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Saturday, December 18, 2004

   Holy Macaroni!!
Wowsers people!! You must really be enjoying that music video!! I've had people tell me they watched it like 10 times in a row, others have said it has inspired them to draw or write poetry, others have provided links to my site from their own to have people watch it! I think I'm blushing!! It makes me want to do another one!! But to what song shall I have it go with? Hmmmmmm....any suggestions? I want to do another Inuyasha and Kagome one...and probably Kikyo will make some appearances;-) I did want to do one that went along with the love song that's always played during the romantic moments in the show. It's the instrumental song that has that pretty voice sorta humming in the background...but I think I want one with words instead.

Oh and some people still are asking me where I got the music video from and where they can get others like it...again...I MADE IT!!! I think some people don't feel like reading things all the way through..that's ok, I do that too. Heehee...that rymed.

I've had lotsa people telling me that I should do drawings of the rest of the Lord of the Rings cast in anime style after seeing my Legolas one. Do you guys want me to? I'm enough of a LOTR nut that I would do it. I didn't think people would go so ga-ga over the Legolas anime drawing. What was I thinking?! C'Mon! It's Legolas...he kicks serious boot-ay! Mmmmmmmmmmm.....Legolas booty;-)

I thought I would give a BIG congrats and THANK YOU to Roaring Flame Cat who won my original Sango, Kohaku, and Kirara drawing from my e-bay auction! I guess standing beside the auction with a rifle in hand works, huh? Heehee...AND I sold the drawing of Kagome holding a sly looking Inuyasha and I've JUST been told that the winner of that auction was none other than my bud here on Otaku Silversoulwolf! Golly! I'm tickled pink that you guys here like my stuff that much!!


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