawing and finished it all in one day! What is it of you ask? WHY IT'S ADULT SHIPPOU!!! Do some of you remember when I mentioned that I wanted to do this piece. Well, it was a couple months ago so if you forgot then it's ok.

I even took a poll on what hair stye you guys would have preferred on him. Almost 100% said they wanted his hair to be down but it didn't end up happening:-( Sorry! I originally did draw him with his hair down but the problem was...he didn't look like Shippou! So, I made his hair much longer, lowered the pony-tail and got rid of the bow he wears in it. I think I like how it turned out and again, sorry for those who wanted his hair down...it just didn't feel like Shippou anymore!

Originally, I had a totally different composition for this piece. Awesomedude898 knows what the original plan was. It was going to be a full body shot but then this composition just popped into my head and I thought this would be much better! I wanted the focus to be on Shippou's face, eyes, expression...to give him that mischievious nature of his and a full body shot would make his face harder to read. I also wanted to have him holding his fox fire flame and wanted more attention on that as well. The background idea stayed the same though!

Anywho, like I said on the comment under my drawing...I had a BLAST doing this piece! I didn't think it would be so much fun but it was! I loved doing the eyes...which were inspired by Kenshin's eyes that I was gushing about yesterday after getting the manga. Obviously altered a bit but they may look similar. Shippou's hair was also a lot of fun taking what his hair looks like as a little kid to what it would look like when he got older. The shading on his face, hand, and fox fire flame were also oodles of fun! The background was a bit of a biotch though. I think it took me as long to do as Shippou did!

Like all the others and I feel like I'm repeating myself, but this was done ENTIRELY IN PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCILS! People still ask me what I use well, that's it! No secret! Oh, and I used a colorless blender...which is like a waxy, dry pencil...to smooth out the lines.

I hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know what you think!^_^

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Holy Sad Movie!
If you guys ever come across the anime movie called 'Grave of the Fireflies,' I highly recommend picking it up. It's by the same people who did 'Spirited Away' and 'Princess Mononoke' and it's fantastic. It's incredibly sad though but it has wonderful characters and it's beautifully drawn.

I picked up my 1st mangas!! I've never owned any mangas and finally while in Barnes & Noble, I wandered over to the manga section and began just browsing around. I picked up 'Rurouni Kenshin' since I knew that was a popular anime, 'Angel Sanctuary' which I had seen the anime of but the series was discontinued, and 'Immortal Rain' which I had never heard of before.

Angel Sanctuary...wow! The art is INCREDIBLE!! The story line is complexed and extremely interesting and I really am liking the characters. Once you get past the whole incest part and learn to appreciate their love regardless, it's an amazing manga!

Rurouni Kenshin was very addicting. The art itself was...ok. Not nearly as well drawn as Angel Sanctuary but I know it's a different style. The main character Kenshin is definitely a strong character that draws me to him. Well, that and I LOVE how his eyes are drawn^_^

Immortal Rain...I love Love LOVE the way it is drawn. The characters are so wonderfully done and every expression and movement really draws in your eye. It's like you can feel every emotion within 1 expression! I LOVE the main character Rain...I'm a sucker for interesting colored eyes...his are lavender. Anywho, there seems to be some romance slowly budding within the story and it has lots of funny parts too!

Well, I'm off to try and finish up my drawing! *Hint* It's a drawing that I said I was going to do a LONG time ago....

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

Drastic Decision...
I had to make a dramatic decision today. Which calender do I hang up? I got TWO different calender for X-Mas..one of Inuyasha, one of Legolas...and my walls are so decked out with posters and drawings, that I only have room for one! So, I had to choose! *CRIES!* I eventually decided on Legolas since I do like Lord of the Rings more than Inuyasha..*dives a Tetsuiga attack from Inuyasha.* But once I go back to my dorm in college then I'll have room for both so it'll be all good!

Speaking of Legolas anyone see the Extended Edition of Return of the King? Two words..."DRINKING GAME!!" For those who don't know the movies...the elf Legolas and the dwarf Gimli are extremely competitive so at a little celebration these two decide to have themselves a little contest and as Gimli puts it: "Last one standing, wins!" And of course it involves lotsa and lotsa ale. LOL!!! Well, for those who don't know the traditional Mirkwood elf which Legolas happens to be a prince of...they are quite known for their fine wines and rockin' parties. Needless to say, Legolas won this round! I have a couple screencaps of the scene too!^_^

LOL!! I LOVE this face...he's all like...'what the hell are these people making me consume?"


Sorry...I couldn't resist!^_^

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