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Friday, December 24, 2004

   Flaming comic....
Well, I've started some of my comic that I'm going to be adding about those a-hole flamers. The comic is about 22 frames long and I'm probably going to break it up into 3 pieces so everyone can read it clearly. It's going to kinda look like a manga but I'm not trying to make the character(s) look anime...more just however I feel like drawing it! Here's an example of the dialogue in a couple of the frames...mind you this is mostly just showing one person sitting at a computer:
Frame: "Next picture...what's this she says? 'Please leave a comment if voting no.' PSH! As if!"
Next Frame: "She spends hours of time and pours her heart and soul into a drawing and then expects me to leave a commen?"
Next Frame: (See character drinking soda) "C'mon! I'm a busy guy! I don't have time for that stuff. Vote 'no.'
Yep, there's your sample! There's a few frames in here that really allow me to tell those flamers what I think of them! *rubs hands together evilly*

Ok, this may seem random, but there's this event that happened to me and whenever I tell my friends this story, it totally FREAKS them out. This is a true story and actually happened to me:

Ok, it was 1:30 AM and I was driving home from work. I used to work for Burger King and when you close at night we wouldn't get out till really really late 'cause we had to wash the dishes and all that other fun stuff. Anywho, I live out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and the roads are super hilly and extremely curvey and there aren't any streetlights, lines painted on the roads, or sidewalks of any kind. So, when you're driving home, it's complete blackness except the reflection of the trees when your headlights hit them. Anywho, it was really late, I was tired, so I was sorta out of it while driving home. On one of the roads there's this EXTREMELY sharp turn that's so sharp, that you can't see where your car is going to end up when you complete this turn but since I know these roads very well, I knew that it straightened out and then leads you to a sharp incline. So, I was winding around this turn and all of a sudden, I see this old woman walking down the road!! I slammed on my brakes and swerved because not only did it shock the living crap out of me but I also didn't want to hit her since she was on the same side of the road my car was! So, I slowed WAY down and I look at her. This old woman doesn't even look at me. She just keeps her eyes fixed straight forward and keeps slowly walking forward. I then notice she's only wearing a long white pajama gown like the ones you see almost all older woman wear to bed. She then walks right past my car, eyes still fixed forward and she disapears into the darkness behind where my lights touch. I wanted to turn around and ask if she was ok, but I was too freaked out! I then continue driving down the road and at the top of this hill, I remembered that there is a small cemetary there that had recently been basically destroyed 'cause we had a tornado come through that summer! And keep in mind that there aren't any houses around either!! Is that not the FREAKIEST thing!! My friends still freak out when I tell that story when we sometimes drive past that spot. Well, Awesomedude898? Did I not tell you it was weird? Now, I'm not saying it was a ghost or anything but it's just something we have never figured out!

Anywho, I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve! I know I will 'cause my friends and I are exchanging gifts!!


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