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Saturday, March 5, 2005

Well, it's 2:16 AM and I finally finished the Fruits Basket music video. YAY! I used the Green Day song 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' and the 1st video is the larger, better quality version and the 2nd one is the low-qualiy version for the dial-up people out there. Neither quality is as good as the original but I had to condense it SO much to get it on the web. Anywho, here they are:
Just Push Play!


Here's the lower quality version:

I know some people wont be able to play them...you need windows media player for them to work. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! I'm going to uploading the better quality on animemusicvideos.org soon so I'll keep you all posted. I'm already in the making of creating the next music video which combines the animes Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, and Fruits Basket! I realized that I've only created sorta saddish AMV's...don't know why, but this one is going to be a happy and funny one! YAY!

Oh and for those who wondered how I made the music videos I created them by ripping scenes off my DVDs and then importing them and editing them in Adobe Premiere^_^

Oh and the Yuki Club would like to welcome even more members!! Say howdy to Snow Guardian, Furuba Fanatic09, and BurningDeamon! Welcome guys! Oh and be sure to check in tomorrow because I'll be letting you know what the 1st contest is going to be and what the prizes are!

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Friday, March 4, 2005

   I Need Chocolate....
Well, my friend Harrison came barging in my room today and was all like "I don't have a picture of you so, guess what?! I'm taking one!" So...yeah, he took a picture of me and I HATE having my picture taken but he's my pal so I posed for him. He sent it to me and I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm going to show you guys:

So yeah...that's me. I was having a good hair day so I was a little more willing. You can see all my Inuyasha stuff in the backgroud, some LOTR, and if you look to the far right you can see some of my original drawings hanging there. Those are the ones I keeps so they're MINE!!! Preciousssssss...oh, and this is in my dorm room in case anyone cares.

And YES! I really am making a Fruits Basket music video!! It shall be done sometime this weekend! WOOT! And also YES!! I'm still planning on doing the realistic Kenshin drawing and YES!! I have the Fruits Basket mangas 1-12 so I'm reading them! I think that answers what most people keep asking me...

Oh and look at the awards I got for having Yuki win the hottest anime guy!

*GRINS!* That's my Yuki!!

LOL! I LOVE this picture SO much:

Not only is Inuyasha scrumptious looking but I love that he's juggling dumbells as if they were marshmellows.

And the Yuki Club would like to welcome it's newest members: Purgatory, Mourghan, and angelsinthewindow! Welcome guys!!^_^

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Thursday, March 3, 2005


The Yuki Club would like to welcome it's newest members! AilahWolf, Me Luv Kyo Kun, Mimiru gurl, Crystal Heart, KaguraAsTheWind, and Estansse Elessar!! WOHOO!! Lots of people! Keep 'em coming! I also would like to give a big thanks to Lewna because she's in the process of creating a Yuki Club website!!^_^

Last night...er..actually since most will be reading this by Thursday...Tuesday night I watched the rest of Fruits Basket!! *sniff* *cry* *blows nose* So sad! Once I started the last episodes I couldn't stop! I wont reveal anything but oh man poor Kyou-Kun! And then poor Tohru! And then poor Shigure! And then poor Yuki, and Kagura, and...you get my point. And I spent most of today ripping my DVDs so I can make a music video for Fruits Basket! YAY!

LOL! You guys HAVE to see this banner one of my friends made for me...HAHA! I think he had a little fun with this that dirty kid...

HA! Isn't that great! He's such a riot!

And look at this picture that Raven8763 made for me!

*snort* You guys are so funny^_^

Oh and I would like to thank everyone for 300 Guestbook entrees! Holy macoroni!!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

   Holy Stromboli!!
Boy, there are a lot of people already in the Yuki Club! Let's give a big welcome to the newest members: inu-neko-yasha, fire sprite, yokobandit, aliryn, dream wings, and Mysterious Child!! *Yuki hands out some chocolate* I'm amazed at how many people have signed up in such a short amount of time...let's see *counts people* 40 people! And I just started this club what? Saturday or Sunday *Yuki clabs me on the back* Yessssss...40 slaves...I mean, club members...*shifty eyes* Probably this weekend I will let you guys know the 1st event/competition that's going to take place and the prizes involved^_^

K, few more spoilers for those who haven't seen Fruits Basket and don't want to learn anything but I need to gab some more...damn this is one gab-worthy show. Anywho, I watched like 5 more episodes and I did get to the one where we see Yuki and Tohru go to Ayame's store. LOL! What a kick! He's so funny but at least I finally found out why Yuki is so cold to Ayame. During the time when Yuki needed a big brother the most Ayame totally put his back to him and that was so sad to watch..yes, made me cry...AGAIN! I would think I would be mad at Ayame but now he's so sorry for what he had done and regretful that you can't help but forgive him! I still like how afterwards Ayame calls Hatori and keeps going on and on about his day with Yuki, and Hatori has the phone like way away from his ear not even paying attention. HA! Ayame is so giddy! The last episode I watched was when the president of the Yuki fan club finally talks to Yuki and has all her crazy moments with him. Wow! That is one psychotic girl! Anywho, more pictures!
Bad Ayame...baaaaaaaaad...I love Yuki's and Tohru's faces though...and Ayame's he's all like "yeah, this is the place to be:"

Yumm...no other words:

I love Haru!

Man! You know! PSH! Why can't I be as lucky as to have these two take me to the prom! Feh!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005


The Yuki Club would like to welcome its latest members! 2lovinuyasha, Living Doll, usagi sohma, marz, purplepenguin24, and Silent Love! *Yuki gives you all more cookies*

Anywho, thanks for those who didn't ruin any Fruits Basket for me when I was gushing about it yesterday. I'm up to episode like 19 I think now. So don't say anything that may ruin it!!! I like the surprise!! Ok, I need to gab some more about some things...nothing really spoiling anything but if you don't want to know anything about FB, then you may not want to read the next paragraph...

Ok, I had seen one picture of Ayame and got this impression of him just by the picture...and then I saw the episodes with him...oh man was I wrong about him! LOL! I thought he was going to be this quiet, reserved, mean guy and he's the total opposite! He was cracking me up like you would not believe and then I find out he's Yuki's older brother! HAHA! Yuki is so embarassed by him...Ayame has such sexual drive it's hilarious. No wonder he and Shigure got along so well in high school...here's some piccy's!
This is one pissed of Yuki!

Family resemblence!! They both get that cool cloudy haze in their eyes when pissed!

I even made an animated .gif of Ayame too and you can see that in my profile^_^

Oh and this is random but look! It's a close-up of Sesshoumaru's eye! SO PRETTY! This is from the 3rd Inuyasha movie when he was talking to his daddy:-D

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Monday, February 28, 2005

   I like Lotion...it smells good and makes me feel so soft...
Well, I would like to welcome the latest members to the Yuki Club: kikiyasha, FallenVampireDrow, sango18, eclipsedangel, banzaiinu1, butterfly9999, Finalfan1015, MARS 1348, and Pyrinsomniac! YAY! Lots of people already! And there's still plenty of room for more, so spread the word 'cause there's going to be awesome contests in this club with kickin' prizes! Hey, I'm right by China Town, I have sources! Oh and Lewna came up with idea that everyone gets a number, just like the "Prince Yuki" club that's in the Fruits Basket Anime. Those girls are psychotic! But I think that could be fun...what do you guys think?

Oh and I got to that part that I was wondering about in Fruits Basket with the picture I had awhile ago...where it showed Yuki holding Tohru's ribbon and asking "Does it please you, Princess?" Oh man, that episode was SO GREAT! *SCREECH!*

I've gotten through some more of Fruits Basket and the last episode I saw was with Akito...ARGH! What a prick! Ok, for those who haven't seen Fruits Basket and don't want spoilers, do NOT read the next paragraph after the picture I need to gab about things^_^...you are warned!

Ok, I was ready to SLUG Akito when he blinded Hatori but I was ready to beat him after seeing what he did to Yuki! The bastard used to whip him as a child!!! Also, the way he talks to Yuki and touches him and the way Yuki reacts to it make me believe there were some sexual molestation going on there too. GRRRRRR....Just looks at what he did to cute little Yuki:

Oh and I'm still figuring out Hatsuharu's sexual orientation:

He's all over Tohru and then he tells her Yuki was his 1st love and then when he sees Yuki he grabs him around the arms and everything...it makes me laugh 'cause Haru is so awesome and do you guys remember when the class president didn't believe Haru's hair color was natural and so he takes him into the bathroom to prove it was natural and Tohru is all like, "how did you convince him it was natural?" And Yuki and Kyou's faces were like "NO! Don't ask!" It was at that point I realized what Haru had done and why the president looked so freaked! LOL! Showing him that the drapes matched the carpet if you catch my drift:-P
Oh and then we learn about Yuki's bronchial problem and he collapses after racing against Kyou. AH! I was going to have a heart attack! But then Haru and Kyou were so CUTE when they were helping him.

Ok, there's no more spoilage. Sorry, had to get some things off my chest....I also realized that Kyou is EXACTLY like Inuyasha personality wise. Even his voice and the way he talks is just like him! In the japanese version anyway...I don't watch the english. So....anyone watch the Oscars? I sorta did...more so listened as I did work but nothing special happened. Plus, there weren't any movies in particular I was rooting for so...meh! You should have seen my friends and me last year though when Lord of the Rings was up for all those awards. We were NUTS!^_^

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

WOOT! Well, I'm happy to say that we're getting quite the list of members so far to be part of the Yuki Club and I already have an idea of the 1st event/contest that will take place within the club. I'm going to wait a little longer though till things start to get settled. Here is the list of members that I have so far that are in the club:
dark angel103, foren, inukid, inuyasha311, Fox Ressurrected, ob53zt tang3rtin3, Blue Raven, Venemous Kitsune, SessLover18, MiniMM, Septoussai, Naru Atshushi, Miyoka-chan, Forbidden_Kitsune, Aquamarine1217, animegirl-11, ankoku, jigglymonster, and Lewna.
If you have joined the club already and I didn't include your name, just give me a shout-out and be like "hey yo...what's the deali-o? Where my name at woman?"...or something....^_^ And, of course, new-comers are always welcome so you can still join if you want!

I went to China Town today! WOOT! I wanted to go before they raise the fare to the subway...AGAIN! It's going to cost me $5 now to ride back and forth on the stupid train! *grumbles* But I bought the entire series of Fruits Basket...I was borrowing my friend's and burning them but then I realized that I LOVE this anime and wish to pay for the real DVDs:-D I also got Fruits Basket mangas 1-12 for $5!! WOHOO!! I also got an adorable Inuyasha poster that's all framed and stuff.

LOL! I have to tell you this...on my way home on the subway, I was talking to my friends and then I hear this guy behind me saying "you want to fight with me? Yeah, I bet you do? You go ahead and try it and I'll kick you ass that's what I'll do..." And he kept going on and on and on...finally I turn around and this guy wasn't talking to anybody! Just his newspaper!!! He was flipping through the pages going on about kicking "asses." Ha! And then as we were getting off the train he was telling each person that walked passed him that he was going to "kick your ass..and I'll kick yours...and yours...." but then he didn't say anything to me as I walked passed him. My friends think that it's because I'm so scrawny and frail looking and that would be just wrong to say that to me. Boy, don't I feel special^_^

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

   I just took a shower and smell ever so good!!
YAY! I got the banners for the Yuki Club all done!! For those who would like to join, just leave a comment or you can PM me and I'll send you the code of the banners. Or, for those who know how to put images on their sites, just right click and do the whole properties thing. I had SO much fun making these banners too! I hope you guys like them and I just HAD to play off the concept that they call him "Prince Yuki" at school:-D I may now and again have contests and stuff that go along with this since may as well do something with this club! Any ideas? Anywho, here's the banners I made:

And I may make more too in the future so I'll keep you posted.

Oh and thanks again to those who helped Yuki win the contest, YAY! *Gives you all cookies* And just so you guys know, I did not in anyway cheat on this contest either unlike what one of my so-called friends is spreading around. I wont say who but this person is, but they are going around and telling people on other sites that the only reason that I won was because I voted on him over and over again which is totally and completely false. Just so you guys know, that I'm not a cheater and I don't appreciate being accused of such things:-(

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Guess what everyone!?!?!?! YUKI WON THE HOTTEST ANIME GUY!!!!! *Grabs Yuki and starts dancing around room* I'm tellin' ya...I have no idea why I wanted him to win so bad...I guess 'cause I'm REALLY competitive...I've always been like that when it comes to certain things. But THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted for him and putting up with all my nagging as well^_^ *HUGS!* I love you guys! Even though I get cool prizes, since he wouldn't have won w/out you guys I think I shall do a spiffy drawing to say thanks^_^ And I must say thank you to SessLover18 for running the contest:-D

Oh and I'll be making banners to those who want to join the Yuki fan club too...oh I have some projects to do I am excited!

Here's some fun pictures because...I dunno...I like pictures!

I think Inuyasha mopes better then any other character I've ever seen:

LOL! Inuyasha looks just like me when I wake up in the morning...this is the face of "huh...what time is it?"

I dunno...I just think this is insanely cute:

KAWAII!!!!! I can't wait to see this part! If anyone tell me what's going on...I shall stalk you down with a pitchfork so don't spoil it!!

I had to throw in a Yuki piccy since he's my hottie winner^_^

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

   Last Day to Vote!!
Today is the last day to vote so please vote for Yuki! The vote pole isn't working so if you could just leave a comment on her site that says you vote for Yuki, I would be forever in your debt! Just lick the banner to go to the site:

Oh and for you male Otaku members out there...no, voting for a male anime character does not make you gay^_^ You guys are so silly!

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