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Monday, February 14, 2005

Sorry about not getting to everyone's sites recently...I think we all are going through the Otaku changes right now. Oh, and the realistic Inuyasha drawing is done and you can now see it here: Click Here!
For those who have already seen the one from below...this version is actually bigger and slightly better quality so if you want to check it out and possibly comment and vote you'll be my hero!^_^

Soooooooo...people want a realistic Kenshin drawing now, huh? That sounds like fun! And I would SO add the red highlights to his hair...hmmmmmm....

Oh, and I found some cool Kenshin pictures recently and thought I share the wealth:

Um, one word...YUMMY!

I just think these 2 look so cute in this piccy:

LOOK! It's Kenshin's son! And the boy behind him is Yahiko grown-up. You can see both of them in the 3rd Samurai X movie:

AH! I can't wait to see this episode! There's something about this pose that's so sweet that it makes me feel all warm and squishy inside:

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sorry Guys...
Apparently, Otaku is going through a big u-haul of the artwork so they wont allow any submissions:-( I did however promise to show you guys the realistic Inuyasha I drew so here it is:

When Otaku is fixed, then I'll make sure and put the larger size onto my fanart section since this is pretty small.

Anywho, I was SO nervous about submitted this since there really is no right way to draw a realism Inuyasha and I was worried people would be like...ICK! But judging by the HUGE response on DeviantArt, it appears that the fangirls of the audience are going ga-ga over it which I'm happy about...though apprently, some are going to kidnap him so Kagome may have to sleep with a pitchfork to fight them off. If you don't like it personally, then that's ok. This was done using Pencils HB and 2B, Woodless Graphite Pencils HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B, White Charcoal and Black Charcoal. Was drawn on textured gray paper. His hair was UBER fun! Gotta love the long silver hair he totes around!^_^

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

   Holy Crap!
Judging by yesterday's comments left...I better not screw this realistic Inuyasha drawing up! I'm glad to hear that you guys are so excited about it though! I got his face, necklace, and neck done and I like how he's coming out. I'm even making him shirtless *snicker.* C'mon! We ALL know we pay better attention when they're shirtless! I know I'm sucked into a scene more when they show Inuyasha walking around with no shirt...is that sad saying that?

Oh and speaking of Inuyasha...I was talking w/Kanashii Ramen on aim and we talked about the love/hate relationship Inuyasha and Shippou share. I mean, they drive each other BONKERS but it's so cute 'cause the second one or the other is in trouble they risk their own lives to help them. I have a few cute piccy's of the 2 showing off this love/hate relationship:

I think the last is my fave...I just LOVE both their expressions. You now Inuyasha is saying some smart-ass remark to Shippou and Shippou...well, his face explains it all. I LOVED that episode!

Oh! I was watching my Rurouni Kenshin DVDs today and there was this one thing that happened that had me CRACKING UP! Yahiko was trying to win a fight against a group of people all by himself to impress a girl and Kenshin and Sanso find out about it and decide to sorta watch over Yahiko to make sure he doesn't get himself killed without Yahiko knowing about it. Well, the bad-guys come CHARGING at Yahiko only to be stopped in their tracks by the piercing gazes of Kenshin and Sanso, who are standing on a roof above Yahiko and they run away in fear. Later, Yahiko looks up just in time to see Kenshin and Sanso dive behind the roof so Yahiko wouldn't know they were there helping him out. And to try and trick Yahiko, they begin making mating call sounds of birds!! LOL! And they sounded SO horrible...I mean, it was so obviously them which only pissed Yahiko off even more 'cause he KNEW it was them. Heehee! It was just so great...I wasn't expecting these rough tough guys to begin chirping like cute little birds!^_^

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

   Ok! You Guys Convinced Me...
After reading through all the comments left on Sundays post as well as the PMs I got I have decided to do a photorealistic portrait of Inuyasha. Oh boy, this outta be interesting...I actually have it all drawn out and have the face partly shaded. I'm trying to make him super hot 'cause I think I may have to fear for my life if he wasn't:-P I have a feeling his hair is going to be a giant pain in the ass but Inuyasha's hair is important! For those who have never seen any of my photorealistic work, here's some examples:

You can see the larger version of these in my gallery in DeviantArt. The Inuyasha drawing I'm doing on the gray paper with the white highlights...like the Marilyn Monroe drawing and the close-up of Legolas. I'm still not sure if I'll add any hints of color into Inuyasha...we'll see. So yeah, this is the type of work I ONLY did until about 3 months ago when I started anime^_^

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Oh god oh god...I'm not the type of person who's afraid of bugs but...holy shiznet this bad-boy was HUGE! I can't believe it! I'm like the CLEANEST person ever and having *that* in my room. *shutter* This thing was so fast too but it somehow got into a sticky spot in the corner of my room and it's wings got stuck. That mother trucker didn't know what hit him! My shoe took good care of him. I then showed it to my suite mates and they flipped. I think I'm going to give them nightmares.

I was reading some mangas and have you ever come across a certain page or pages that somehow just strike you. You know, those shots that make you stop reading just so you can stare at the drawing itself. Most of you have read mangas so probably know what I'm talking about. I was reading Rurouni Kenshin and Immortal Rain...again and these shots somehow struck me and thought I should share!

Something about this Kenshin page was just so cool! Not only is Kenshin's pose so full of life that it's like he's really moving but the guy that he's hitting...the artist made it almost surreal in showing that his face was getting smashed to beyond reason. So cool GO KENSHIN!!

Then there's Immortal Rain:

I LOVE how this artist draws tears. And there's something about this sequence...it's like you could see this being animated and you can feel everything the character is going through without many words being spoken and the words that are spoken are so pure. AH! I LOVE IT!!

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Over 2,000 Hits!
WOWSER! Thanks guys!! I'm in the top 100 in popularity...err..maybe it's 200..is #185 100 or 200? Oh whatever! LOVE YA LOTS!! Here's a super sexy picture of a realistic Inuyasha I found to celebrate! Sorry for you guys out there...I don't think you'll appreciate it as much as us gals^_^ This is by an artist named PZB who is found on DeviantArt.

Oh and I changed the look of my site around...again. Don't know why...now that I've watched all the Inuyasha episodes I need to start my next addiction in anime and that happens to be Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X. I still can't get over the difference between the 2. Samurai X is just so dark and Kenshin isn't as light-hearted as he is in Rurouni Kenshin. I prefer the animation is Samurai X...especially the fight scenes..WOOT! But I like the personality of Kenshin better in the series. He has more life to him and I'm more attached to that character. Does anyone know what came first? The Rurouni Kenshin manga or Samurai X?

Oh and thank so much guys for your wonderful comments about my latest fanart and my tutorial! I'm glad the tutorial helps you guys out and I must give a special shout-out to Awesomedude898, Snow Guardian, aliryn, and Living Doll in particular who went out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed my work. THANK YOU!!!

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Friday, February 4, 2005

   The Kenshin and Kaoru Drawing is Done!!
YAY! It's done! Please take a look at it and let me know what you think: Click Here!

And the tutorial is now finished for this piece too! Sorry for those who went earlier and the page didn't work. The bandwith got exceeded! *Grumble* Anywho, I made it one LARGE picture and uploaded it onto DeviantArt so now you don't have to worry about the stupid banner! Here's the link: Click Here!
Again, this picture is VERY big so I apologize to those who have a slower connection. I think the full size of it is like 1.50MB or something. That's even after I reduced the quality of it which I didn't want to do but I didn't want it to be too huge...so, it's a little more pixelated than the real drawing is.:-/

I hope you guys like the new drawing! I had fun doing it and ever since I started drawing it, I've been fidgeting to get my Rurouni Kenshin DVDs in the mail. Well, they actually came yesterday right before I was about to finish the piece!!! What luck is that I ask you! It somehow knew...man, now I have the entire series...18 Kenshin DVD's to watch and I've watched the 1st 3 and am already hooked. Could Kenshin be any cuter!?!?! "Oro?" ^_^

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

   Tutorial!..... Again!
The next part of the tutorial is done. The next part of the tutorial is the hair...Kenshin's hair *grumble* still takes FOREVER but...I still showed it. I'm glad you guys are finding it useful and again, make sure and let the whole page load before you close the big-ass banner on the side of the page. If you close it, the page will stop loading...stupid geocities. Here's the link: Click Here!

I have a question for those who have seen Samurai X...Logan asked me this question and I'm kinda curious now. Is Samurai X rated NC-17? He heard it was and I was looking all over my DVD's packaging and I don't see a rating anywhere. I mean...NC-17 that's like...porno movie rating! I mean, yes, we do see Kenshin do the dirty twice but it's not explicit or anything! It is extremely gory so I'm wondering if that's why. I own all 3 of them and can't find a rating! GAH! Does anyone know? 'Cause now I'm curious! Gee, thanks a lot Logan!:-P

MAKE SURE AND WATCH INUYASHA TONIGHT!!! It's one of my fave episodes! It's so incredibly cute...c'mon...Souta asking Inuyasha for advice on girls?! And he practices on Inuyasha saying I love you. Inuyasha's advices are great too...you just HAVE to see it!^_^

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

   Step-By-Step Tutorial!
Ok, I decided to create a step-by-step tutorial teaching people how I color like I do. I'm using a drawing that I just started today and it's of Kenshin and Kaoru. What you're seeing in the tutorial, is all I have done so far...which is all the flesh tones which is what I get asked the most about from people who need help. In my tutorial, it shows you frame by frame my drawing in progress so you can see how it looks as I start adding different colors to it! As I finish more of the drawing, I'll add more frames and let you guys know when the next steps have been added. I think it's kinda cool that you guys will be able to share my drawing steps with me now!^_^ Here's the link to the tutorial and make sure and let the whole page load before you close the banner along the side of the page. If you do, then the page wont finish loading. Sorry about that guys! When I find out how to add the tutorial to DeviantArt, then that wont matter anymore. Link: Click Here!

I got to see Inuyasha tonight on Cartoon Network...I rarely watch the english dubbed but I heard it was the one with the 3 monkeys...I LOVE that one! Heehee...so funny..I love when Inu is so exhausted from carrying the boulder, that he's just like passed out on the ground and you see some little kid poking him with a stick! HA! So great! I LOVE the next episode too...when Kagome gets sick. Inu is such a sweetie! Oh and I think that episode leads to another great one which is when Kagome's little brother falls in love with a girl in his class and he asks Inuyasha for advice and then he practicing saying "I Love You" to Inuyasha and Kagome walks in and is like..."what the hell?!" The little bro keeps asking Inu for "girl" advice too and Inu's like..."I dunno." It's SO cute!

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Fruits Basket Drawing^_^
Many have commented how the style of my latest drawing is different...well, that's because that's the style of the Fruits Basket manga as opposed to the anime style. I like the manga style much better than the images I saw of the anime...it's more...I dunno, unique? So yeah, for those who commented they didn't think the characters looked like the anime ones, that's why. I'm glad you guys seem to like it though! I'm thinking of creating a step-by-step tutorial on how I color since oh-so-many people ask me to teach them how to use the colored pencils. Perhaps with my next drawing I'll do that. Here's the link again to my drawing if you guys missed it: Click Here!

I finished watching the Samurai X DVDs...you guys who have seen it were right..Kenshin needs a hug!! Poor guy! Poor Kaoru! Poor Kenshin's son(can't remember his name at this moment)! Poor...everyone who knew Kenshin! It was so sad. It was hard for me to see him become so weak since he was such a strong person and Kaoru...bless her...stayed by his side no matter what. Oh, so good! The style was interesting too since it's not drawn the same as the anime series. I LOVE Kenshin's voice in the Japanese version...so soft, gentle, calming. And then I watched parts with the English dubs on..*sigh* they made his voice WAY too harsh and masucline...he's supposed to sound young!! Ah well, I'll live^_^ And now, another pretty Kenshin picture:

Awwwww...gotta love 'em!^_^

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