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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It seems people are really enjoying my new angel drawing! I didn't think it would be doing that well...same still goes with my anime Legolas...I seem to notice people are less likely to flame my drawings when they don't involve Inuyasha. I wonder if those people don't like Inuyasha or they just are bigger sticklers about it...I dunno. If you guys can head over to a couple buddies of mine: YoukaiShina and Lewna...they're recently been targeted by the flamers and I think their drawings could use a boost since they work very hard on their pieces^_^

My friend Cinamon mentioned that I may be the target for flamers because I have made such a push against them and have many supporters backing me up on this so, that makes them mad so they vote 'no' on my drawings even more! She mentioned I have a lot of power on this site and so did some others...is that true? Where the heck did the power come from? Can I give it back? Well, I was nominated by my teachers back in high school to represent our school at a leadership conference. Maybe I actually learned something! Heehee...well, I just stick up for my fellow artists because it's not right for people to get power trips and decide to vote people's work down just because they want to.

I've had lotsa people asking me what types of colored pencils I use. I know I've mentioned it before but I use Prismacolor Colored pencils and they rock my socks! They're pretty expensive at usually over a $1 a pencil but I won a box set of 96 in an art contest a few years back. Trust me, if you try these pencils, you'll never go back! They are totally worth it!

Anywho, I had a good birthday yesterday! My friends took me out to Red Lobster and then we went out shopping and then we came back to my site and hung-out. It was nice to be with my buds!

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