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Friday, November 16, 2007

When I got out of work at 3:00am it was pouring rain and freakin’ bloody cold! I was just surprised that it was still raining and it was raining the entire way home and majority of my drive is through the valleys but sure enough, once I almost got to my house which is on the tippy top of a hill…CAKED in snow. It’ll probably be melted by the time I get up…which is usually about 1pm but who knows. I’m not fond of snow. Love to look at it but everything else about it sucks…especially driving in it.>_<

So, while on LordSesshomaru’s site the other day, he was telling a story about soda at his school and it had reminded me of a story of my own. When I was in about 10th grade, it was during the time when humungo baggy pants were in style for guys and there was this one guy in my art class, named Corey that used to wear these pants with loads of pockets. Like most school, sodas and other beverages weren’t allowed in the classrooms but Corey managed to fit a whole 2 Liter Mountain Dew into his pocket and when the teacher wasn’t looking, he’d take it out and take a swig. lol! I remember one day, our art teacher caught him drinking it and we had an awesome art teacher and his face when he saw him was pure puzzlement and he asks, “Where did you get that huge thing of soda?!” and Corey replied, “From my pants pocket. and if you want to picture the epitome face of WTF? That was the expression born on our teacher’s face. Our teacher goes, “You fit that in your pants?” Corey says, “Erm, yeah.” And our teacher was so impressed he managed to fit a 2 liter soda in his pants pocket that he didn’t even make him throw it away. And thus ends my random story.XD

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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