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Sunday, November 21, 2004

   Wanna See One of My Drawings in Progress...
Well, if you do, I created a small site that shows one of my drawings in progress. I got the idea from when I showed how I created one of my photo-realistic drawings and people seemed to really dig that. The drawing I used was the latest one I posted which is the one of Juri. I hope this will help show you guys how I go about my drawings since I get oh-so-many questions about that...not that I mind:-D I also hope that this may help some of you fellow artists out there who are trying new things or just want to try and improve on coloring or something.
The site to go to is: My Drawing
Thanks Spike bebop for teaching me how to html the link^_^

As always, I love you guys! You're all so sweet!! I must say this though..."HOLY REQUESTS POURING IN!!" I'm so honored that so many of you are asking me for requests of drawings and I promise, I'll do as many of them as I can but I can't guarantee all of them. Sorry!:-( If only I wasn't going to school I could spend more time on anime. Who needs education anyway!? heehee..don't listen to me, that's not good advice. Be cool stay in school!^_^

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Glad you like the drawing Logan!^_^ And I'll be sure and send you the larger version...oh yeah, that goes for anyone out there that would like the bigger versions of any of my drawings. Just let me know and I'll send them to you!
Lots of people have asked what I take in college, well, my major is Drawing with a minor in Illustration.
People have also asked me how long I've been drawing anime..well, it's Nov. 20th 2004, I've been an Inuyasha fan since 2002, minus 2 carry the 1...oh, about 1 1/2 months;-) No really, I'm serious, I never drew anime until recently, I would only draw photo-realistic drawings and I used to draw Disney characters all the time back in high school. I've watched Inuyasha enough that I just sorta understand how they look as well as the style! I'm glad that I did start drawing them though 'cause I've met the ultimate, most wonderful, duper duper people EVER through this site and anime in general! ^_^

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Friday, November 19, 2004

   Yet another drawing....
Well, I put off my real homework to get this drawings done;-) As soon as I started it, I couldn't stop! This drawing is of Juri from Yu Yu Hakusho that I did especially for my dear Otaku friend, AwesomeDude898:-D He requested this character and I've never even heard of her or seen her before so, it was a bit challenging. AwesomeDude898 was kind enough to send me a couple screenshots of her just so I knew what she looked like.
I really struggled with the pose, since I don't know the character. From what I saw, she's either a singer or some sort of announcer or something like that and originally I was going to have her standing and singing into the mircrophone but then I thought of this pose and am happy with the results. I hope Logan approves;-)I know he mentioned how he loved her ears and tail so I made sure and give those 2 qualities plenty of space.
With this drawing, I actually used acrylic paint in it and that's how I did the background. I would have done it in colored pencil but I wanted the background to look ultra-smooth. The rest of the piece was done in colored pencil.
Well, it will be interesting to hear what people think of this one so feel free to give me a shout-out!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

   Latest Drawing Added...
Well, I got my newest drawing up of Sesshoumaru. I just had so many requests for him to be drawn in the style like the last Inuyasha one...I think it's because of the hair;-)
Well, I did change some things here in there because I was trying to make sure and keep the Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru characters seperate so that they didn't look just like one another. I tried to make Sess look older, more mature by making his face a bit longer, sharper, as well as making his eyes a bit smaller.
A big problem I had with was the hair. With Inuyasha's...his hair is more "fluffy" while Sess's is more "stringy", a bit more groomed and under-control then Inu's. I kept re-working Sess's hair to try and keep that aspect in it. What do you guys think? I'm still experimenting with them so any comments about what you like or don't like would be ever so helpful:-D
I have some other requested pieces that I'm going to do but there's one drawing that I've been DYING to do since the thought popped into my head...I'm going to do a drawing of Shippou BUT.....all grown-up!!! What do you guys think of that idea?:-P

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

   Thank you guys!
I just had to yell out a huge THANK YOU to all of you wonderful supporters out there about my drawings! I feel honored that so many of you have had the need to actually leave me private messages and comments just to tell me that they enjoy my work. Hearing stuff like that reminds me why I decided to share my drawings with others in the 1st place. *I think I may cry;-)* I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Oh and for those who don't like my work, that's ok too...everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that:-D
I have started my next drawing and I actually have it all drawn out and inked I just have to color it now. Since I had such a big response about my latest style, I'm keeping that aspect for this one of Sesshoumaru. I did modify the style a tad here in there but it still is in the same aspect as the Inuyasha one. Hopefully, I'll have finished as early as tonight and possibly have that posted sometime tomorrow or Thursday^_^

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

   I added yet another drawing!
Man, it's great having a weekend with virtually no homework so I can draw Inuyasha^_^ I just want to thank all of you who commented on my last drawing! I LOVE YOU ALL! You're all so nice...I'm not worthy!
With this one latest drawing, I went NUTS and tried a new style. It's not that I'm tired of doing the classic anime style, I just wanted to try something new. I had a blast doing Inuyasha's hair which is my fave feature on him;-) What do you guys think of this style? Do you think I should do more? I really don't know which I prefer since they're both so much fun!
With this drawing, I didn't use the white paper like I usually do, I used a gray paper that has a "tooth" to it...in other words, in has a grain to it so you get a different kind of texture.
The mediums I used were colored pencil(as always!), ink, white charcoal for the highlights in his hair, eyes, necklace, and stars, and graphite pencil to bring out some of the darks in Inu's shirt and necklace.
It was really weird doing an anime drawing on this gray paper too since now it was up to me to add the highlights which white paper usually does for you.
Again, if you guys have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to ask, I'm not one of those snobby artists that don't share their secrets as Roaring Flame Cat pointed out(thanks sweetie)^_^.
Oh, I also wanted to mention that YES, I DO have other drawings that aren't posted on this site. If you guys are interested in seeing my other types of drawings I do, you can either click "Website" on the left of this page or copy and paste this text: http://www.hobbitslive.com/mydrawings.html
If you check it out, you'll see that I am a big photo-realism fan and Lord of the Rings fan:-D

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

   Added New Drawing!
I got my latest drawing done and have uploaded it onto this site. I hope you all like it! I had a lot of fun drawing it since I adore these 2 and wish they'd get together already!! Argh!! This piece didn't give me all that much trouble except for Kagome's hand. Her hand was everywhere since I couldn't decide where to put it. Originally, it was on Inu's cheek closest to the viewer, but I didn't like that so then it migrated to his shoulder, then under his chin, then it wasn't there at all, then it was back on his cheek and FINALLY...I put it on the further cheek and boom! I liked it there...go fig it was the last place I put it.
Inu's hair was being a pain too. Drawing it wasn't bad but when it came to coloring it, it just took so long since he just has so much hair! I started giggling to myself while doing his hair too, 'cause the final color I always use for it is 'periwinkle.' And I couldn't help but wonder if Inu would get ticked on my for using that color since the name is just so...flakey and "girly." Heehee.
For those wondering, yes, this piece IS done using COLORED PENCILS! I still get people wondering if that's true or not. Trust me, they are pencils...I'm not that good on the computer plus, I am going to college for drawing and illustration so I have some practice with it. Like I always tell people when they ask how I got the colors to look that bold is just use LAYERS. Lots and lots of layers. In Kagome's shirt alone are the following colors:
Apple Green, Parrot Green, Grass Green, Olive Green, and Dark Umber. See, LOTS of colors. I also use Prismacolor colored pencils w/a set of 96 colors so they're real easy to blend and that's what makes them pop and look bolder. If there's more people out there with questions, feel free to ask! Really! I don't bite and I love answering questions and helping people out when it comes to their own drawings!!

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

   Inuyasha Game!!
SWEET! I recently got the new Inuyasha game for PS2 and it's awesome! It combines the 2 things I love most...Final Fantasy and Inuyasha! I love how you get to boost up the characters and have game-play like FF in you have to use strategic thinking. The only thing that I don't like about it is that I forgot how bad the English dubbed voices are. It's not like the acting is all that bad, it's just that they don't fit the characters like they do in the original voices. But it's ok, I'll tolerate it for Inu's sake;-) Anywho, I have officially started my latest drawing! And after many private message requests and suggestions I've decided to do one of Kagome and Inuyasha together. I have the pose all planned out and let's hope it comes out on paper the way I have it pictured in my head!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Phew! Worked my butt off and put off my real work to get this bad boy done. GO SLACKERS! Anywho, hope you guys like it, I've never done a drawing with any of these characters and I can't help but feel so bad for them since Kohaku has been seperated and being manipulated by Naraku! That's why I thought it would be nice to draw them at a point in their lives when things were calmer and happier.
The background took me FOREVER! It's not like it was difficult or anything, but I think I was bleeding green by the time I finished it.
I'm not sure what I want to draw next now...any suggestions or requests? I've done drawings of Inuyasha and Kagome in the past and have sold those but I was considering another one since I just love those two to death!

I also just today got the 1st 102 episodes of Naruto on DVD off e-bay. I've never seen it before but my friend always loved it so I'm going to give that a look-see and maybe do some drawings based on that show!

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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   I added a new drawing...
I added a new drawing last night and it's an original character that I've been working on. Well, it's more like, "I think I'm going to sketch my own character and let's see what I come up with." And what I added is the finished product.
I want to try her out in color and I've been trying to think of cool names for her. She looks like a Fiona or Fanta to me...but I know Fiona is the name of the princess from Shrek and is Fanta a soda of some kind? I'm not really sure. I was also thinking of the name Leetha and I actually like the name Seven. I agree with George Costanza from Seinfeld on that one;-)
Anyone like one in particular or have any suggestions?

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