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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Allright...which one of you are talking about me? I am getting bombed with guestbook signings with people saying something like "man, you're popular on Otaku so I thought I'd come by" and "I've seen your name on people's sites..." you sneaky people. Well, it can't be anything too bad since they're coming to me with nice signings. If I was an ass I think people would be avoiding me.

Oh and I'm glad you guys enjoyed my naked story from the other day...yeah...naked. Hey, I have no issues with my body...not trying to sound full of myself or anything but I am. Tall and scrawny!! The Elvish way to be!^_^

It was so sunny and warm today! I felt like frolicking! I didn't though because then people would think I'm nuts. Oh, I didn't mention that I got the big bandages off my wrist the other day! Now, I'm just in a splint type thingy instead of that big bulky pain in my ass bandage.

You know what's creepy? I keep hearing voices coming from my computer speakers...I think they're somehow picking up radio transitions and I keep hearing whispering and talking coming from them...even if my computer is off!! They only shut-up if I turn the speakers themselves off. It's kinda irritating but I had my friend listen to them and she was like "Jesus christ, Lindsey! That's creepy as all hell!" 'Cause you can't really understand what they're saying...just mumbles. Weeeeeeeird.

Ok, I saw this picture of Cloud from FFVII A.C. and I'm sorry...but I just had to add this caption to it:

I couldn't resist. You just gotta love those repetitive Verizon Wireless commercials that seep into your head but could you imagine if they really had a commercial with these characters? That would be flipping awesome especially since they've shown the other characters on cell phones too^_^

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