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Monday, November 29, 2004

   I'm Back!
Wohoo! I'm back to my fast internet and for those who have sent me PM's and have signed my GB recently, I'll be answering those and going to other people's sites very soon...after my class though of course:-/
Anywho, I must say this...WOOOOOOOOOOOW!! That last post I made sure brought in a lot of comments! I'm very glad though because I'm seeing all the wonderful people out there who give nothing but support and kind words, and that I'm not alone in this terrible ratings battle...well, I'm not glad that that is happening just that other people are finding this system terrible. I wonder, if enough people complain to the owners of this site, that they can change it. I mean, a "yes" or "no" rating? C'MON!! I think at least it you should be able to give it a rating of 1,2,3,4,or 5. Like on one site I have my artwork called Tolkien Online, you have a rating of 1-5 and if you give a rating, your name will automatically show up whether you leave a comment or not and this keeps people from randomly going from picture to picture and giving it bad feedback. What do you guys think of this? I wonder if they can do that on this site....mmmmmm I'm eating Ramen right now. Shrimp....yummers.
Anywho, I've put off my adult Shippou drawing *ducks flying mangas* but only for a little bit!!! I'm being paid to do an Inuyasha and Kagome lovey dovey drawing so I'm going to get that done 1st and then get back to Shippou. $$ is good.
Can't wait to visit all your guy's sites to see how you're doing!!!^_^

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