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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   It's Raining It's Pouring....

I think everyone is getting a taste of Spring since we're getting buckets of rain poured on us. But I'd rather see rain at this point then snow. Snow can get out of here and bring on the green grass, the chirping birds, the frolicking bunnies. You know what's funny is that it was pouring ALL day and before I went to my Philosophy class I prepared myself: Put the hair back in a ponytail, put up my hoodie, and grabbed my umbrella and I get to class and like everyone is SOAKED!! By then I had taken my hair back down as well as my hood and this girl asks me as I walk into the room "How are you so dry?!" And I'm like..."uh...umbrella."...except I didn't say it snotty like that but I thought it. I mean, you would think that educated college students would learn what to do to stay dry when it rains. *snicker*

You want to hear something funny? Well, in case some don't know this I'm very very VERY easily distracted so this morning I took a shower and came out to my room naked (I live in a single dorm room with my own shower so don't worry...I'm not one of those people who puttz around naked) and the first thing I do is flick on my computer so it will boot while I dress. So I get my undies on..just below the equator...and then Otaku comes up on my computer and I see I have like 30 comments so I start reading them. So yes...I am sitting there in nothing but underwear while reading my Otaku posts...I told you, I'm easily distracted!! And then there's a knock on the door followed by "Maintenance." And these people have keys to our rooms and wait like .02 seconds for a reply before they will open the door! So finally I realize...oh crappola!! I'm naked!! And these guys start coming in my room so I scream for them not to come in while I dress. They gave me really funny looks when I let them in though. I think they knew I was naked...the perves.

I love this picture of Kenshin...I think this was the look on my face when I realized I was naked when the door knocked:

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