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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hi everyone! I finished a new drawing! I did this drawing for my pal, Ikyuu Nyuu Kon because she sent me almost 30 CD's full of Prince of Tennis goodies! So, I did this drawing as a thank you gift and will be sending her the original of it. Eiji (with red hair) is my fave character and Kaoru (with green bandana) is her fave so yeah...drew them together! If you could please comment on it, I'd be ever-so appreciative:

We had a monster of a snow storm Thursday...even the casino I worked at closed down! That place closes down for nothing! Well...except for un-drivable roads, I suppose. We had a bad snow storm again today but the casino didn't close this time. We only had a max of 40 people on the gaming floor which is suuuuuper slow. By midnight, there were zero people on the floor besides the workers. Wish we could have been sent home early but meh.

My kitty, FuzzButt got neutered last week.XD He came home all bug eyed with this look of, "WTF HAPPENED?!" But he was fine and he's still the same 'ol trouble-making FuzzButt. We put out tree up that day too and FuzzButt was going nuts with the boxes and playing with the bulbs. My dad kept yelling at him but he doesn't listen. Arrogant little thing he is. I got a picture of him under the tree though...you can tell he's scheming something...

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Friday, December 14, 2007

So, I got my friend, Sena (as well as Bed-stuy) hooked on the Japanese singer Gackt. Sena in return, got me hooked on another Japanese band called Kat-Tun. Oh man…a group full of live bishies! The avi up above are a couple from that band. Darn her getting me into more bishes! *shakes fist*

Oh yeah, at the Anime Fest last weekend...my pals and I saw quite the interesting site…interesting and weird all at once. It was a dude cosplaying as Naruto and he had a girl dressed in a school girl’s outfit, sitting on top of him and hard-core making out with him! We saw it as we were going up the escalators and I just jabbed Sena and was like, “Alright, am I the only one disturbed by that?” And her reply when seeing what I was referring to was just, “….WTF?!” lol! Then later, I go up to Angel to tell her what we had seen and I started with, “Hey Angel, Sena, Kemmy and I saw something really disturbing going up the escalators,” and Angel interrupts with, “Oh my gawd, was it the Naruto guy?!” Haha! It was just…weird! Bad Naruto! Bad!

So, one of the main highlights with going to any anime convention is all the awesome anime goodies you can collect! I took some pictures of some of my stuff I got. This picture is mostly mangas, doujinshis, and artworks I bought there…some of those were free!

This next picture is of 2 of my fave artworks I bought…I already hung them up but plan on framing them. They were done by 2 different artists who were both very nice. The top one is Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran and I like the bottom one because if you look closely, that dude has bunny ears and tail! I said it was a psycho Momiji:

This last one is just a bunch of posters I collected. Most were free too! Gotta love free stuff! I’m particularly happy I got a Tenshi Ja Nai poster from the go!comi booth since that’s one of my fave mangas:

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thanks for all the congrats in my last post! I still can’t believe my fan manga will be published in the back of a real manga! AH! And by go!comi! AH! I love go!comi’s mangas…Angel and I are big fans of their releases. I’m not sure when it will be published but I’ll of course let everyone know when I find out! I figure it will be published in the back of the Black Sun Silver Moon manga since that’s what the contest was based on. Great manga, by the way…and I’m not just saying that.XP

So yeah, there’s still a bagillion things I want to talk about with what happened at the NY Anime Fest but obviously, I wont since…well, a bajillion is a big number.XD Anywho, I got to meet a fellow Otaku member, Bed-stuy on Saturday! She came to my workshop and she said she thought there were over 100 people there and not 70 like Adam guessed. Sheesh! All I know is that I didn’t look up all that often since I was yakking into a mic and coloring my piece but every time I did look up, more people were there! But I’m glad it went well and it’s over. Phew!
It was great meeting Kemmy (Bed-stuy) and she stuck with us all day while we toured all the anime goodies. I think I turned both her and Sena (another girl who came with us) into a fellow fan girl over Gackt, the Japanese singer. At the con, they had an hour screening of Gackt’s music videos and boy, was it scrumptious.XD

I’ll wrap this post up for today and show what I promised which were my 2 fave cosplayer duo’s at the con. The first one is Light and L from Death Note. I love that Light carried an apple and that demon dude with him all day. And L was adorable! He walked around barefoot even!! And anyone who took his picture, he would give lollypops. I got a blue raspberry one. Yumm! Here they be:

The second one is the Roxas and Axel duo…just look at the picture and note the awesomness of their costumes…it was tough getting their picture though since as soon as they would pose people would leap out of everywhere to take their picture:

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hiya everyone! For all those who asked in my last post what was in the Naruto Maki sushi I ate...it was spicy salmon wrapped in a cucumber with some other crap I don't remember in it. lol! All I know is, I hate sushi but that was delicious...and to think, I only got it because it had Naruto in the title!XD

Anywho, onto the new news...I WON THE FAN MANGA CONTEST!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! When they announced it at the con, I was shocked and it was Angel that snapped me out of it and then I started squeeling.XD I'm going to be published in the back of a real go!comi manga! AHHHH!
My coloring workshop went very well! It was a much bigger turn-out then I expected...Adam said over 70 people showed up! Cripes, I kept on seeing people come in but I couldn't really judge too well the approximent number. I sold some of my books too and later in the con, a girl came up to me and said she loved my workshop.^_^ She's on DA so I hope to chat with her on there.

Other then that the NY Anime Festival was a lot of fun! Saw loads of cosplayers and there were a couple really reeeeeeeally amazing ones. I got pictures of a wonderful Roxas and Axel duo as well as a Light and L duo. The L cosplayer stayed in character so well...he had a lollipop in his mouth the whole time and then he passed out lollies to the people taking pictures of him...he kept the L timidness too. I'll post those pictures the next time I update so you guys can see them.^_^

And I'm so sorry I couldn't get to any of your sites these past few days...I've been swamped! I probably wont update again till Wednesday or so since I'm still in NYC and am just borrowing Angel's laptop. However, I did read all the comments in my last post and the one before and I do remember those who visited me so I'll be visiting all of you upon my return! *MWAH!*

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hey everyone! Sorry for the small disappearing act...things got so hectic for me getting ready for the con that I didn't leave time for myself to update! I know, shame on me. Well, I'm in NYC now and am using my pal, Angel's laptop to make a quick update and summary of things so far.

Arrived here in the city Thursday night. Met Angel at the bus station and got a call from Adam asking if we wanted to go out for sushi. So, we went and that's where I met the lovely GiaPet who is a lot of fun to hang out with. I already had met Adam last year but it was great seeing him again.^^ I told Adam on our way that I had a confession to make...I don't like sushi! lol! But I hoped that he would take us somewhere that would change my mind. So, scrolling the menu I spotted this dish and knew I had to get it....why? Because it was called the Naruto Maki! Hee! And it was delicious!! Adam also had to teach me to use chopsticks because I'm not too handy with them.XD

Friday at the NY Anime Festival was fun!! I went around to the booths and handed out my books to people. It looked like a few good leads with a couple of them because they seemed to really like them. The lady at the go!comi booth saw my book and said, "You did the Fan Manga entry with the red cover, didn't you?!" I was like, YES! And she said she recognized my style and said she had loved my fan manga. That made me feel awesome since she was one of the main editors for go!comi.^_^
We picked up some good free stuff...some awesome posters that I was thrilled to get. I was part of Adam's panel along with Gia...not too many people showed up but I had no idea I had to sit up there with the panel group so that was a surprise for me from Adam. *glares*

So today is my workshop where I'll be showing people how I color my works. Hopefully, things will go well and I know my pal, Bed-stuy will be coming so that will be awesome to meet her!

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Wow, I got more comments Saturday then usual…usually weekends are slow too! And thanks for the compliments on my new theme! I got a lot of hidden fangirl squeals…chicks just dig Fai-kun! I don’t expect fangirl squeals from the dudes though…obviously.XP I’m glad people often say about my themes that they’re pretty without getting too complicated. Aye, there are just some sites that I go to that have so much advanced html stuff that the Otaku features don’t work properly. On many occasions, those sites have said, “please check out my fan art!” And I hunt….and I hunt….and I hunt and I can’t find a stinkin’ link anywhere because it’s buried somewhere or given a funky title besides “Portfolio” or “Fan Art” that I miss it!XD

So, I talked to Adam for my class this coming weekend at the NY Anime Festival, I mentioned having prizes of colored pencils and he thought that was a great idea. So, at the end of my class, we’re giving away 2 packs of Prismacolor Colored Pencils! And not just regular Prismas…Prisma PREMIERS!! Those are the super-expensive ones….they’re even better quality then the Prismas I use. lol! We’re giving away a pack of 24 and 36 and they come in spiffy tins and everything. It’s just a ploy to get people to come to my workshop. lol! Hey, I know I’d attend it if there was a chance of getting free Prismas! Everyone loves free stuff!XP

I’m stealing this from my Deviant Art journal…sorry for the few who have already seen it!....So, the other day, my kitty FuzzButt was on the dining room table...he knows he's not supposed to be on the dining room table so my dad sees him and yells, "GET DOWN!" So what did FuzzButt do? He laid down. lol! I was like, "Well, you didn't specify, Dad." And then today, my dad was vacuuming the floors and so he put the chairs up on the table. Well, like stated above, FuzzButt isn't allowed on the table but he is allowed on the chairs so FuzzButt jumps on the table and then jumps up onto the chairs so dad couldn't yell at him. Technically, he isn't on the table, neh? That cat is too smart for his own good. I got a picture of him in the act:

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Howdy folks! As you can see…theme change! I had been planning on changing to my “winter theme” this weekend and by george, I done it.XD It’s mostly a Fai theme because he’s so cool and a snappy dresser! Hee! And the song on my site is probably one of my all-time fave songs. This one and the song I had for my summer theme which was Mummer’s Dance are my 2 faves.

I got the “in-progress” drawing all done for my class for the NY Anime Festival next week! I can’t believe it’s only a week away! For my coloring class, I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete a drawing in only one hour and that’s why I have this in-progress drawing…it’s the same exact drawing as the Mary Ann one but it’s at different levels of completion. Like, the eyes, face, and parts of her clothes and background aren’t done so this way, I can show them how I color basically every aspect of my drawings without having to totally complete one in one sitting. I so smart. Got me some good edumacation.
At work yesterday, our department had a random little food party. At one point, I walked past one of the young hot guards at the casino and I say, “I’m going to have me some pizza!” And he retorts all smug, “Well, we have pizza too…WITH hot wings!” And I reply, “Well, we have pizza…AND peanut butter fudge!” He frowns and goes, “Dammit!” Haha! You can’t compare with peanut butter fudge, no sir-ree! Well, except spicy nacho Doritos…those who know me know that’s my weakness.XD

Picture of the Day comes from La Corda d’Oro:

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon has successfully morphed me into a rabid Takashi Nagayama fan girl. He’s just so cute! *pinches cheeks and strokes hair*

To continue on with my past few posts, I just wanted to state for the record that I have ever seen a full episode of Gilligan’s Island. lol! I just know the basic story and that’s pretty much it. Yes, that show was waaaaaaaay before my time but Animaniacs used to reference it quite often so I pretty much learned the theme song and stuff from them.XD I showed the drawing to the lady at work whom had sparked the whole idea of making an anime/manga version of Gilligan’s Island and she was just tickled pink! I mean, it looks nothing like her…but she thought it was cool that her name/nickname led me to create that drawing.^^ Everyone I work with is so supportive of my artworks. They love all the little doodles I hang up on the walls for them.^_^
Nothing else new to report…well, except that Lexie, my bro’s Boxer puppy has gone home with him and we’re still watching his other doggy, Harley till the “custody battle” is figured out with her. My kitten FuzzButt, has gotten a lot better with Harley…he was even playing with her today! We had given Harley a HUGE stuffed snake that we had gotten at a fair years ago and Harley was toting it around like a prized trophy…but the tail-end was dragging across the floor and FuzzButt kept on attacking it. ‘Tis very cute.^_^

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club…Tamaki-kun!...I have a thing for guys who play the piano and/or violin.XD

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanks to those who check out my new drawing! With this drawing and the idea of making an anime/manga version of Gilligan’s Island, my idea wasn’t to make it be EXACTLY like Gilligan’s Island and having the EXACT characters. More-so that it follows the similar story. The characters would follow the same as on Gilligan’s Island but be varied. So, for all those who were saying that Mary Ann isn’t a blonde…that’s kinda the point.XP It’s her without it being obviously her. But yeah, this is just an idea and whether I’ll continue with it and even start a manga of it, I dunno. lol! Here’s the drawing if you haven’t seen it:

Oh yeah, in my last post when I mentioned my #1 ranking, many asked how you can see your rank. If you’re in the Backroom of your site, on the left-hand side there’s a link that says, “Members List” and it’s listed there. I honestly, had no idea I was ranked #1 until I started getting all these PM’s and comments and GB’s from people telling me. And yes, I did actually get a GB entry that read, “I came to see the #1 ranked site…I don’t see what’s so special about it.” Gotta love these people that don't bother to see who the person is behind the site. Just the kind of people who I don’t add to my friend’s list.XD And why these people find the urge to leave GB’s like that? *shrug* Beats me…I think they’re just lonely, miserable people who want others to be lonely and miserable too. Sorry, doesn’t work on me! HA! I rarely look at my GB anymore. My focus goes on my friend’s who actually like me as a person, not some #1 ranked bozo on a list….I think I just dissed myself…Ha! I totally did.XD

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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Monday, November 26, 2007

YOU! Look at my fan art!
Hee! That gif is from the live-action version of the anime/manga, Princess Princess.XD But yeah, I really do have a new artwork up…it’s the drawing I’m going to be using as the “completed” piece for my class at the NY Anime Festival. More info on who the character is and stuff can be found in the artist statement under the drawing so if you could take a look and comment, I’d be very much obliged:

So, for those who may or may not know, I am now ranked as the #1 most popular Otaku member. I feel special.^_^ But the major downfall I’m already seeing is the amount of GB’s and PM’s I’m suddenly getting now which are pretty much, “Hey, why haven’t I been added to your friend’s list?! or “Hey, I signed your GB, why haven’t you signed mine?! or “Came to see the #1 ranked site…I don’t see what’s so special about it…” Garumph! Annoys me that people think that just because they signed your GB, that means they MUST be added to your friend’s list! I have over 1,700 GB entries…that would be one helluva long list if I just added anyone who dropped by my site! People who are on my list are on there because they are FRIENDS! There are some people who comment on my site that I still need to add but I tend to just visit them and comment on their posts and forget. lol! And the whole thing with people saying my site doesn’t appear that great…I think the ranking is due to how many comments and visits a member has received…not based on the quality of their site themselves. *bonks head* It’s already getting annoying. I like SessLover18’s idea, that you should have an option of only allowing people on your friend’s list to PM you.

Picture of the Day was made by Otaku friend, Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon (check her wallpaper gallery for the full-sizer!) and it’s the live-action Eiji from Prince of Tennis alongside the anime character he plays. I think they do look alike, neh? Plus…I think he’s really cute…>_>

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