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Monday, April 4, 2005


Like the new theme? Well, not really a new theme just a new background. I made the wallpaper myself and am thinking of submitting it to the wallpapers section. I need to alter some things though because it's an odd ball size so it would be the perfect width and height for my Otaku site. I've been in a Final Fantasy X mood lately I think.

For those who missed the Yuki Club winners, please check out yesterday's post! And I'm sure many would like to see the winner's submissions but I need their permission first^_^

I was so incredibly, utterly peeved last night. A friend of mine informed me that someone had stolen a bunch of my artwork and was claiming it as their own. Well, I checked out this person's site and it was true. This ass STOLE 4 of my drawings and was saying they were his! Not only that he stole my descriptions word for word on how I created them! I couldn't believe it! It makes me SO mad because this same crap was happening with my LOTR drawings except with my LOTR pieces, they went as far and were selling prints of them on e-bay claiming that they came from the New Line Cinema art department. ARGH!!! Why do people do this?!!?!? Oh and don't worry, I informed the owners of this site about this person and they are getting in humungo trouble...I also e-mail them a nasty letter. I'm telling 'ya you don't want to piss me off because I'll make you pay!! Revenge is sweet. You should have seen my reaction to me seeing my pieces on e-bay...oh nelly, I think flames were coming out of my ears.

I watched Lord of the Rings The Two Towers today. It's all your fault mishotarup and all your talk about which of the 3 we liked the most:-D I planned to just have it on as background noise and something to listen to while I did work and...I really should have known better. That movie just sucks you in and you can't stop staring. I'm still amazed at the special effects, the characters, and all the goosebump worthy moments. It really doesn't feel like over 3 1/2 hours either once over I'm like...wow, that flew by! And I only say over 3 1/2 hours because I watch the extended editions. *grins*

I'm telling you, they could not have picked a better person then Orlando Bloom to portray Legolas...and I'm not even a big fan of his. But he seriously did an outstanding job in this role. I've always loved this picture of Legolas. His face is totally saying: "Bring it on, biotch."

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