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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

   Adding a new drawing!!
Yep, awhile back, my bud MiTz came to me and asked if I would do a drawing of an angel for her so...like 2 months later I finally did it! You may notice that the medium is a bit different and that's because I used water graphite pencils in it as well as regular pencil! What's water graphite you ask? Well, you draw out your shadings and then you add water to it and viole! It blends super-smooth...it's kinda the same idea as the water color colored pencils I used for my anime Legolas drawing. You have to be careful though when appying the wet brush to it...one slip and the graphite will smear like crazy! I did use a reference for this one too...well, the face anyway but the rest I made up. Anywho, the facial expression came from some demon that I spotted in my Angel Sanctuary manga that I had just gotten. I loved the face and it immdedietly got to me to do the rest of the image as an angel for MiTz. Anywho, when you see my fan art go from 13-14 then you'll know it's been uploaded onto Otaku...for some reason it takes FOREVER for my drawings to show up!

And yes, I am still noticig that certain people appear to have a grudge against me and my drawings. I'm not on the computer during the day but many have PMed me telling me that I was #5 on the top 10 and then almost immedietly after, I was bumped off the list. I swear, I don't know what these people's problems are but they must REALLY REALLY not want me on the top 10.

GEEZ! You guys did a good job making my music video exceed its bandwith for the month!! Heehee..that's why the video wont play now but don't you worry! I'm just going to create another username for that site and upload it all over again! MWAHAHAHA! I'm glad to hear your guy's interest in my Inuyasha and Kikyo video. It appears some people absolutely loath Kikyo while others love her! Well, maybe the Kikyo hater's minds will change somewhat after I make this new video. Now that I have my own computer back!! WAHOO!! It was getting a "tune-up" and they found 101 viruses on my computer! It's not like I'm downloading porn or something so where are these viruses coming from? Sheesh!

One more thing (sorry this is a long-ass post for today), I was playing some more of the new Inuyasha game for PS2 and I noticed something; how come the people hired to be the voices of Miroku and Sango can act while the voices of Inuyasha and Kagome CAN'T act!? ARGH! The english voices make me shudder. No wonder I don't watch it on cartoon network. I mean, if you're going to have these people be the lead voices...you better hire people who can actually read the parts well! Oh man...you know what I should do...cause I know that there's a lot of people who've never heard the original voices..I should make a short video that just allows you guys to hear the ORIGINAL VOICES IN ALL THEIR SPLENDOR!! Heehee...I'm nuts...maybe 'cause I turned 22 today. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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