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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So yeah, those who read my last post learnt that we’ll be watching my bro’s dog, Harley for awhile. We’re taking care of Harley until the “custody” of her is completely figured out between him and his ex-wife. My bro deserves Harley more since he takes care of her. But anyway, my bro got another puppy named Lexie and my parents brought home BOTH of them! Long story but it’s only ‘till Sunday are we watching Lexie too but this is my first time seeing Lexie and she’s so freakin’ cute!! She’s also a Boxer, like Harley but she’s at that awkward puppy phase where she’s still a puppy but she’s all legs and has big floppy ears and is really skinny.XD She’s such a lover-muffin. I’m sitting on the couch and she’s on the floor and she puts her head on my lap, then her front paws, then her upper body, pretty soon, she’s completely cuddled on my lap. I spoil her since she’s probably not allowed on our new couch.>_>

But yeah, this is the first time my kitten, FuzzButt has had another animal in the house with him and we have a balcony that overlooks our living room and he just sat up there staring down at the dogs, growling. FuzzButt is a very brave boy though and soon came downstairs and Harley and Lexie were just as interested in FuzzButt and FuzzButt just kept on growling and swatting and hissing at them while Lexie is just bouncing all around him like…well, a puppy.XD But FuzzButt kept on chasing them around the house! I think FuzzButt will learn to like them since he wasn’t really clawing at them, just letting them know this was HIS house so they better be ready to bow to the prince!

Another picture of Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children because…I can! Ha!

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