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Saturday, June 4, 2005

Well, Five hours later (I mean that literally) I think I got to everyone's sites who posted on mine the last time I updated. If I didn't then I'm really sorry! It's an honest mistake but I think I got everyone.

I got my computer back but it's still being retarded. They thought they had it all repaired but within moments it started acting like there were little gremlins picking around in there. Everyone feel free to glare at my computer and give it a good kick on your way out.

Anyone watch the show Reno 911 on Comedy Central? I love that show and I find it ever so amusing. Reno 911 is a parody of COPS and the show is all improv! In that there's a basic script but it's up to the actors to make things up as they go along and holy crap do I get a kick out of it! One of my favorite quotes from the show:
"Sir! I will NOT hesitate to beat your ass with your own shoe!!"

And holy crap! I leave for a few days and I got a ton of visitors and my rating when up 5 places! *bows to all your people's greatness*

Oh and check out my new quote of the week! I had this one up many moons ago but thought it deserved a come-back since it's from one of my all-time fave Inuyasha episodes.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

*Huff huff*
Ok, I'm running around Otaku trying to get to everyone's sites who commented on mine the other day so you may see me randomly pop in! I'm SO sorry I can't keep up with you guys! *curses dial-up and job* But I still love you guys so I want to come and visit everyone so don't think you're a burden on me or anything? Get it? Got it? GOOD!

Whoops! I told everyone I scored a job that pays over $500 a week and I didn't even tell you what I do! *smacks forehead* Anywho, I'm working for a company called Sanmina and right now I'm sorta doing "High-tech clean-up art." What that means is, I go through electronical pieces and look at them with a microscope, if I see an imperfection in them, I have this itty bitty laser-type thing in which I zap off the imperfections. Nifty, huh? I love going into Dr.Evil mode when I explain to people I work with a "laser." I hope I'm not getting too many blank stares...Dr.Evil...from Austin Powers?! Ah nevermind. Even though my Comcrap computer is working like poo it's cool to think that in one week's paycheck I could buy myself a brand new computer! And within 2 weeks I could buy a REALLY nice computer^_^ Mostly I'm saving my money though for when I move back to NYC and start hunting for a career.

Heehee!! I was watching some Chrno Crusade and there are so many hilarious parts in it. I was dying with laughter at this part in which the girl, Rosette and Chrno were undercover at a casino and Rosette was wearing this dress that had a long slit running up the side of it. So, she's kneeling on the ground and Chrno just glances at her and notices how durn sexy she looks in it and he blushes but can't look away! And then Rosette catches him eyeing her and calls him a little pervert. Later she's bending over right in his face and starts waving her butt around going "Yeah, you like it! You liiiiike it!" And poor Chrno is just like..."ooookay, where do I look..." LOL! It's so funny! Anyone else remember that part? Heehee!! Poor Chrno^_^

Jack Sparrow: "What are you doing? You've burned all the food, the shade, the RUM."
Elizabeth: "Yes, the rum is gone."
Jack Sparrow: "Why is the rum gone?"
Elizabeth: "One, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. Two, that signal is over a thousand feet high. The entire royal navy is out looking for me; do you really think that there is EVEN the slightest chance that they won't see it?"
Jack Sparrow: "But why is the rum gone?"
Heehee!! I love that movie^_^

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Wow! I've missed you guys!
It seems like so long ago I was here! I think all should know that my absence has been due to most part my computer. Everyone remember my Compaq which I enjoy referring to as my Comcrap? Yeah, just like the nickname represents, it took a turn for the worst. You know what's funny is the people working on my computer can't quite figure out why it's acting the way it is and you want to hear what the lady told me why she's starting to believe it's acting funky? Because it's "possessed!" HA! I thought it was a riot hearing a group of computer technicians saying that. I'm on my parent's computer right now since my Comcrap is still being exorcized.

And alas, I have good news and bad news. Good news is I scored a job that in which I'll be earning over $500 a week!! Not bad for a summer job! The bad news is, I'm working 1st shift, which is early mornings to late-afteroons and Saturdays and Sundays I'm working 7:30am to 7:30pm so, you wont be seeing me much here for awhile. I have Tuesdays-Thursdays off so I'll try and pop in those days but it depends on how tired I am. I'm still trying to get my D.N.Angel drawing done but my wrist has been bugging me again. Feh!! Piece of crap! Will you guys kiss it to make it better?^_^

Oh, and thanks to all who said "hello" to my kitty! I think he twitched slightly to greet you back. Mix Kagome's cat, Buyo and Garfield together and you pretty much have my cat. Here's a piccy of my 17 year old baby:

He was actually attacking my camera cord as I was trying to take that picture. I know, still fiesty at 17! My parents tell me whenever I leave for college he starts howling and will sleep outside my bedroom door. *sniff* Makes me so sad!!
Oh and here's Harley, my brother's puppy that we were sitting for the past few days. Get ready to say "Awwwww" in 3...2...1:

She's really not a puppy anymore, she's actually 2 now but she's really teeny for a boxer and kept the puppy features!

I should point out she's not allowed to sleep on the couch but I thought she was too darn cute I allowed it..shhhhh..don't tell my parents, they would kill me. That couch is brand new and that's my mom's fave blanket!!^_~

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Monday, May 23, 2005

I got my iPod today!! YAY! Me so happy!! I got the display model too so it was $50 cheaper. It was my graduation gift for myself since I thought I earned it. My mom also bought me a whole bunch of clothes. Out of curiousity, how many of you despise wearing skirts? I know in many posts people mention how they hate wearing them. I love wearing skirts! I have the long anime legs so shorts don't look good on me but skirts work dandy^_~

My kitty is sleeping under my chair and he purrs like a lawnmower. Everyone say hello to my 17 year-old kitty, Furball! His meow is really weird too...he sounds like a hick-person saying the word "rare." I think he's hiding because we're puppy-sitting my brother's...well...puppy! Duh. She's an adorable boxer pup and she loves harassing Furball and my cat gets this look on his face like, "gah, here's comes the dumbass again."

Lawyer: "You sir, are a MORON!!"
Homer: "A mormon?! But I'm from Earth!!"

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Friday. Anyone else see that movie? That was one unique movie that's for sure! The author of the book it was based on had an awesome imagination!

In regards to my Star Wars post the other day I would like to just state that I'm actually not a big Star Wars fan. I only go to see them because my friends drag me along but I do think the fight sequences are cool so I really don't mind sitting through them. I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, outer-space type things. I'm more of a bow and arrow, swords, back in the day type lady. Hence why Lord of the Rings was right up my alley! Also the fact that there was scrumptious Elves made it even nicer for me^_~

I got my Chrno Crusade DVDs in the mail the other day and man this is one AWESOME anime!! I highly recommend picking it up! It has a mix of everything, sorta like Inuyasha does and what's not to like about rockin' nuns that beat the crap out of demons? The characters are so lovable too. Here's a piccy and my fave character is Chrno(yes, that's how his name is spelled) and he's the cute little devil in the back...literally he *is* a little devil...well, demon anyway. I should point out the nun's dress in this piccy...her outfit in the show isn't as revealing as in this piccy^_~:

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Thanks so So SO much for those who commented on my newest drawing of Momiji! I love going back to my drawings and looking at the comments left when I need inspiration. Plus, those who tell me what they do or don't like about the piece also really help me for they assist me when I go to the next piece. And for those who didn't comment...well, FEH! I take the time to vote AND comment on your drawings and/or wallpapers and I'm running on the slowest dial-up known to man, so what's your excuse? Throws hair over the shoulders, sticks up nose and says "FEH!" again in your general direction....the TRUE Inuyasha way.

I got to see the new Star Wars movie today...er, by the time some of you read this, yesterday. Ah hell, Thursday I saw it! Anywho, it was good. The best of the 3 new ones which isn't saying much since I thought the other 2 kinda stunk. But it was highly entertaining, good graphics, good music, and the best part...Ewan McGreggor! Heehee! I love him, such a dandy actor. There were some really cheesy parts that seemed unnecessary but I was expecting that. But it's worth seeing on the big screen. A whole bunch of people dressed up too and their costumes were freakin' awesome!! Plus, it was nice being back home where the cost of a ticket is $5 with student I.D. compared to the prices of NYC which is $10.25 whether you're a student or not and there's not such thing as a "matinee" showing. PSH!

YAY! Tidus and Yuna are my fave Final Fantasy couple^_^ I think Tidus looks uber sexy in this piccy...he's all like: "You wanna start something, biotch?"

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sorry I didn't get to everyone's sites yesterday. I'll try to get to as many people as possible tonight^_^

I finished the Momiji from Fruits Basket drawing! I'm really happy with how it turned out and am glad I decided to finish the doodle. Here's the link: Momiji. I've decided that I really like doing the outline of the drawing in colored pencils rather then using ink. I like how it naturally gives line variation plus it's fun to use other colors rather then black. Yup! There's NO black in this piece! It's all deep browns and grays. It was uber fun to make this drawing so I hope you guys like it^_^

I just got the 4th season of Seinfeld today on DVD and that's what I've been watching/listening to ALL day. GAH! I hate when I get random hairs from my head tickling my arm and I can't locate where the mother trucker is! AH! Got it! Think you can outsmart me? I don't think so. Anywho, anyone else a Seinfeld fan? I LOVE this show..I can relate to almost every aspect of this show to my life because it's a show about nothing, that's about everything! But with humor! How can one go wrong?^_^

I love this quote from the cartoon Home Movies:
Mother: "Brendon, can you set the table."
Brendon: "Um okay, but can I do it after dinner?"
Mother: "Yeah, sure."
Heehee!! Something so subtle about that it amuses me^_~

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

OMG!! Can I even express to you people how thankful I am?! 51 of you guys went to that jerk who stole my artwork, pepsicola's site to support me!! *tear tear* It's so wonderful knowing I have friends like you guys who are always there watching my back and will help me when I'm down...or to tell off a complete dick-weed^_~ *sniff* I feel so loved! *glomps you all!* I love you guys!! *HUGS again!* Oh man, and I cannot get over some of the things that you guys said! Who knew that such phrasing and vulgarity was known in myO's vocabulary! Heehee! But you know what, I think he deserved every word of it and to try and state that *I* and *banzaiinu1* are the ones who stole *his* artwork is total bull and I can't believe he tried and insult us like that. GRRRRRRR!! It takes a lot to get on my bad side but when someone does, watch out for the claws shall appear! *HUGS AGAIN!*

Although pepsicola had stolen that piece I'm still working on it so don't worry, it hasn't stopped my motivation to complete it! I'm actually working on a drawing of Momiji from Fruits Basket at the same time. This Momiji drawing started as a quick sketch in my skechbook on the way home from college but I really liked how it looked and decided to complete it! I hope to have it done tomorrow^_^

*hack* *cough* Well, I managed NOT to get sick for over an entire year and of course, the day I'm moving back home I start hacking and sneezing. Now I'm all boogery-clogged, my throat is sore, and I'm loosing my voice. No offence to the guys but I sound like a boy going through puberty with my voice squeaking and changing^_~

This is a caption I made today for lordsesshomaru's caption contest^_^ Hope you enjoy it:

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Sorry that I haven't been here! No, I'm not dead like many people panicked and PMed me thinking I was^_^ No, I was very busy this weekend packing up and moving out of my dorm room to come back home. Now I'm on a craptastically slow dial-up:-/

Well, guess what? My artwork has been stolen again!!! This time, by some a-hole right here on Otaku! He stole my sketch from D.N.Angel that I had on my site a couple days ago. Yes, he stole my work-in-progress!!! He even stole a couple drawings from banzaiinu1!! I've already went through and gave him hell and I'm reporting him to Adam so he'll be booted off this site. His name is pepsicola and here's the link to the stolen work: Thief! And here's a link to his site: A-Hole! Give him hell people!! Also, this jerk actually stole my Pirates of the Caribbean avatar too and is claiming that he made it!! ARGH! I don't understand these kinds of people!! Oh and a big thank you to banzaiinu1, Awesomedude898, and dark angel103 who PMed me and told me about it. It's nice to know that I have awesome people like you watching my back!!^_^

Anywho, on a nicer note, I'm officially graduated and when I got home I had a whole bunch of cards waiting for me filled with money from my relatives! YAY!! $$ is good! My parents gave me $300 which is enough for me to buy an iPod they know I've been dying for for flippin' ever! It's weird though because when I got home, I hardly recognized it because my parents completely re-did the exterior! It looks great but it's totally different looking now on the outside. I also got to see my doggy and kitty which made me happy! My pets are very very old. How old? My dog is a doberman and she's 14...they usually live to be 7. My cat is 17..average life of a cat is 10-11. And my 3 goldfish are 7...I think most know that goldfish live to be about...like 1 year:-P We have good luck with pets but I think it's because we live in the country...although I don't know how that effects the fish^_^

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Friday, May 13, 2005

*snicker* Man, a whole pile of you said that I should leave Dark and Daisuke in my drawing naked. You silly people! Well, as fun as that sounds, I donít think thatíll be happening:-D

I went to China Town today and I told the guy who I always buy anime from that I wasnít going to be back till September. Oh man, you should have seen his face. He looked...heartbroken!! I think he was thinking to himself: "Oh no! There goes my money!" Iíll miss this guy since he always gives me lots of free stuff whenever I see him since I always buy my anime there and bring my friends too. Ah well, Iíll see him again.

Wednesday night, I had a party in my room and we played Super Smash Bros Melee and Soul Calibur 2. Oh man, I handed all those peopleís asses to them on a plate! They got SERVED! I totally whooped everyone. The guyís actually took it very well that they just got their butt-kicked by a girl too. Hey man, when Iím Link in either of those games, thereís no stopping me!

Speaking of Link I can NOT wait for the new Legend of Zelda game!! It looks so freakiní awesome!! One of my friends just got a new magazine that featured it on the cover so I scanned it:

And another piccy of him riding Epona:

You know what else is cool about this game? They FINALLY show us what Link looks like without the green hat-thingy on! And...he has short hair!! Some people have thought his hair is really long but nope! Itís short and looks awesome!^_^

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