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Monday, December 20, 2004

*Whew!* Wipes Sweat From Forehead....
2 hours and 13 minutes later I have visited all 33 of my Otaku friend's that updated their sites yesterday and have answered to 22 PMs!! I still have more to go through but let's take this one step at a friend, aye? ARGH!! I need a faster internet...er my mom and dad do!! They would upgrade but alas, we can't. We live too far out in the middle of freakin nowhere in New York! How far out there? Well, there's a higher population of deer than there are people. Picture the woods in the Blair Witch Project...that's sorta it but not *that* far out.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Last week my friends from college threw me an early birthday party since they knew they wouldn't see me on my actual b-day and I got a lot of great stuff but one thing that I got I knew you guys would appreciate. My fellow anime-lover friend, got me the 2005 Inuyasha calender! I'm sure some of you have already seen it but as I was flipping through it, I was really really impressed with the pictures in it! They're all awesome and what's the coolest part of all? They have a picture of human Inuyasha every day when there is a new moon! How cool is that?!

Also, I have decided what my next Inuyasha Music video is going to be. Instead of having it be an Inuyasha and Kagome video, it's going to be Inuyasha and Kikyo...I can hear the boo's already:-) But no, I wasn't that big of a Kikyo fan until later on in the series when they had an hour special episode that told the ENTIRE story of Inuyasha and Kikyo...like how they 1st met and where Inuyasha's prayer beads came from, and so forth and so on. The music video is going to be all clips from that episode. It was that episode that brought me to tears 'cause I was devistated when they betrayed each other thinking that the other one was the actual betrayer. Although I knew what was going to happen...I still cried and it takes me a lot to cry for movies/shows. I have a good song to go along with it too! Oh, that episode is episode like 155-156 or something like that. It's WAY near the end of the series.

I still plan on doing another Inuyasha and Kagome music video too after the Inu and Kik one. Buterfly9999 mentioned about having the english-version of the song 'I Am' to go with it? I know the japanese version and probably have heard the english is there a way that someone could PM me the lyrics? *hint hint nudges buterfly9999's ribs* ;-)

HOLY CRAP!! I've had over 50 people visit my site today!! I really need to get going on that 1,000 hits drawing if I want it done by the proper time! How the heck are you guys finding my site?! Oh well, I love it and I love all the comments you guys are leaving for me too! I love reading them! They make me smile:-D

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