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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   Yuki Contest!

The Yuki Contest judging is complete!! Here are the winners:
1st Place: Lewna- Lewna made a website that had a list of the 101 reasons why she loves Yuki and 101 pictures to go along with each reason. Very well put together and a treat to read through.
2nd Place: Pysinsomniac- Pyrinsomniac wrote a wonderful fanfiction that somehow grasped the very essence of Yuki. Through the writing, it was shown all the reasons why she loves Yuki but without having it plainly obvious. It was creative and well written and oh-so-romantic.
3rd Place: DragonMasterKatie- Katie drew a wonderful fanart piece. The drawing was well drawn, cute, creative, and funny. Yuki’s expression in the piece is priceless showing the exact way he is towards the screeching fan girls, which is: huh?
Thanks to everyone who submitted a piece for the contest. They were all SO well done that it was very hard to judge, hence why I had 2 other outside sources help with the judging as well so it would be fair and in no way bias towards anyone. You all should be very proud of your work since all of us judges agree that it was incredibly difficult to choose only 3 to win. For the winners, I will be PMing you to give you your prize options^_^

Good grief!! As kevmart stated once: The wind was kicking my ass today! I went to the cafeteria to grab some coffee and it was pretty windy, but being in NYC and surrounded by tall buildings, I rounded a corner…and like a punch in the face, the wind nearly knocked me over!! Lucky for me there was a guy not far from me and he actually grabbed onto me to keep me stable. Haha! He was cute too!! My knight in shining armor^_^

Has anyone seen ‘Finding Neverland?’ I had bought the DVD awhile ago but never watched it and then I forgot about it till today. WOW!! It was SO good! It was so creative and I’ve always loved Peter Pan movies so I was curious on the life of the writer and where his ideas came from. It made me all teary at the end.

Look at the pretty Final Fantasy X picture!!

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