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Thursday, April 14, 2005

You know, whoever came up with the idea of putting peanut butter and chocolate together, in a circular-shaped morsel of orgasmic goodness, ought to be worshipped. In other words, I'm a thoroughly enjoying my Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

You know what drives me crazy? When people say: "So I says..." ARGH!!! It's "so I SAID!!!" Learn how to speak proper English for crying out loud!! It was in my black literature class and one of the students kept saying that. I think my left eye starting twitching.

Oh yeah, lots of people have been asking about my wrist lately, well, it's doing just fine and dandy!! The only thing I have left on my wrist is a small bandage type thingy covering up where they cut it. I'm going to have a kinky scar there...I should make-up some kick-ass story about it that makes people go..."NO WAY!!" I'm already finding it's a lot less painful to draw and the doctor told me it will just get better from there! WOHOO!! And speaking of drawing, thanks for all the wonderful compliments about my latest drawing! Holy macaroni!! Seems like many people are enjoying it and that makes me smile. In case you didn't see it: Linkage!

Corney Joke of the Day:
Two cannibals are eating a comedian. One says to the other: "Does this taste
funny to you?"

Oh my god...Yuki...he....cried:

I was a mess during this scene I'm telling you that much^_^

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sorry, no new gif today, I was too busy to make one. I got the drawing of Ed from FMA done though!! Holy crap it took forever. Yes, I got paid to do this drawing and I'm sure I know the next question is, "how much?" I charged $60 for this one because it took SO long to do but the customer loved it so much she just paid me! She had given me what she wanted but the biggest twist was, she wanted it to be completely lavender! Yeah, I dunno why either but that's what she wanted so, you're going to notice that it's all in shades of purple. I actually even did the outlines in deep purples! I rarely outline with the colored pencil(I usually use pen) but I sorta like the effect it gives. And I'm proud to say, not a single shade of black was used on the entire piece! It's all purple and grays. I actually only used like 3 purples and just rotated the order I used them and/or how much pressure I put on one and that gives the appearence I used many colors. And you may notice I put my name on it since people have been asses and stealing my artwork:-( Anywho, I'm babbling, here's the darn picture already: Eddy!

A butt-load of people asked me how I managed to get Fruits Basket mangas 1-13...I told you, china town baby! And they ask, "are they translated?" Of course! I can't read Japanese(although I wish I did). And yes, in volume 9 we meet the zodiacs of the rooster and horse and here's a couple examples from the actual manga...don't worry, I chose scenes that didn't reveal anything and I cropped the one picture so you can't understand what they're saying. Oh, and the boy in the 1st one is the zodiac member not the other girl with the blonde hair...which some people may know who she is:

And I'm not telling which is what zodiac unless you PM me since I don't want to ruin it for people who want the surprise.^_^

Corney Joke of the Day:
Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar.
One says, "I've lost my electron."
The other says, "Are you sure?"
The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive..."

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well, a ridiculous amount of people asked for a Hatsuharu gif and I love him to death so, there we go! I always laugh at this part 'cause you're all pumped since he looks like a bad-ass...until you see he's on a little bike with a basket in the front. LOL!^_^

I just finished reading the 9th Fruits Basket manga and it's amazing how much more involved you get with the characters. And we finally get to see the remaining members of the zodiac! YAY! I'm all pumped because I have volumes 10-13 sitting next to me and can't wait to get to more FB goodness...precioussssssss....

I skipped my Philosophy class today. I dunno, I just felt like it. I was too involved in my FMA drawing that I didn't want to stop. I finally got Ed's freakin' pain in the ass, I'm going to shoot myself, armor arm done! YAY! GAH! I understand now why the animators/manga artist gave him a long jacket to wear over that thing so they wouldn't always have to draw it!

Oh, so they did change Sesshoumaru's name too? I did not know that one! Well, I can understand to take certain letters out of certain words but I'm sorry, names should be spelled the same. Kinda like with my name...I mean, you could technically spell my name the way it sounds which would be Linsey but I would be pretty pissed seeing people spell it like that since it's LinDsey. Feh! (check out yesterday's post if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

I love this whole scene in the FB manga...it's in volume 8 so some have seen it. But what made me laugh out loud was look closely at it...do you see that Ayame has a little zodiac rat charm hanging off his cell phone? HA! What a cute touch!! They sell those things all over China Town but I don't think I've seen a Yuki one before but now I want to look for one:

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Monday, April 11, 2005

I think it was Silent Love who asked for this scene? Heehee! Ayame is such a nut and I love Yuki's reaction to his older bro! Again, no direct linking please^_^

I have to give a big thank you for Mysterious Child who made this banner due to the recent events of the theft of my artwork:

HA! Isn't that a riot? I think that was the look on my face when I was told that my artwork had been stolen. Yes, I think a demon took over my body. Oh and also, an update with that jerk who stole them he has been kicked off the site. YAY! And he will soon be added to the Wall of Shame the site has when people steal things so I'll let you guys know when he's up on there.

I've been wanting to know something lately...why do they alter the spellings of character's names? It's only the "u's" they take off! Like...it's SUPPOSED to be Shippou, Kikyou, Kouga, Kyou...yet they always take out the "u's" out for the english versions and spellings. Why do they do that? Does it make it look harder to pronounce or something with the extra letters? I think that's dumb and don't even get me started on how they changed Kirara's name to Kilala. I'm amazed they kept Sesshoumaru-sama's name the same! Heehee...you ought to have heard my mom try and read it out loud. It was a riot..she was WAY off.

I bought the Full Metal Alchemist series off e-bay for $13!! I've been hearing so much about it lately and it looks pretty cool so I thought, $13 for the entire series? Why not?! Plus, the latest drawing I'm doing is from FMA and I would like to know the character's a bit more. It's a commission drawing(a.k.a. I'm getting paid to do it) so I'm drawing it even though I don't know the character. All I know is his metallic arm is such a pain in the ass! SHEESH!! It's so painfully technical! *rips out some hair*

Corney Joke of the Day:
A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says: "A
beer please, and one for the road."

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I couple people asked for Momiji and there he is! What a bouncy boy! Also, if I make a gif for you, please do NOT direct link to them. Please upload them onto your own server. I would love to allow everyone to direct link to my stuff but my bandwith is being used up at an alarming rate...alarming? That sounds weird and a little extreme, don't you think?

So, how many of you had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to church? *yawn* Not me! Heehee! Me, being of no religion, get to sleep as long as I please. Yessssss...preciousssss...sssleep. I find that I sleep for a riculous amount of time. Like 10 hours usually! Anyone else like that too? My parents keep telling me, "Enjoy it while you can because once you get a job that is all going to change." Yeah, thanks Mom and Dad for keeping me in touch with the crappyness of reality. Feh! Yes, Hana-chan...REALITY;-) Heehee, yukina123 and I had quite the discussion about the concept of reality. She's starting to understand how I, ElvesAteMyRamen, function and deal with the life around me^_^

I made a wallpaper of Ayame from Fruits Basket yesterday. You don't have to comment on it or anything, but if you feel like looking at it, here's the linkey poo: Clickey!

And just so you guys know, I REFUSE to explain the jokes of the day. C'mon people! Just look at them in literal terms. It's also one of those things that if I were to descibe the jokes, they loose all humor! Speaking of humor, check out my new anime quote of the week! I still get a kick out of that part regardless how many times I read it. The Yuki Club members are CRAZY! Trust me, this Yuki Club that I run, is not that psychotic^_^

Corney Joke of the Day:
A sandwich walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry we don't serve food
in here."

I just realized I'm really hungry...

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Saturday, April 9, 2005


Someone asked for a Kisa gif...I don't remember who but yeah...there it is. She's such a cutie! *pinches cheeks*

Did I get D.N.Angel while in China Town today? Damn straight I did! I've watched the 1st 2 episodes and it's good so far! I'm still a little confused on why Dark has all these missions to carry out but I have a feeling that's going to be explained soon. I'm so sad! Now my China Town source told me that Final Fantasy VII Advent Children wont be out till the 2nd week in May! *dramatically falls onto the floor and extends arms into the air* "NOOOOOOO!!!" He told me April! He lies like a rug! Naw...he just said that Squaresoft keeps pushing the release date of it back. Feh! Oh and while in China Town people were carrying dead pigs from a truck into a butcher shop. And these were HUGE pigs! Not cut up or anything but full-sized. I mean, they were dead but YUCK! Their throuts were sliced open and so were their stomachs and they were all pale and nasty with their tongues sticking out. It's funny 'cause I had seen this before but it was MAD crowded today and all the tourists were going NUTS and taking pictures and everything.

A recent event that have been going on on Otaku has been brought to my attention. I'm sure many people had heard about the Otaku member Jennifer92 who was possibly in a coma for a bit but has recently awoken from it. I have heard that people are flaming her left and right accusing her of lying. Not only that but the people who are sticking up for Jennifer are being flamed as well. Now I'm not going to say whether or not I think Jen was in a coma but who frickin' cares?! The point is that people should be there for another member when they're down and if she's lying then that's HER problem! I just really don't understand why people have the urge to rant on others like that because they can't keep their freakin' mouths shut. I guess some people weren't taught, 'if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all.'

Corney Joke of the Day:
A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'll serve you, but
don't start anything."

I'm really curious what Kagome is saying to Inuyasha here:

Looks perverted judging by the reaction on his face! Heehee! Kagome is a little hussy!

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Friday, April 8, 2005


Here's the gif you asked for Marz. Yuki is such a sweetie! *huggles him*

Sheesh! I hope people are feeling better today! It seems like 90% of Otaku was depressed in one way or another yesterday. People are going to hate me for saying this but you want to know why most of you are depressed? It's called teenage hormones! Trust me, I went through depression too and the whole thing with, my parents don't understand me, why am I here, no one cares about me, would it have been better if I was never born at all, I suck at everything, etc, etc. At one point I had ripped all my artwork and ribbons off my walls because I was in the depressed mode and thought everything I did accomplished nothing. My parents always told me "It's your teenage hormones" at which I was all like "NU-UH!!! You don't understand me!! It's not the same!!" *hangs head in shame...they were right. It wasn't until I went off to college that I slowly started to realize that DAMMIT!! My parents were right! I never told them that though;-) I mean, I still get depressed now and again but who doesn't?! It's called being HUMAN!!

I'm going to China Town later today and I'm uber excited!! I'm going to get the prizes for the Yuki Contest winners and I'm also going to pick up the D.N. Angel anime series 'cause I've been DYING to see that. I'm also going to see if Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is there yet. Then we're heading to Barnes and Noble and I'm going to get Immortal Rain Volume 5. That manga is so frickin' amazing!!

Random Cornball Joke of the Day:I went to the butcher's the other day and I bet him 50 bucks that he
couldn't reach the t-bones off the top shelf.
He said, "No, the steaks are too high."

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Thursday, April 7, 2005


Ok people! ENOUGH with the freakin' chain letters!! I mean c'mon!! Do you really believe that bull? I don't mind getting like one...just to read and laugh at because it's so stupid. But after like 20 of them (and I mean that literally) it's ENOUGH!! NO MORE! Don't send them to me!! I read the one before about if I didn't send this chain to like 10 people some ghost child was going to kill me that night. Well, guess what? It didn't happen.

You wanna hear something stupid I did today? Why even ask that? Of course you do! Anywho, we were on break from our class and I come back and sit down and put lotion all over my hands (vanilla scent in case you wanted to know...if you want to know what I always smell like, it's vanilla) so I finished putting it on and then I decide to put some chapstick on too but I couldn't get the cap off!! My hands were too slick and lotioney. I have no idea why I did this but I turn to the guy sitting next to me and ask him: "Could you take my top off for me?" LOL! You should have seen his face! He was like, "huh?" And then he sees I'm holding the chapstick and he starts laughing which made me start laughing because I realized that I just asked him to take my top off. Heehee! He takes my chapstick and takes the cap off it while still laughing and said "man, and I thought this was my lucky day." Ha! He was so nice and freakin' cute! Maybe that's why I was compelled to ask him to take my top off. I know I'm weird and I didn't even know the kid but I'm not shy so I didn't care.

I was watching American Idol tonight...SHUTTUP! So I watch the show! SO WHAT?! And they had Fantasia from last season singing today. GAH! I always hated her voice SO much and I was reminded tonight why I hate her so much. For one, she sounds like Macey Gray..I HATE her voice with a PASSION! And 2nd..1/2 Fantasia's "singing" was screeching into the microphone. I think a few of my glasses shattered. I'd rather hear nails driven down a chalkboard. Anywho, that's my rant and thank you for listening *hands you all some cookies*

And the Yuki Club would like to welcome it's newest members: JungWoo, XcXChezaXcX, and bladesofice! *hands over some ice cream* The club almost has 90 members! Our plan for Otaku domination is almost complete!! MWAHAHAHA!...I mean...uh...*hands over some more ice cream* Oh and if you guys do NOT see your name on the official Yuki Club site as members and you are part of the club, just leave a post and let me know! Sometimes, things get jumbled when I'm passing info to Lewna or one of us gets busy you know the drill: Yuki Club!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Thanks SO much to everyone who told that a-hole off that had stolen my artwork!! Special thanks to Lewna, Jigglymonster, Marz, 2LovinInuyasha, Kagome2690, DragonMasterKatie, and Oinkwarrior(who I think is an Otaku member too) who left total awesome comments in the arist's profile and or "gallery" where my stolen drawings were located. I'm sure his inbox is stocked full of nasty e-mails too! THANKS GUYS!! It feels so good knowing I have this many friends who go out of their way to stick up for me. *SMOOCH!* LUV YA!!

And I got permission from all the winner's of the Yuki contest to submit their pieces so you can see what their submissions were:
1st Place: Lewna's 101 Reasons for why she loves Yuki: Click!
2nd Place: Pyrinsomniac's FanFiction: Click!
3rd Place: DragonMasterKatie's fanart: Click!
Again, ALL the submissions were excellent and this was a real hard decision for us judges to vote for. Special, ulta, super duper thanks goes to Yukina123 for being one of the judges and doing an absolutely dandy job of it too!!^_^

Oh and I submitted my background image from my site I made to the wallpapers section. You don't have to comment on it or anything but I thought I let people know in case they wanted to download this image to their computers that was in the proper size for regular computers:-D

I had a frickin' mouse...a REAL one...not a computer mouse..in my room today!!! It didn't really scare me though because I'm not scared of mice but this mother trucker had some balls! I saw him in the morning and all throughout the day...he would just scramble across my floor. And then! Get this...I was sitting on my computer typing away and I hear this munching noise to my left, so I look over and this mouse was chewing on the duct tape I have over my vents to keep mice from going in and out of them! Keep in mind my vents/heater is no more then 3 feet away from me! He's just chewing away looking at me like...meh! So this mouse chews some more being obnoxiously loud and he manages to finally clear enough room to squeeze through one of the slits in the vents!! Holy crap!! These slits aren't even 1/2 an inch thick!! I was amazed I must admit. I think mice are secretly made out of rubber.

Ever think you could be jeleous of a horse? Well, you're about to be:
See, told 'ya...lucky horse *grumbles.* Well, maybe not the guys out there but us Legolas fans perhaps-_^

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Thanks to everyone who vowed vengence on my stolen drawings. And many many people asked for this person's e-mail so they too could tell him off. Well, here it is: chibi_927@yahoo.com. I have no problem giving out his e-mail since he STOLE my drawings. And here's the link to his "gallery" where my stolen artworks are: Click
The drawings he stole of mine was of my Kenshin piece, "Bring it on," and my 3 Inuyasha drawings, "Lean On Me," "Sad Inuyasha," and "Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru." In his gallery you can see the titles of the pieces and yes...he even stole my titles as well as my descriptions on how I created them. *grumbles* On those links you'll also see where I told him off.

Oh and with the person sold my drawings on e-bay...that was a different circumstance then this event. This had happened last year where the person was selling prints of my Lord of the Rings drawings on e-bay. And yes, that person got kicked off e-bay. I've had my drawings stolen numerous occasions, mostly my photorealism work, unfortunetly and it doesn't get any easier when I see someone else taking credit for my drawings. Some people will actually erase my signature and put there's on it!! But that's with my photorealism pieces since I sign those. Maybe I should start signing my anime pieces at the bottom...naw, people will still erase my signature. *sigh*

I had this sad dream last night that turned weird and then funny. I was with Tohru, Kyou, Hatsuharu, and Yuki (all character from Fruits Basket in case you didn't know)and we were all hanging out on the beach. All of a sudden these weird creatures are flying over us with swords in their hands. So the gang of us somehow get wings sprouting out of our backs and we go flying up to these things. Turns out their Ringwraiths like in Lord of the Rings!! We then go flying over the ocean while these ringwraiths are chasing us and one catches up to Yuki and slices him down the back and rips one of his wings off!! Yuki falls unconcsious and starts plumeting down to the water and I'm screaming for Haru to get him! Haru sees Yuki falling and catches him just before he falls into the water where, naturally, there's a bunch of sharks waiting for him since blood was pouring out of Yuki. OH NO!! So I'm panicking because I think Yuki is dead and I squeeze my eyes shut and then open them and Yuki is standing next to me looking totally fine and smiling. Then I see we're on a stage and auditioning for American Idol!! I look to my left and Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are standing next to me and they're fighting on who gets to sing first. And Simon is there (also in anime form) telling them to "Get a bloody move on it!!" I woke up right after that but isn't that funky? Feh!

I think these faces of Yuki and Kyou go well with the reaction to my dream: "Huh" and "WTF?"

And some more Legolas goodness because I'm in the Lord of the Rings mood lately and I love elves...even if they did steal my ramen^_^

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