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Monday, March 28, 2005

   Spring Break is Over...*sniff*

Why does Spring Break have to fly by so fast? Makes me sad. Did everyone have a super duper Easter? Steal Easter eggs from small children? I sure hope so.

Oh my goodness, this is HILARIOUS...sick and twisted but hilarious. My dad drove me back to NYC on Easter since I have classes Monday. We were driving along and there was a dead rabbit on the side of the road, well, some person laid out an over-turned basket of Easter eggs all along the road next to the bunny!! LOL! Someone ran over the Easter bunny! Oh no! Haha! My dad and I were cracking up...it's SO wrong but you have to admit that's pretty durn funny.

And don't worry people, the Yuki Club contest is being judged right now! I have already judged them and now I have passed them to the other 2 people who are judging them as well. I'll keep you posted when the winners will be announced. And the club would like to welcome its newest members: serenity123, Hotaru and Rini, redmoonchick, peibu, and LGL80!!

And thanks again everyone for all your support during my surgery and in my recovery. I'm still all bandaged up and am typing with one hand but I'm feeling fine...maybe some of my teachers will feel sorry for me and not make me do work....yeah right.

Now that I'm back in school I'm now back to my fast internet and MY computer with all MY stuff on it so YAY!!! Pictures!!
I think this is a real nifty picture of Link and Epona:

Mmmmmm...sexy Ayame...that is one panicked looking teacher!

HA! I LOVE this comic...This is supposed to be when all those fangirls couldn't lay their hands off our little blondie elf:

Good thing Gimli is there to help him!! Heehee!!^_^

Oh and for those who have PMed me, I am getting to those. I have over 80 PMs to go through so it may take me awhile so don't panic! I'll get to you:-D

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