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Friday, November 26, 2004

This is just something that I have to say because it has come to my attention very recently and it was my dear friend Horrorvacui that made this observation as well and had the guts enough to post a comment about it, so I will too.
Ok, I'm a nice person and all but there is something that has been bothering me like you wouldn't believe. There are some people out there, that for some reason, get the urge to go through EVERY SINGLE ONE of my artworks and give it a negative rating. Like Horrorvacui mentioned, I know when this happens, it's obvious, since my rating has jumped from 89% down to 83% in a matter of 2 days. Plus, when I happen to check my drawings, I can see when there has been 7 new votes cast and all my drawings have gone down in rating. Why do people do this? Is it for spite? Jeleousy? You want to move up in the ratings? You want to make an artist feel bad? I'm just so confused and appalled by this notion that some people are like this!
I'm totally not saying that you have to like all my work. By all means, if there is a drawing of mine that you think totally sucks, then say "no." But do you seriously HATE EVERY ONE!! I've even gone as far as changing my styles to see how that would change people's views and still, people go through every drawing and say no. Plus, it's those people that don't leave COMMENTS on my drawings! If you don't like it, then say why!! If there's something about it you don't like then just tell me! Don't go through all my drawings and give it a negative rating just because you feel like it and don't have any explanation.
Argh! I apologize to all those who have been nice to me about my work and have helped me along the way to have to read through my little temper tantrum there. I just feel that it's very childish and immature of people to do. Again, thanks to my supporters out there and since I'm on my parent's crappy dial-up for the weekend so it takes forever to do anything online...they only have a 28.8 modem...I know! You probably didn't think that existed anymore but believe me, it does:-/ I promise to write to all my buds too when I get back to the faster internet! Love, Peace, and Turkey Grease!!

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