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Friday, January 7, 2005

   Awesome Day!!
Ok, I went out shopping with some of my friends and had such an awesome time!! I got a tripod for my new digital camera I got for X-Mas, I got 2 new animes using my FYE giftcard that my bro and wife got me which are Spiral...which I watched the 1st episode and was quite amused and impressed...and I got the new movie by the same director who did Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away which is called 'Grave of the Fireflies.' Then I got Final Fantasy X-2 for PS2 and Super Monkey Ball for my GameboyAdvance. And then....here's the best part...we went to Friendlys for some ice cream and my friends surprised me by each buying me a Legolas Key Chain from Hot Topic!! I have like 8 different Legolas key chains now!! I'm the elf of the group and they thought I wouldn't mind sporting around the hunky elf from Lord of the Rings...which I don't!! Too bad I don't have that many sets of keys but I'll rotate them!!

Legolas rocks my socks! I mean...c'mon!! Those who have seen the movies can't help but think Legolas is cool is some form or another...he's just so....mysterious and beats the crap out of the bad guys. He's quite different in the books though...yeah he still beats ass but he has a much better sense of humor! He's the ultimate SMART-ASS in the books but they don't show that nearly enough in the movies.

Ok...I've been played Final Fantasy X-2 for about 4 hours now...am approx 14% done with it and I must say...yeah, it's a lot of fun...but WHY DID THEY MAKE YUNA SO FREAKIN' DITSY!!!!! In FFX the original version which I played the whole way through..she was quiet, gentle, graceful, but still beat ass! Now she's skanky, ditsy, flakey, yeah she still kicks ass but not in the cool low-key way that she did in FFX. Now she's like..."look at my skanky outfits!" I just got past the part where she had the nightmare about her and Tidus getting shot and killed. Oh man, I wanted to cry!!! But it's that Yuna I like!! And I miss Tidus!!! *CRIES!!* Anyone else agree who has played this game? They were such a cute couple!

Anywho, I'm off to draw some more...but what?! Oh man, I'm mysterious ain't I?

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

   The Drunken Inuyasha Group....
Seems you guys enjoyed yesterday's post of the drunk Inuyasha group! That episode is probably all in all the FUNNIEST episode. That's the same episode in which they were using their abilities to clean the Monk's temple! Like Inuyasha was using Kaza no Kazu to bat out the dust from a rug. Sango was using Hiraikotsu to cute wood and Miroku was using Kazaana to "vacuum!" LOL! The other episode I though was HILARIOUS was when Kagome is helping her friends put together a festival and they perform a play and Inuyasha comes crashing in while the play is being held in front of a HUGE audience because he thought Kagome was in trouble. And then when he realizes it's pretend and he's in front of a ton of people, he starts showing off all his Tetsaiga abilities and the audience eats it up and is cheering him on! Inuyasha is such a hamm!

The other funny thing about the drunk Inuyasha group is that how is REALLY is when you get smashed with a group of your friends. One of my friends is like Sango in that she's happy...then she loves you...then she gets depressed...then she gets mad...then she's tired. I'm like Shippou in that you can't shut me up and I laugh non-stop. And I have a couple friends who are dating and the girl Katie is always trying to go somewhere and leave (like Kagome) and her boy toy Gavin, is like Inuyasha in he's like "no, no...come back here." And no...I don't get drunk often! Just now and again and it's only with my friends...not like at a Frat party or something like that.

Oh, and sorry I have no audio clip today...I don't feel like making one tonight:-/

One more thing I should mention. Since I'm on the crappiest, slowest dial-up known to man...for the time being, while I'm home on vacation I wont be able to go to all my friend's sites...I've limited it to if YOU LEAVE A COMMENT FOR ME THEN I'LL LEAVE A COMMENT FOR YOU! So, if you don't visit me on a certain date, then I wont be going to yours. I'm not being mean or anything...this is just till I get back to my faster internet or else it takes me like 4 hours to go to all my bud's sites.


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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The Drunk Inuyasha Group
Inu-neko-yasha mentioned that she wanted to hear the scene that involved the Inuyasha group when they got drunk. So, here it is!! This will also allow you guys to hear what the entire group sound like in their amazingly wonderful ORIGINAL voices. This scene is just too freakin funny and this ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! This comes from episode 135 and for those who would like to read along with the voices or can't hear the audio either because they don't have Windows Media Player 7 or above or no speakers, here's the scene all typed out for you!! Enjoy!!

The group is very quiet. They are on a mission to find the God of Wine…there is a strange fog surrounding them and Inuyasha’s eyes are darting back and forth….
Inuyasha: “What!?”
Hatchi: (Transformed into Kagome)“I, Kagome #2 will dance for you!”
Shippou: (Transformed into Kagome)“I, Kagome #3 will laugh for you!”
Kagome: “Everyone looks so happy and they all look just like me…..WHO CARES?! SING!!!!”
*All 3 Kagome’s in a chorus line singing, dancing and laughing…keep in mind that the real Kagome is singing into her hair brush…LOL!!
Inuyasha: “What on earth is going on?”
Miroku: “Everyone, don’t breath in the fog…(goes on a little on demons)….it seems to have the effect of making everyone drunk!”
Inuyasha: “What are you talking about? We didn’t get drunk at all.”
Miroku: “I’m just telling you the facts!”
Kagome: “Oh this is fun! Let’s go out and get the demon!” (She and the 3 “Kagome’s” start walking away)
Inuyasha: “Hey! Wait! You can’t go out there!”
Sango: “HAHAHAHA!!!” (Comes staggering forward)
Inuyasha: “Sango….”
Sango: (Jumps into Inuyasha’s arms) “Inuyasha!!”
Inuyasha: “Sa…Sango! What the hell are you doing?!”
Sango: (Hugging Inuyasha and rubbing her face up and down on his chest) “I don’t care about him. Let’s go.”
Inuyasha: “L-Let’s go?!”
Sango: “That stupid, simple-minded Miroku and that narrow-minded Kagome, don’t count on them! Just let us two go on to beat Naraku! Hmmm….(leans forward to kiss him)
Inuyasha: *Cringes and tries to pull away*
Kagome: “SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!!!!!”
Sango: (Breaks down and starts crying)
Shippou: (Still looking like Kagome) “It looks as though a tragedy play is taking place!”
Miroku: “Sango…” (Kneels down in front of her as she continues crying)
Shippou: “Now the 1st embarrassed actor goes to the leading actress to comfort her.”
Sango: “Houshi-Sama(which means ‘Monk’)…..HOUSHI SAMA YOU SIMPLE-MINDED JERK!!!!!!”
Shippou: “Now it’s turned into an action film!!!!”
Hachi: “BEAT HIM! BEAT HIM!!!!”
Sango: “Hiraikotsu!!!” *Throws her bone-boomerang*
Miroku: *Barely misses getting nailed by it* “Now I understand. This is just what the demon wanted to happen. To turn us against each other….Inuyasha! Blow away the fog with Kaze no Kazu!”
(Sorry this part got cut a bit!! Inuyasha: (Still being pulverized by Kagome’s Sit command) “Sorry I can’t help you.”

Ok, there's the text, now here's the audio...just PUSH PLAY!


HA! It cracks me up! And for those who didn't see yesterdays post, you can hear just Inuyasha and Kagome speaking to each other there!

Are there any other characters/scenes you guys want to hear in the original voices? Just lemme know!!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

   Original Inuyasha Voices.....Take 2!!!

Oops sorry guys! I forgot to keep posting the original Inuyasha voices for those who've never heard them before! I've had a few people asking me when I was posting the next one...so, here we go!

Anywho, the voices I had before were of Inuyasha and Kikyo so now we have Inuyasha and Kagome! Kagome's English voice....*shutter* I think is the absolute WORST of them all. That's my own personal opinion of course I'm sure some don't mind it. Oh man...the english voice..she can't act and she CAN'T SAY INUYASHA'S NAME RIGHT!! She always says it like a ditsy cheerleader who's never spoken his name before. GRRRRR..she is the main reason I don't watch the English version!! Kagome's original voice...*sigh* much much better and not as squeaky and annoying as the english one.

The scene you're going to hear is between Inuyasha and Kagome and basically Kagome is telling Inuyasha that through all her troubles, she was still able to hear Inuyasha's voice through the Sacred Tree and Inuyasha replies that it was because he was worried about her (he's quite suttle about it too..so CUTE!!).

Then Kagome offers to make some food for Inuyasha and Inuyasha says he wants the yellow stuff that was so good. Kagome asks "you mean the fried eggs?" And Inuyasha replies, "Not that stuff...the one in the cup." Kagome realizes he's talking about the Ramen noodles and is none to please about that and asks if that's the only thing of hers he likes and he replies..."Of course, what do you think?"
He soon realizes his error in saying that as one totally pissed off Kagome is standing over him looking like a demon-witch from the brinks of hell and she screams her oh-so-famous line..."INUYASHA!!!!! SIT!!!!!"

LOL!!!LOL!!!LOL!!! God she is funny. Anywho, to listen to this clip, just push stop on the music in my profile (if it's still playing) and Push Play below! Enjoy!


Isn't that great? I LOVE these voices! I will post more if you guys want and for those whove never heard the voices...are there certain character(s) you want to hear? I have the whole series on DVD and can rip them so just lemme know!

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Monday, January 3, 2005

   New Drawing of Inuyasha and Kagome!

Sorry to you Kikyo fans out there but I added a new drawing of Inu and Kag:-/ You know what's awesome?! When I submit drawings to this site, they're now automatically approved and posted! YAY! No more waiting hours and hours! Does that happen after you submit a certain amount or get a certain amount of votes?

Anywho, about the new drawing. I wanted to color a drawing that was more so in my own personal style than that of the classic anime. I'm an illustration and drawing major in college and this is more so how my illustration pieces are colored when I do them for assignments. My teacher doesn't allow anime style in our classes and doesn't like flat color either! *Cries*

Anywho, this is not my own original drawing. Coloration yes, but the postitions themselves no. A friend of mine sent me a picture and it was nothing but an outline and not colored. It may come from an Inuyasha manga? I'm not sure. I just re-drew it and colored it in because I thought this was a good piece to attempt my own style in an Inuyasha drawing. This was done entirely in Prismacolor Colored Pencils and a colorless blender to smooth the lines. So please go and comment on it and vote if you would like!

You want to know what my favorite part to do on this piece was? THE BLUSHING!!! I had SO much fun adding the blush into their cheeks...especially Inuyasha's whose I made a bit darker^_^

Thanks guys and I love ya all!!^_^

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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Holy crow! Who knew I would get such a big response when I mentioned that I had all 3 Inuyasha movies! Well...mostly that I had the 3rd one already. Boy, I think I could cut the jeleousy with a knife! How did I get it? Hey, I mentioned that my college is right near China Town and they always have stuff out WAY WAY WAY in advance then anywhere else. That's how I have the entire series too! And you know the movie that's coming out into theaters soon called "House of 'Flying Daggers' which is made by the same guy who did 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'? Well, I already have that DVD too! Anywho, the 3rd Inuyasha movie was pretty good. My least fave of the 3 but it was cool to see Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru work together for once! That was neato!! And you get to see Inu and Sess's sexy Dad too!:-P

Well, my cat is laying under my chair and keeps attacking my mouse cord so I'm going to go and pet him. Hope you guys had a great New Years! I surely did dragging myself home from the party at 7:30 in the morning! It was a blast!^_^

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Friday, December 31, 2004

   Bandwith Overload!!!

Well, the bandwith for the month got used up already for my Inuyasha Music video. Sheesh! It was what? Less than 2 weeks? Good job guys!! Heehee...really, I don't mind! I think it's great that you guys like it that much! Don't worry, it will be up again and guess what?! IT'LL BE MUCH MUCH BIGGER!!! Now, you wont have to sit 2" from your monitor! I found a way to compress it so the video doesn't get condensed so much and can still fit onto the hosting site! But for some reason, the site isn't working right so I can't get the video up but I'll keep trying!

Oh, and noticing from people's comments about my Legend of Zelda drawing...people have mentioned they think the eyes and mouth look awkward. Well, a couple people did note this already(silvanelves and bakaboy I believe) but I was NOT NOT NOT trying to make this look anime!! I drew this before I knew much about it plus, our teacher does NOT allow us to draw things in anime style. He makes you fix it if it does! Cruel isn't it? But yes, it does resemble anime in the fact that the eyes are large but I wasn't trying to make it look anime. That's also why the lips may seem different because...well, anime characters don't have lips! I'm not saying that my drawing is perfect or anything...it sure as hell isn't in my book but...I just thought I'd make it clear that the anime style isn't what I was going for in this drawing. But you guys are still totally, 100% allowed to have your own opinions on it and I completely respect that!!

Anywho, I'm going to a party tonight with my buds! WOHOO!! Time to celebrate the new year and come to the realization that I have to go out looking for a realy job/career this summer since I'm graduating college! *Cries*

Well, I hope you guys have some fun tonight and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

See you all next year!!

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

   Legend of Zelda Drawing....
YAY! I did a drawing based on one of my all-time favorite games! Actually, this was an assignment for my illustration class a couple years back but I just recently found it while going through my portfolio! The assignment: Take a famous character(s) and make it into a unique, stylized version that's more your own. While, most people did characters like Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson...I did Link and Epona(his horse). Everyone knew who it was too and all the guys in the class were like "Duuuuuuuuude..." Even though I'm a girl but I think they thought it was cool that I knew that game:-P Anywho, this was done all in woodless graphite pencil and hope you guys like it. When my fanart count goes from 16-17 then it's been added!!

Thanks for all the congrats on the 1,000 hits! The drawing seems to be pretty popular..especially with my fellow Lord of the Rings lovers^_^ Someone still out there couldn't stand my last 2 drawings being at 100% and voted them down...gotta love those flamers...especially around the holidays! Boy, does it make me feel loved.

Oh oh! I have a funny story. I was out with my friends at Friendlys Restaraunt and we were all sitting there chatting...and then one of my friends randomly reaches for the salt shaker, begins shaking it on himself and says "Help! I'm being asalted!" LOL!! I couldn't breath for about 20 minutes it was so great! It was just so.....random!! He's my dwarven friend too...man, is he witty!

Anywho, hugs and kisses to all of you!!^_^

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

   1,000 Visitors to My Site!!
I changed this post a bit and put it up above in my profile so it could hang around a bit longer!

I did have 2 cool banners to go with this picture but for some reason, I couldn't get the links to work for it. Anywho...HERE IT IS!! The super duper ultra-cool drawing! Is it that super? I dunno, I'm just obsessed with Lord of the Rings so anything LOTR based is super in my book. I'm now in the top 500 ranking of this site too! Pretty dandy since I still don't know how people are finding me.

Oh, I uploaded this picture too to the gallery of Otaku so when my fanart # goes from 15-16 then its been added!

This drawing took FOREVER...with a capital "F!" Oh man, it took me awhile to draw the preliminary sketch. It just mostly had to do with the fact that I wanted to draw the entire Fellowship and *gulp* there are freakin' NINE of them! What was I thinking? And I almost forgot Boromir too! Yeah, I know he died but still...he was in the original Fellowship count! I started on the hobbits then worked my way around them. The person who gave me the hardest time was Gimli. CURSE YOU DWARF!! I kept on changing his position and how he was drinking the pint and then! He took the longest to color too! Son of a batch of cookies dwarf!

Some may or may not notice but when I colored in the character's flesh tones...not a single one of them are shaded the same! They all started out with the same base colors of light peach and deco orange but from there, they're ALL different. Not one of them have the same combonation of colors and I shaded them not only on character but depending on the race as well. Like the hobbits are the darkest because they're always outside gardening and stuff and I made Legolas the elf the palest since they're "fair of face" therefore, they don't tan or burn so they always look purty:-)

Oh, and as always...this was all colored by hand using TONS of layers and also going over some of it with a "colorless blender" which is a dry waxy pencil that will smoothly blend colored pencils!! Pretty neat, aye? And I'd say of my Prismacolored Pencil set of 96, almost EVERY color was used in some aspect of this drawing.

So yeah, this drawing took forever...it took me a lot of caffeine and no social life to get it done on time for the 1,000 hits like I promised. So...let us never speak of this again^_^

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Original Inuyasha Voices.....
Well, I kept to my promise and I have created some audio files so you guys can hear the ORIGINAL Japanese voices of the characters in Inuyasha. I decided to do this because I was playing the Inuyasha game for PS2 and kept shuddering at the horrible voices and voice acting in general. I have all 167 episodes and + all 3 movies on DVD so I'm going to splice up some dialogue so you can hear the extreme awesomeness of the original voices. I know some have already heard them but lots mentioned they've never heard anything but the Engligh voices.

The 1st set of audio you're going to get is the voices of Inuyasha and Kikyo. It's only about 1 minute 34 seconds long and it's the scene that we 1st see in the very 1st episode when Kikyo shoots Inuyasha with the arrow. The only difference is is that this is from the extended episode where we get to see the FULL version of that scene. This comes from episode 152 and it made me cry.

The 1st voice you'll hear, is none other than Inuyasha and he's just crashed through the top of that building and he's saying how with this Shikon no Tama (I think it the english version they call it the Sacred Jewels or something)that no one can call him a "hanyou"(1/2 breed) anymore since it will turn him into a true youkai(demon).

The next voice you'll hear is Kikyo and you should understand what she's saying:-P And then Kikyo and Inuyasha talk to themselves on how one betrayed the other. Inuyasha gets pierced by the arrow while Kikyo is hurt too.

The next voice(s) you'll hear is Kaede as a child(whose Kikyo's little sister who's all old in the later episodes) followed by some villagers.

Inuyasha then talks some more as he watches Kikyo in front of him followed by Kikyo talking some more..but I wont tell you what he/she said because it gives away too much in that episode^_^ Inuyasha says some more words then "dies." Kikyo talks some more and then asks Kaede to burn the Shikon no Tama with her body and Kaede screams her name as Kikyo dies.

So, without any more chit chat...just PUSH PLAY to hear their original voices in all their glory!^_^


*Sniff* Amazing, huh? In my opinion anyway...I know some prefer the English dubs. Anywho, come back whenever I update 'cause I'll be sure and have a new audio clip of EACH character in every post!!:-D

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