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Friday, March 25, 2005

   Damn that fly!!!

Anyone else ready to shoot that damn add that comes up with that frickin' fly!! ARGH!!

Anywho, thanks again so much to everyone who have me such a warm welcome back to Otaku as well as your concern since I said that it hurt when I did my latest drawing. Don't worry! I just really needed to do that drawing for my own personal benefit. If I didn't do one I'd be bouncing around and antsy wondering if I still could draw! Now, I'll give my wrist some time for healing so no worries...and that goes double for you yukina123!:-D

Oh and I think I may have confused some people with my latest drawing. I didn't draw/color the WHOLE thing with my right hand...just parts of it. See, I used my left-hand (the one that had the surgery and is my dominant hand) to do the sketch of it as well as the inking of it and then I used the same hand to put down the base colors and tones. I used my right hand to do the darker tones as well as the colorless blending since that requires a lot more pressure from the hand and I couldn't master that with my left-hand. Get it? Got it? Good. I just don't want people thinking I did the entire thing with my right since that's not true. And for those who haven't seen it yet, here's the link again: ^_^Clicky Here!

Ok, WTF is with this craptastic weather we've been having?! While in college in NYC, the weather is all sunny and getting warm and all the snow has melted! I come home (which is in upstate NY) and there's snow EVERYWHERE! And not just a little, but a LOT! And then, it looks like it's starting to melt but oh that mother nature likes to fool us mortals and she dumps a frickin' butt-load of more snow on us!! Son of a batch of cookies I'm sick of snow! Anyone who lives down south and complains about it being to warm I'll be more then happy to ship some snow to you. I don't want anymore! Feh!!*

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