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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   I am so sorry!!!

I'm so sorry for making people worry so much about me since I've been gone these past couple days! *sniff* I feel so loved! I'm home now for Spring Break and that means a craptastically slow dial-up internet. I tried going to people's sites last night but after 3 hours...and only getting through about 1/2 the comments left, I had to stop. And it was killing me that many people's sites wont load for me. But I'm going to keep trying!! DAMMIT! YEAH!

Anywho, on a not-so-bright note, I found out that I'm going into surgery tomorrow. I've been having major problems with my left-wrist (which just has to be the hand that I draw with). It's been going through stages where I was getting sharp pains shooting up and down my arm and then my wrist and hand would start shaking uncontrollably. This is one of the reasons I haven't been able to do much fanart lately and it took me a few weeks to finish my latest drawing from Fruits Basket 'cause it was getting too painful to draw. And this is also a problem since art and drawing is what I'm going to college for! So, Friday I was bumped from doctor to doctor getting X-Rays and MRI's to see what the problem was and they found this weird lump in the middle of my wrist that is grinding around my tendons that is making it hurt. So, I'm going into surgery tomorrow to have it removed and I'm a little scared because they explained to me, that since they're working around nerves and tendons that run into my fingers, there's a chance that my fingers will stiffen up and I wont be able to use them properly afterwards and my wrist may not be able to bend anymore either. So, I'm scared. Because if that happens, there goes my whole life. My whole college career is over and I wont be able to hold a pencil properly again. But, I'm trying to look at the bright side of things and I'm hoping that doesn't happen and I don't want people worrying about me either. I'll be fine. I have great friends and family that are helping me out as well as you guys. So, I may be gone for a few days since I'll be in recovery but I'll be sure and hop back onto Otaku as soon as I can to fill you guys in^_^

Oh and as for the Yuki contest, it was going to end Sunday but I'll be extending it till Wednesday since it's not fair that I'm ending it when I know I wont be able to judge anything for a few days. Sorry about this guys but now you have more time to do it if you needed it!^_^

I don't want to leave on a sad note so here's a funny caption I found of my favorite elf...LEGOLAS!!! *pets his prettyness*

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