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Monday, April 4, 2005


Like the new theme? Well, not really a new theme just a new background. I made the wallpaper myself and am thinking of submitting it to the wallpapers section. I need to alter some things though because it's an odd ball size so it would be the perfect width and height for my Otaku site. I've been in a Final Fantasy X mood lately I think.

For those who missed the Yuki Club winners, please check out yesterday's post! And I'm sure many would like to see the winner's submissions but I need their permission first^_^

I was so incredibly, utterly peeved last night. A friend of mine informed me that someone had stolen a bunch of my artwork and was claiming it as their own. Well, I checked out this person's site and it was true. This ass STOLE 4 of my drawings and was saying they were his! Not only that he stole my descriptions word for word on how I created them! I couldn't believe it! It makes me SO mad because this same crap was happening with my LOTR drawings except with my LOTR pieces, they went as far and were selling prints of them on e-bay claiming that they came from the New Line Cinema art department. ARGH!!! Why do people do this?!!?!? Oh and don't worry, I informed the owners of this site about this person and they are getting in humungo trouble...I also e-mail them a nasty letter. I'm telling 'ya you don't want to piss me off because I'll make you pay!! Revenge is sweet. You should have seen my reaction to me seeing my pieces on e-bay...oh nelly, I think flames were coming out of my ears.

I watched Lord of the Rings The Two Towers today. It's all your fault mishotarup and all your talk about which of the 3 we liked the most:-D I planned to just have it on as background noise and something to listen to while I did work and...I really should have known better. That movie just sucks you in and you can't stop staring. I'm still amazed at the special effects, the characters, and all the goosebump worthy moments. It really doesn't feel like over 3 1/2 hours either once over I'm like...wow, that flew by! And I only say over 3 1/2 hours because I watch the extended editions. *grins*

I'm telling you, they could not have picked a better person then Orlando Bloom to portray Legolas...and I'm not even a big fan of his. But he seriously did an outstanding job in this role. I've always loved this picture of Legolas. His face is totally saying: "Bring it on, biotch."

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   Yuki Contest!

The Yuki Contest judging is complete!! Here are the winners:
1st Place: Lewna- Lewna made a website that had a list of the 101 reasons why she loves Yuki and 101 pictures to go along with each reason. Very well put together and a treat to read through.
2nd Place: Pysinsomniac- Pyrinsomniac wrote a wonderful fanfiction that somehow grasped the very essence of Yuki. Through the writing, it was shown all the reasons why she loves Yuki but without having it plainly obvious. It was creative and well written and oh-so-romantic.
3rd Place: DragonMasterKatie- Katie drew a wonderful fanart piece. The drawing was well drawn, cute, creative, and funny. Yuki’s expression in the piece is priceless showing the exact way he is towards the screeching fan girls, which is: huh?
Thanks to everyone who submitted a piece for the contest. They were all SO well done that it was very hard to judge, hence why I had 2 other outside sources help with the judging as well so it would be fair and in no way bias towards anyone. You all should be very proud of your work since all of us judges agree that it was incredibly difficult to choose only 3 to win. For the winners, I will be PMing you to give you your prize options^_^

Good grief!! As kevmart stated once: The wind was kicking my ass today! I went to the cafeteria to grab some coffee and it was pretty windy, but being in NYC and surrounded by tall buildings, I rounded a corner…and like a punch in the face, the wind nearly knocked me over!! Lucky for me there was a guy not far from me and he actually grabbed onto me to keep me stable. Haha! He was cute too!! My knight in shining armor^_^

Has anyone seen ‘Finding Neverland?’ I had bought the DVD awhile ago but never watched it and then I forgot about it till today. WOW!! It was SO good! It was so creative and I’ve always loved Peter Pan movies so I was curious on the life of the writer and where his ideas came from. It made me all teary at the end.

Look at the pretty Final Fantasy X picture!!

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Saturday, April 2, 2005


Here's your gif for you 2lovininuyasha! I hope it's the scene you were talking about. It seemed like it was. Oh and many asked how I make them? I make them by ripping the scenes off my DVDs and then importing them into Adobe Premiere. Then I edit them and convert them so they become moving gifs. And I'll be doing more people's gifs but will probably only post them one at a time. Oh and I also forgot to mention that I have the Naruto series, Record of Lodoss Wars, and Spiral on DVD too. *smacks forehead* I totally forgot I had those DVDs till I was rummaging through them if you want gifs from those too^_^

And thanks so much guys for all your kind words about my new drawing! Seems like there's a lot of dragon fans out there. I actually have been working on that piece for quite some time and didn't get it done till recently. I had to use my digital camera to get a picture of it because that piece is about 3 feet so it's way too big for my scanner. If you haven't seen it, here's some linkage: Clickey!

The weather has been so nice lately! It's supposed to rain for the next few days and we're having flood warnings but still! WARMTH!!

And the Yuki Club contest is still being judged. I'm awaiting the final scores from the other 2 judges so don't worry, I didn't forget about it. Oh and you should check out all the new updates on the Yuki Club site made by Lewna! It's awesome: Yuki Club! And the club would like to update its newest members: blackcatcurse and NittlerGrasper!^_^

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Friday, April 1, 2005


Here you go Peibu! I made the gif for Final Fantasy X which is obviously above. I love that scene...you made a good choice! I like making gifs so if you guys want some, let me know. Obviously it's limited to what DVDs I have and/or clips. I have all of Kenshin, all of Inuyasha, the Final Fantasy X DVD, Ai Yori Aoshi, Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary, Grave of the Fireflies, and the trailers for FFVII Advent Children. I have a couple more animes but I left them at home so they're not within access. Just let me know if there's a scene you want from an anime and I'll try and do it for you!^_^

I've recently become to know a very good singer named Gackt. This is him...sorry, I'm not sure who the girl is but I thought she was hot so you boys have something to look at too:

Otaku, say "hi" to Gackt! Gackt looks like a Final Fantasy character brought to life. He is quite scrumptious and he's got a pretty voice. Usually, I don't like the Japanese male singers (this is in no way trying to be racist or anything keep in mind) but his voice is an exception and I like the style he sings too. Sorry that you fellows out there have to sit through my little fangirl rant there.

Oh and I uploaded a new drawing yesterday. Some people already have seen it but if you haven't here's the linky-poo: Clickey!

Yes, about yesterday's creepy speakers. I should chuck them out the window but they're only a couple months old and they're cool *pets them* I can handle the voices coming out of them for a little longer^_^

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Allright...which one of you are talking about me? I am getting bombed with guestbook signings with people saying something like "man, you're popular on Otaku so I thought I'd come by" and "I've seen your name on people's sites..." you sneaky people. Well, it can't be anything too bad since they're coming to me with nice signings. If I was an ass I think people would be avoiding me.

Oh and I'm glad you guys enjoyed my naked story from the other day...yeah...naked. Hey, I have no issues with my body...not trying to sound full of myself or anything but I am. Tall and scrawny!! The Elvish way to be!^_^

It was so sunny and warm today! I felt like frolicking! I didn't though because then people would think I'm nuts. Oh, I didn't mention that I got the big bandages off my wrist the other day! Now, I'm just in a splint type thingy instead of that big bulky pain in my ass bandage.

You know what's creepy? I keep hearing voices coming from my computer speakers...I think they're somehow picking up radio transitions and I keep hearing whispering and talking coming from them...even if my computer is off!! They only shut-up if I turn the speakers themselves off. It's kinda irritating but I had my friend listen to them and she was like "Jesus christ, Lindsey! That's creepy as all hell!" 'Cause you can't really understand what they're saying...just mumbles. Weeeeeeeird.

Ok, I saw this picture of Cloud from FFVII A.C. and I'm sorry...but I just had to add this caption to it:

I couldn't resist. You just gotta love those repetitive Verizon Wireless commercials that seep into your head but could you imagine if they really had a commercial with these characters? That would be flipping awesome especially since they've shown the other characters on cell phones too^_^

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   It's Raining It's Pouring....

I think everyone is getting a taste of Spring since we're getting buckets of rain poured on us. But I'd rather see rain at this point then snow. Snow can get out of here and bring on the green grass, the chirping birds, the frolicking bunnies. You know what's funny is that it was pouring ALL day and before I went to my Philosophy class I prepared myself: Put the hair back in a ponytail, put up my hoodie, and grabbed my umbrella and I get to class and like everyone is SOAKED!! By then I had taken my hair back down as well as my hood and this girl asks me as I walk into the room "How are you so dry?!" And I'm like..."uh...umbrella."...except I didn't say it snotty like that but I thought it. I mean, you would think that educated college students would learn what to do to stay dry when it rains. *snicker*

You want to hear something funny? Well, in case some don't know this I'm very very VERY easily distracted so this morning I took a shower and came out to my room naked (I live in a single dorm room with my own shower so don't worry...I'm not one of those people who puttz around naked) and the first thing I do is flick on my computer so it will boot while I dress. So I get my undies on..just below the equator...and then Otaku comes up on my computer and I see I have like 30 comments so I start reading them. So yes...I am sitting there in nothing but underwear while reading my Otaku posts...I told you, I'm easily distracted!! And then there's a knock on the door followed by "Maintenance." And these people have keys to our rooms and wait like .02 seconds for a reply before they will open the door! So finally I realize...oh crappola!! I'm naked!! And these guys start coming in my room so I scream for them not to come in while I dress. They gave me really funny looks when I let them in though. I think they knew I was naked...the perves.

I love this picture of Kenshin...I think this was the look on my face when I realized I was naked when the door knocked:

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Monday, March 28, 2005

   Spring Break is Over...*sniff*

Why does Spring Break have to fly by so fast? Makes me sad. Did everyone have a super duper Easter? Steal Easter eggs from small children? I sure hope so.

Oh my goodness, this is HILARIOUS...sick and twisted but hilarious. My dad drove me back to NYC on Easter since I have classes Monday. We were driving along and there was a dead rabbit on the side of the road, well, some person laid out an over-turned basket of Easter eggs all along the road next to the bunny!! LOL! Someone ran over the Easter bunny! Oh no! Haha! My dad and I were cracking up...it's SO wrong but you have to admit that's pretty durn funny.

And don't worry people, the Yuki Club contest is being judged right now! I have already judged them and now I have passed them to the other 2 people who are judging them as well. I'll keep you posted when the winners will be announced. And the club would like to welcome its newest members: serenity123, Hotaru and Rini, redmoonchick, peibu, and LGL80!!

And thanks again everyone for all your support during my surgery and in my recovery. I'm still all bandaged up and am typing with one hand but I'm feeling fine...maybe some of my teachers will feel sorry for me and not make me do work....yeah right.

Now that I'm back in school I'm now back to my fast internet and MY computer with all MY stuff on it so YAY!!! Pictures!!
I think this is a real nifty picture of Link and Epona:

Mmmmmm...sexy Ayame...that is one panicked looking teacher!

HA! I LOVE this comic...This is supposed to be when all those fangirls couldn't lay their hands off our little blondie elf:

Good thing Gimli is there to help him!! Heehee!!^_^

Oh and for those who have PMed me, I am getting to those. I have over 80 PMs to go through so it may take me awhile so don't panic! I'll get to you:-D

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Friday, March 25, 2005

   Damn that fly!!!

Anyone else ready to shoot that damn add that comes up with that frickin' fly!! ARGH!!

Anywho, thanks again so much to everyone who have me such a warm welcome back to Otaku as well as your concern since I said that it hurt when I did my latest drawing. Don't worry! I just really needed to do that drawing for my own personal benefit. If I didn't do one I'd be bouncing around and antsy wondering if I still could draw! Now, I'll give my wrist some time for healing so no worries...and that goes double for you yukina123!:-D

Oh and I think I may have confused some people with my latest drawing. I didn't draw/color the WHOLE thing with my right hand...just parts of it. See, I used my left-hand (the one that had the surgery and is my dominant hand) to do the sketch of it as well as the inking of it and then I used the same hand to put down the base colors and tones. I used my right hand to do the darker tones as well as the colorless blending since that requires a lot more pressure from the hand and I couldn't master that with my left-hand. Get it? Got it? Good. I just don't want people thinking I did the entire thing with my right since that's not true. And for those who haven't seen it yet, here's the link again: ^_^Clicky Here!

Ok, WTF is with this craptastic weather we've been having?! While in college in NYC, the weather is all sunny and getting warm and all the snow has melted! I come home (which is in upstate NY) and there's snow EVERYWHERE! And not just a little, but a LOT! And then, it looks like it's starting to melt but oh that mother nature likes to fool us mortals and she dumps a frickin' butt-load of more snow on us!! Son of a batch of cookies I'm sick of snow! Anyone who lives down south and complains about it being to warm I'll be more then happy to ship some snow to you. I don't want anymore! Feh!!*

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Thank you guys so So SO much for your support for my surgery! Wow...you guys made me feel so much better and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Special thanks must go to yukina123, Smoothlady15, Takara Sohma, marz, YokoBandit, and Awesomedude898 who took that extra stride to make me feel so much better. Although I haven't gotten to all my PM's yet so I'm sure the list will grow.

Anywho, the surgery went well. Turns out though I was allergic to the anestesia they gave me and I stopped breathing for a little bit but I was knocked out so I don't remember a thing! When I woke up, the 1st thing I did was wiggle my fingers and they still move! YAY!!!! They kept me in the hospital overnight though because of my complications during surgery but then they let me go and the 1st thing I did when I got home was attempt to draw.

I remember RoaringFlameCat asking me to do a drawing of Cloud Strife from FFVII so that was the 1st thing I doodled and it actually came out really well! A little sloppy at 1st since I have a HUGE gauze/bandage on my wrist and hand. And when I tried to color it, it was pretty tough since my wrist is still in lots o' pain...bless hydocodene. So, I ended up doing almost all of it with my right hand!! I've never even attempted to draw or color with my right hand and I couldn't believe that I could kinda do it! I did the entire background and all of his clothes using my right hand to color it so please excuse any sloppyness:-/ I still used my left for the real tehcnical stuff but couldn't do too much since it still hurts (most intelligent people would stop using it then but I'm a moron). Oh and I used acrylic paint to make the stars^_^

Anywho, here's the link to my brand-new drawing done using my brand-new hand...and my other one too I suppose. I guess I'll give my right-hand some credit^_^Clicky Here!

Again, thanks SO much for all your love and support!! 87 comments! A new record!!!! And I'll be going through all my PM's soon too...sorry for taking so long to get to you guys *hangs head in shame*

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   I am so sorry!!!

I'm so sorry for making people worry so much about me since I've been gone these past couple days! *sniff* I feel so loved! I'm home now for Spring Break and that means a craptastically slow dial-up internet. I tried going to people's sites last night but after 3 hours...and only getting through about 1/2 the comments left, I had to stop. And it was killing me that many people's sites wont load for me. But I'm going to keep trying!! DAMMIT! YEAH!

Anywho, on a not-so-bright note, I found out that I'm going into surgery tomorrow. I've been having major problems with my left-wrist (which just has to be the hand that I draw with). It's been going through stages where I was getting sharp pains shooting up and down my arm and then my wrist and hand would start shaking uncontrollably. This is one of the reasons I haven't been able to do much fanart lately and it took me a few weeks to finish my latest drawing from Fruits Basket 'cause it was getting too painful to draw. And this is also a problem since art and drawing is what I'm going to college for! So, Friday I was bumped from doctor to doctor getting X-Rays and MRI's to see what the problem was and they found this weird lump in the middle of my wrist that is grinding around my tendons that is making it hurt. So, I'm going into surgery tomorrow to have it removed and I'm a little scared because they explained to me, that since they're working around nerves and tendons that run into my fingers, there's a chance that my fingers will stiffen up and I wont be able to use them properly afterwards and my wrist may not be able to bend anymore either. So, I'm scared. Because if that happens, there goes my whole life. My whole college career is over and I wont be able to hold a pencil properly again. But, I'm trying to look at the bright side of things and I'm hoping that doesn't happen and I don't want people worrying about me either. I'll be fine. I have great friends and family that are helping me out as well as you guys. So, I may be gone for a few days since I'll be in recovery but I'll be sure and hop back onto Otaku as soon as I can to fill you guys in^_^

Oh and as for the Yuki contest, it was going to end Sunday but I'll be extending it till Wednesday since it's not fair that I'm ending it when I know I wont be able to judge anything for a few days. Sorry about this guys but now you have more time to do it if you needed it!^_^

I don't want to leave on a sad note so here's a funny caption I found of my favorite elf...LEGOLAS!!! *pets his prettyness*

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