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Thursday, December 23, 2004

   Yep, someone hates me....
It's official. There's someone or someoneS out there who absolutely, 100% can't stand to see my name in the top 10. It's fun when people PM me and say "CONGRATS YOU'RE BACK IN THE TOP 10!!" and then a little later they come back "oops, someone flamed you down again." I mean, COME FREAKIN ON!!! LEAVE ME ALONE FLAMERS!!! You know what, I wasn't going to do it because I thought the flaming was going down after I posted my angel and Legolas drawing but now I see those a-holes are back. So, I'm doing a comic based on these people. Oh man, I had written it all out one night when I was super upset at them and now my anger has boiled over the pot so I am SO going to draw it out and if these flamers read this...I hope they get the freakin point that they're being complete dicks about it!! GRRRRRR!! And I think my friends, supporters, and those who have had this done to them, will find it both amusing and entertaining.:-)

MY MUSIC VIDEO IS BACK!!! Sorry that it wasn't working for awhile. My bandwith got used up 'cause too many people were viewing it! Heehee...so, I got a new account and let's see how fast the bandwith gets used up again! It's ok, I don't mind! I changed it though so people have to push play to watch it instead of it starting up on its own. Oh and if it's looking incredibly jerky or the sound is skipping, could someone let me know. It's hard for me to tell since I'm on the crappiest dial-up known to humanity and I can't really view any videos properly. I know the quality isn't that great now, but at least the video ran smoothly and insync with the music...so please let me know if it's acting super funky or if it looks totally fine. I'd love you forever!^_^

My 1,000 hits drawing is officially underway!! I better get it done pretty soon since I'm already at almost 850 and it's going up like a rocket!

Oh, I just have to give the biggest THANK YOU to my friend rythem. She did an absolutely adorable drawing for me on my b-day!! She also called me sweet and nice but she's the sweetie here!! The drawing is posted below and be sure and go to her site and vote on it because it's the cutest thing ever! I'm an elf!! SCREECH!!!!! THANK YOU RYTHEM!!!!^_^

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