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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

   2 postings in one day!!
Uh-oh! Send out the reinforcments! Heehee, anywho, I added once of my older drawings in the original anime section. This drawing is featured in my Lord of the Rings website but I've had people tell me that it reminds them of anime so, here it shall be posted! Kinda funny they said that since back when I drew this, I didn't even know about anime...well, besides Pokemon and stuff but I didn't know that it was a certain style. This was done probably about 3 years ago...wow! I feel old. Anywho, let's see if people enjoy it and I've noticed that many people have asked me to post my drawing I was paid for to do on this website? Would you guys like me to do that? It's not going to be all that different from the one of Inu and Kag that I already have because this person asked me to do it in the classic anime style, the 2 of them facing each other w/somberlike expressions, with their hands in front of them, holding the other one's hand. Well, if you guys would like me to post it, I'll be more than obliged! ^_^
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