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Saturday, November 24, 2007

*woot* Chrno Crusade!!
I got a sample of my book today! It turned out awesome! The colors are so nice and bold and bright! There were some drawings of mine I was worried about not coming out but they all came out so well. Iím excited when I go to the NY Anime Festival and show my portfolio to the publishers and such, I think it will help me stand-out a little more by not just handing them a business card, but an entire book of my artworks!

I need to give a HUGE thanks and attack glomp to my pal, Ikyuu-Kyuu-Kon! The other day, I woke up to find a mailing poster tube on my steps and Iím racking my brain thinkingÖwhen the heck did I order a poster?! And then I thought I had ordered one possibly after I had taken all my pain meds and muscle relaxers when I had hurt my neck and forgot I had done it.XD XD But nope, it was from her and it was a poster from the anime/manga X! Sheís also sending me a load of CDís full of anime goodies and they should be arriving very soon so I canít wait! Thanks so much Aya! *huggles*
I also received my Kadaj figure! Itís so pretty. *pets* Heís now displayed on my drafting table with my Cloud and Sephiroth figures. My, what a handsome display.^__^ Iím glad with these figures they kept them with their proper dominant hand that they had in the game and movie. All the bad guys in Advent Children were left-handed...well, except Reno, heís a lefty but is a good guy! I know Iím weird and notice these thingsÖprobably since Iím a lefty too.XD

Picture of the Day comes from Final Fantasy IIIÖitís Refia with a chocobo!^__^

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