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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have a new drawing up! If you could take a look at it, I’d really appreciate it. It’s my Valentines drawings I’ve been talking about:

I have no idea how many people are around on Sundays…I remember Sundays used to be one of the most popular days on theOtaku but then it became one of the worst days when it came to people updating. I guess we’ll see, neh? I’ve had the last couple days off from work…actually had my days off in a row!! Amazing! For quite some time I had Mondays and Fridays off. WTF? You can’t get anything accomplished when days are split up like that.

I’m keeping this post short in hopes people will take a look at my drawing and comment. *hint hint nudge nudge*
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Quite a few people asked to see a picture of my new hair-cut and highlights so there it be! I couldn’t get a decent picture though that truly showed the variation in color from the dark brown to the gold in my hair…the lighting wasn’t that great but meh, you still get the idea. My hair style itself really didn’t change…I just got it trimmed and re-layered.^_^

Anywho, I promised another Kakashi Dave (for those who missed it, he was an old manager of mine when I worked at Barnes & Noble in NYC and the things he used to do got him the nickname of Kakashi Dave) story and this one is one of my fave:
One evening, Dave had a pretty dim-witted customer (surprisingly typical at our store) and the lady kept on getting more and more irate since she couldn’t remember the title or the author of a book she wanted and so therefore, Kakashi Dave says to her, “Well, what do you want me to do about it?” Well, that ticked off the lady so she got all huffy and eventually she says, “That’s it! I want to talk to your manager NOW!” So, Kakashi Dave goes, “Sure, hang on a moment.” So, he walks away, strolls around the bookcase, returns back, stands before her and says, “Yes, may I help you?” LOL!!!! Oh man, I just about collapsed in laughter. It was just so…smart ass! And brilliant!XD Even that got a laugh from the lady.XD And thus ends that Kakashi Dave story. He was the coolest manager ever.

My Picture of the Day is a break from anime…I got an email from a lady I work with filled with funny cat captions and I feel I must share some of them over the next few days since they’re so stinkin’ cute!!:

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I’m assuming most have heard that actor, Heath Ledger died earlier this week. I’m not really upset…it’s not like I knew the guy or anything. lol! When I worked at Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn, him and his wife at the time, used to come in quite often with their baby. Heath got yelled at by one of our managers once because he took the stroller with the baby in it up the escalators instead of using the elevator.XD Well, you’re not supposed to take a stroller up the escalator! It’s just common sense! Ah well, I still look forward to seeing Heath's final performance as the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie.

So, I got my hair done yesterday. It looks awesome if I do say so myself. I have really long hair and I have my hair highlighted already but wanted to try something a little different. So I got my hair highlighted with light gold, streaky highlights so it has that super-dramatic light, dark, light, dark look to it. I love it! I got a lot of compliments at work too.
After my hair app. I visited home and as I was getting out of my car I see a little white fuzzy face in the window watching me. FUZZBUTT!!! I went inside and scooped him up and petted him and loved him and he was all purring and soft and warm but then our dog, Harley came up and wanted attention too so I had to put FuzzButt down to pet her. FuzzButt and Harley get along better…their relationship is the classic bitter cat/dog dispute though. Harley tends to always put her face in FuzzButt’s and licks him and FuzzButt’s lip just curls up with this look of distaste like, ‘Ack, get this thing away from me.’ But then as soon as Harley’s back is turned, FuzzButt smack’s Harley othe butt with his paw. It cracks me up.XD FuzzButt doesn’t fight fair.

I know I promised a Kakashi Dave story in this post but…not enough room. My post would be too long and you know how some people get all pissy when a post is too long.XD So, my next post shall tell another Kakashi Dave tale.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I’m glad you guys enjoyed the Kakashi Dave story in my last post. Quite a few of you remember when I had him as a manager. Ah yes, Kakashi Dave was so awesome…telling customers off, playing Shakira music over the loudspeakers, not giving a crap what I did. Yes, good times. I’ll tell another Kakashi Dave tale in my next post.XD

So, I had the day off today. Bliss! I mostly worked on my Valentines drawing…got the characters all colored and just need to do the background now. While working on my drawings, I always have a movie or show going to have has background noise. Today, I watched my first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. I forgot how much I used to love this series. Anyone else remember it or use to watch it? I remember staying up to watch it when I was like, in 4th grade. I used to have SUCH a crush on Dean Cane, the guy who played Superman in this series:

My guyfriends understand, since they told me that they used to have a crush on Terry Hatcher, who played Lois Lane when they used to watch it.XD It was hard for me to watch the new Superman movie just because I always associated Superman with Dean Cane but meh, as long as he’s cute I’ll accept anyone. lol! I know lots of people don’t like Superman which I totally understand…a guy who is impossible to kill or hurt except with Kryptonite is pretty cheap but the way they did Superman in ‘The New Adventures of Superman,’ they dove deeper into the character’s personalities and not so much on hey, the dude in the tights and cape. I guess that’s what I really liked about it.^__^

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and afterwards I’m stopping home before work for dinner and to pet FuzzButt. I miss FuzzButt!!!! It’s so lonely not to have that little kitty curled up with me at night. *sulks*
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Monday, January 21, 2008

My internet went down Sunday and most of Monday. No idea why but when I came home it was working again. One of the wonders of technology…or it was probably since the couple living below me have the cable router in their apartment and it just needed a reboot or something. Either way, nice to have it back again!^_^

I was reminiscing today at work…how many of you guys remember my old manager when I worked at Barnes & Noble who was nicknamed Kakashi Dave? I was thinking of the things he used to do and it got me cracking up…I know I used to tell tales of his deeds in my posts and he was many people’s hero. I thought I’d go back and share the tale that lead to his nickname, Kakashi Dave…some may remember when this happened:
I come into work one day and Dave comes up to me and says, You HAVE to come and watch this surveillance tape! And I’m just like…oooookay, so I follow him into the back office and he shows me this tape. Well, apparently, we had this customer awhile ago that got himself banned from our B&N store because he was looking up the skirts of young girls. Well, that morning, the guy tried to come back into the store and was confronted by Dave and Dave told him he had to leave…and this is where I get to see the surveillance tape. You see Dave talking to this guy and then suddenly, the customer takes a swing at him!!! Dave leans back and the guy misses and while that guy loses his balance, Dave grabs him and shoves him into a rack and then gets the guy swung around so he’s facing the front doors. Dave pushes the guy through the doors and then literally kicks his ass onto the sidewalk. LOL! Oh man, Dave just thought he was the coolest cat after that…and that customer never came back.XD
So yes, that was the moment that my manager was nicknamed Kakashi Dave…I’m pretty sure LordSesshomaru came up with that title.^^ I’ll have to re-tell some other tales of Kakashi Dave in the future, I think. He was just the coolest manager and I miss him!!

It was bloody cold today!!!! Brrrrrrrrr!!! 0 degrees and negative who-knows-what windchill. My wittle face felt like it was going to freeze off.
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Look at how pimped by NeoPet is now! Hee! On the actual site, it’s all animated but it wont let you save the animated one to share on other sites. Boo. Hiss. My supervisor who’s been on NeoPets for over 4 years saw my Kisten_Luv pet and she’s like, “What? Huh? How the heck did you do that?!” I had to show her how I dressed him up and changed the background and stuff. It’s easy but she never thought of pimping her pets like I did mine.XD And special thanks to Escalababe who gave me an Ogrin (that’s the breed of my pet) plushie on the site! My pet really only likes to play with plushies that look like him. Conceded much?

So, in my last post, I mentioned the Twilight book series and I think some people thought that entire paragraph was about it…it wasn’t, I was actually talking about another series in that paragraph…I think most people just saw, Twilight and disregarded the rest of the paragraph thinking that’s all I was talking about. Ah well and for the maaaaaany people who asked…the Edward/Bella story is NOT a trilogy. I had *thought* it was going to be but after the 3rd book…you can tell there will be more. The 4th book is called, Breaking Dawn and it’s set to be released Fall of this year. A coworker of mine said she heard it was going to be at least 5 books long. Gargh…she’s dragging the story out further then it should be. Ah well, I loved the books anyway so will continue them. And yes, I know they’re making a movie based on Twilight…it's set to possibly be released in 2010...the same year The Hobbit is supposed to come out! I'm so ecstatic they FINALLY decided to make The Hobbit and it's going to be split into 2 parts which is good...means they wont try and cram too much into one movie.^_^

I’m currently working on a Valentine drawing…well, I have it planned but haven’t started drawing it yet.XD I haven’t popped out a new drawing in a loooooong time but this is one I really want to do and it’s working with characters I’ve never attempted before so we’ll see how it comes out.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Okay, what is the deal with the totally un-creative, lame titles of movies lately? I see a preview for a new movie called, The Eye, and then at the theaters I see a poster for a movie called, The Happening and wasn’t there just a movie that came out called, The Call? I mean…what the?...I find myself laughing when the titles for these movies pop up because they’re so incredibly lame sounding. Those writers need to go to a title naming class…or something.>_>

Ever finish reading a book thinking it was the last book in a series only to find out that there’s more? Twilight did that to me since I thought it was a trilogy but…nope, there’s more. I just finished 4 books all in the same series and I thought the 4th was the final book…judging by the way this book ended, it’s just beginning and I’m like….AHHHH! But in this case, it’s not a bad thing because this series is so incredibly awesome and I love the characters. It’s in the This Witch For Hire series by Kim Harrison. These books have everything a fantasy lover would want…vampires, witches, werewolves, pixies, and my personal favorite…the elves! And not the Keebler elves…the Tolkien tall, hot elves.XD My personal favorite character though isn’t even the elf though, it’s the pixie named Jenks. He is so freakin’ funny…he coins phrases like “Tink’s titties, what are you doing?!” And “Fairies’ panties, don’t talk to me like that!” *snort* Yeah, these books are meant for adults and it takes place in an alternate universe/modern day type thing. I’ll have to see if more of the series is out…but yeah, check them out if you like that kind of stuff because they’re awesome!

I’m finally finished setting up my apartment. *phew* One of my frames wont stay up on the wall though! *shakes fist at it*
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Monday, January 14, 2008

I’m pimping my NeoPet. Heehee! Got Kisten_Luv a spiffy background and a fashionable potato sack to wear.XD A lot of outfits they have on NeoPets wont work for mine…I think since Kisten_Luv is an Ogrin and that’s one of the “new” breeds on the site. Like I had said, I had only joined the site because we have tons of downtime at work and I saw my supervisor playing on the site so I joined too. She told me she’s been on the site for over 4 years! Sheesh! But if you’re on the site, mail me! My username is YakkoAteMyRamen…I’m still peeved someone stole my Elves’ username.>_<

So, we celebrated my friend, Tyler’s birthday yesterday. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Fuji San and sat at a Hibachi table. The guy came out and put on quite a show for us…throwing his knives around, setting things on fire plus, it was eye-candy for me since he was young and cute!XD XD I don’t like sushi but my last visit to a sushi place I had gotten the Naruto Maki (of course, only got is since it had Naruto in the title) and it was really good! They had pretty much the same dish at this restaurant, so I got it and it tasted awful. I hate fish SO much and the Naruto Maki I had gotten in NYC didn’t taste like fish at all but this one at Fuji San’s did. Bleck. I forced down a couple of them and then gave the rest to my boys. Luckily, Tyler got a great dish from the Hibachi grill and he gave me almost all his food since he already got soup and salad and stuff so he was full.
We then came back to my new apartment since they all wanted to see it. They couldn’t believe how big it was…and clean. lol! My boys are shocked at the concept of cleanliness. We then went to the theaters and saw the movie, Juno. It was really good! It had the randomness and humor that my boys and I enjoy.

I FINALLY have a day off from work. I need to finish a few things with my apartment plus I need to get back into working on the characters for that website. I’m so far behind! *weeps*
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hee! Hee!
Well, I’m all moved into my new apartment…well, kinda. I just need to hang up my artworks and posters and animation cels now. That’s the fun stuff.^^ The actual move went well…all my stuff was nice and light because I’ve got LOADS of books and papers and other heavy things, but I packed them well so no one box was too heavy that my Dad or I wouldn’t be able to carry easily. I was happy to see the internet works great! I just had to get the password from the people who live below me (they own the actual building). They’re both very nice…a young married couple, both teachers. They’re going to be moving out in a couple of months though so I asked my friend, Tyler if he was interested in their apartment and he seemed very interested so that would be awesome if my best friend could live below me!

The only downfall is that my kitty, FuzzButt is not with me. FuzzButt technically isn’t even my cat, he belongs to my mom…even though it’s painfully obvious FuzzButt loves me most. *grins* I’m sure I would be allowed to have a kitty in my apartment since it’s big enough but I’m not home very much. I work 10 hour days and including the 35 min drive there and back, I’m gone about 11 hours a day which isn’t fair to a pet leaving it alone all that time. Cats are pretty good about being left but FuzzButt doesn’t like to be alone very much and my parents are both retired so there’s almost always someone home to give him attention. So yeah, only my bro’s saltwater fishes and my 2 ancient goldfishes will be my pets…that and my new NeoPet. lol! But I can always swing home to visit FuzzButt whenever I want. I plan on stopping by the house Friday to pick up some more stuff and to pet FuzzButt and our doggy, Harley.^_^

My bro won full custody of Harley from his psycho ex-wife and pretty much he wants to give us Harley and he’s going to just keep his new puppy, Lexi. Which is fine by my parents because they like Harley very much, especially my dad. She’s a sweetie and watching FuzzButt attack Harley is so stinkin’ funny.XD
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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I’m having lots of fun on NeoPets! I joined it because my supervisor at work was playing it and it looked fun. I only play it when at work though because we have a lot of down time and we need stuff to keep ourselves occupied.XD I can only read for so long before my head gets cloudy so I rotate reading with internet games and stuff. Of course, I only do this AFTER I have finished all my work for the day. lol! And yeah, I guess NeoPets is aimed more-so for kids but sometimes, it’s fun to play kid’s stuff! When I want to play “adult games” I go onto King.com and play on there…but I’ve played all those games so many times and NeoPets really isn’t that different when it comes to the games aspect of it. It’s pretty cute that you take care of your NeoPet and it talks to you and stuff. I was looking at buying him a NeoHouse and he says, “I want a palace made out of chocolate!” Ka-hee! So KAWAII!!! I named him Kisten_Luv and you can oogle his cuteness in my last post.XD

So, I went to my brother’s-but-soon-to-be-my-apartment today. He mostly wanted to show me what things he was leaving behind, where his washer and dryer are, how to take care of his fish, etc. Man, those saltwater fishies are hard to take care of! I have to clean so many filters! He’s got a HUGE saltwater fish tank that’s all fancy with live-coral in it and everything….but there’s only 3 fish in it! lol! I have to test the water’s PH and make sure the filters run smoothly because apparently, a filter stopped working and the PH went too high and that’s what killed almost all his fish! Saltwater fish are a pain…but awfully purty…I’ll probably buy another clown fish since he only has one and clownfish like to be in packs.^_^

Whelp, I got some more packing to do…yeehaw...my kitty, FuzzButt keeps jumping in all my boxes. Baka neko.
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