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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow, it’s been a full week since I last updated! *le gasp* That’s a long time for me anyway.XD This last week has been very stressful but I did a new drawing and I’d reeeeeeally appreciate it if you could take a look at it and comment:

Anyway, for those who read my last post, you may recall how I strained a neck muscle while trying to open a water bottle? For those who asked how it was possible…just think about it, when you’re trying to twist open a bottle, you put umph into your arm, that strains the shoulder, that strains the neck and also the back and the doc said I must have been standing in just the right position that when I put that strain on it, I did some serious damage. This past week I had to go to physical therapy 4 times while at the same time hold my full-time job while at the same time try and get the cover done for my artbook (which is the thumbnail above) so I can get that published and to me by early December. Ack. It wasn’t easy considering that I was on muscle relaxers I had to take 3 times a day as well as pain meds so I was one sleepy elf.
My physical therapist, his name is Jeff and he’s really hot so that’s a plus. lol! My officially diagnosis for what I did to my neck is what Jeff referred to as a “sticky joint.” Meaning, I pulled a joint in my neck and the muscles around it tightened so much that it wasn’t moving properly with the rest of my joints, hence why I was in so much pain. It’s getting better though. Today is the first day that I’ve been pill free because I hate feeling groggy all the time. But yeah, I gotta admit, that it is pretty funny that all of this was due to a water bottle…well, to be specific it was a vitamin water bottle. My boys certainly thought it was amusing. Feh!

Picture of the Day comes from Loveless:

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