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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This icon always cracks me up…don’t know why, it just does.XD
Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! People keep mentioning they like the perspective of it so YAY! It was surprisingly hard to draw at a slightly birds-eye view with the characters looking up without drawing them distorted. Anyway if you haven’t seen my piccy yet, please do, it would make me happy:

I’m pretty irritated right now. I worked my tail off to get the cover page for my artbook done and I try sending it to the guy who’s putting together my book and he has a crappy frontiernet email so it can’t receive anything over like 4mb. ARGH! So, I’m going to have to try and drive a CD to him which wont be easy since I’m gone for work about 11-12 hours a day and this guy lives about 30 minutes from me in the opposite direction of everywhere I go. It bugs me because I want to scream at him ”DUDE!!! YOU WORK WITH LARGE RESOLUTION PHOTOS!!!! GET YOURSELF A FLIPPIN’ FREE HOTMAIL OR GMAIL ACCOUNT!!!!” I just don’t understand why he’s so stuck on sticking to his piece of crap e-mail that doesn’t accept large photos when his job is working with large photos. *smacks forehead* Common sense illiterate people….*grumbles to self*

Oh yeah, Gavin’s birthday was last week and we took him out to eat and again, most of you know Gavin and his lame puns…well, here’s one that transpired:
Tyler: *fumbling with his cell phone, takes the battery out and puts it on the table*
Gavin: “Heh.” *grabs battery and picks up salt shaker* “Hey look, it’s a-salt and battery!”
*snorts* I laughed for a long time over that one…so corny.
Picture of the Day comes from Kingdom Hearts:

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