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Sunday, December 19, 2004

   I can feel the love!!
AW! I just have to say that I am all choked up from all you people out there who are supporting me and backing me up through my problems with the flamers on this site! It has gotten me down so much but you people somehow raise my spirits back up and inspire me to keep drawing! I have seen many people leave posts mentioning my flaming woos and and drawing pictures for me and I read some comments left by people saying how much they love my work even though they have no idea that I end up reading them. *Sniff* I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Whew, now that I got the sappy stuff out of my system I am now officially done for the semester at college and I get a WHOLE month off for winter break!! WOHOO!! The only downfall with being home in the chill of upstate NY is that our internet connection is really really crappy. How crappy is really crappy? Try 28.8K dial-up! Yeah, poor me...I will accept donations in cash, check, money order, or chocolate;-) To give you an idea of the slowness here's an example: On Otaku, I go through each of my friend's sites (or try to), leave comments and then go to my next buddy and back at college, this takes me about 1/2 hour at most. Here on this internet connection to do the same thing listed above, takes about 2 hours!!!! Oh, and that's not even letting the pictures load on the sites...just the text. It's painful!! ARGH!! And...since I'm on a dial-up, my parents don't want me on the computer before 10:00 PM because it hogs the phone lines and the don't want to miss calls. So, what I'm trying to say is, don't be mad if I can't go through all your pictures and such and comment on them! I really would if I could and don't be surprised to see me the last comment posted on your site for the day...it's 1:09 AM right now and I just finished reading your guy's sites. So, if you have a new drawing or something you would like me to see, just leave a comment for me on the main posts of my site or PM me and let me know about it!!^_^

Oh, you know how I mentioned that I would do a super duper ultra mega cool drawing if my site got 1,000 visitors? Well, I've had over 730 visitors so far and I've had over 300 people come and visit within the past couple weeks so it may be coming up soon! I have the PERFECT drawing all planned out in my head too and I think I may get it started soon!!


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