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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

   Got out of class early!!
WOHOO! I love when my professors let us out early. I was only in class for 1 hour and it's a 3 hour class! I should be doing work but meh, here I am on the internet wasting time...I love wasting time.
Anywho, I added a brand-spanking new wallpaper today! That should be around sometime soon. Recently, I had seen a couple pictures from the new Final Fantasy VII movie that's coming out and I was blown away by one of the characters. I then saw the trailers and this character, although he's the bad guy, is SO incredibly cool looking. He's got super fly silver hair and amazing green cat-eyes. He also whoops butt with his sword skills too and the all-time coolest, most radest thing is.....HE'S LEFT-HANDED!!!! LIKE ME!!! WHEEEEE! I know, I've had too much Hazelnut coffee this morning but hey, Link from Legend of Zelda is a lefty too so that kicks boot-ay. Anywho, that's who my wallpaper features...oh, and his name is Kadaj.
I've had people ask me if I sell my drawings. Well, indeed I do! In fact, my drawing of Inuyasha fighting Sesshoumaru is up for grabs on e-bay right now. Yes, the original! I've sold some other drawings too that aren't shown on Otaku. I was going to sell the drawing of Inuyasha hugging Shippou, since I started drawing it with the idea of selling it, but I fell in love with it so I kept it. The same goes with the one of Inu and Kag. Oh if you guys want the link to the auction, it's here
It's had a couple bids on it and there's about 4 people watching it, so let's hope they duel it out at the end to own it...that's what usually happens. My drawings sell from anywhere from $20-$50. Depends on the luck of the draw as auctions do.
And I got the penciled in part of the Inu and Kag picture! But I'll probably wait to post that till it's done but with the adult Shippou one, I'll be sure and show you guys the pencil sketch 1st.^_^ Love to all!!

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