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Friday, January 4, 2008

I finally caved and got myself a NeoPets account.XD Above is my NeoPet. Isn’t he so CUTE?! *pinches him* I named him Kisten_Luv…the name of one of my fave characters from a book series I’m reading. Kisten, in the book, is a vampire, lol! But I like the name.^^I mostly got an account because my supervisor at work has an account and was playing it at work and it looked like a lot of fun. My username on there is YakkoAteMyRamen…someone stole my Elves’ username! ARGH, that ticks me off. Unoriginal schmos who can’t think of their own names so they steal other people’s…*grumbles to myself*

So, my brother is moving out of his apartment on Sunday so on Monday I’m going to start moving in. For those who missed that post, my brother is being recruited to New Jersey for a year (he’s a drill sergeant and he’s the one who trains the soldiers who often go to Iraq), so he offered me his apartment. I’m not living there for free though, I still have to pay the monthly rent but my bro is being super awesome and is going to pay for my electricity and gas bill! WOOT! That’ll save me about $150 a month. He’s going to pay for it in exchange that I take care of his fish. lol! I can handle that…they are salt water fish though and are hard to keep alive but I’m pretty good with fish…I have 2 goldfish that are almost 9 years old!! The apartment comes with free cable and Road Runner internet! Double WOOT! Plus, it’s a split house so the entire top floor is all mine so I don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors and it’s on a dead-end street so no traffic either.^_^ I hate moving though…it’s such a hassle. Luckily my bro is keeping his furniture there so I don’t have to move really heavy things.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone! I must say that this year has been rather good to me. From being asked to be a guest artist at the NY Anime Fest and then winning the fan manga contest so my work will be published to just recently doing characters for a website…can’t complain. Of course this year had its mighty crappy moments but meh, such is life so I look forward to whatever 2008 throws at me!

I had the day off today and spent majority of it working on the website thingy. For those who don’t know, I was asked to draw characters for a website called, Cartoon Doll Emporium which is basically an avi/paper doll creating site and they asked me to draw anime characters for them and the first anime characters they asked me to draw were the cast from Fruits Basket! I’m starting with Kisa since I can think of a million and one costumes to draw for her. I started with drawing her in her undies and then I drew the clothes that you can place over her on the website. I only have one more outfit to draw but then I have to color them and such so it’ll be awhile before it’s all done. But I think the outfits are coming out great so far if I do say so myself.XD

My kitty, FuzzButt was going nuts today! We have a stink bug in our house (they’re completely harmless but they stink bad if you squish them) and they fly too so FuzzButt was having a ball chasing after it. Luckily he didn’t catch it and eat it or he’d had quite the foul taste in his mouth. And then later, I saw FuzzButt’s shadow around the corner of our fireplace (he likes to hide there and leap at you when you’re not paying attention) and so as I rounded the corner, I lurched at him and went, “BAH!!” lol! Oh man, he must have leapt 5 feet in the air and his face after was just, “WTF was that?!?!”
Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club…the rare shot of Nekozawa without all his dark clothing on!:

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Heehee! I always enjoyed that part in Lord of the Rings. Just…BAM!!! Take that smelly human!

So, went to the early New Year’s party on Saturday and it was a lot of fun! We all went to Jonesy’s house and hung out there. By the time Tyler, Waylan, and I (we carpooled) got there, everyone else was already smashed.XD Tyler and I didn’t drink at all though. Tyler hadn’t been feeling too well all day and I was just plain enjoying the show of watching my drunk friends.XD I got picked up and hugged a countless amount of times…as well as being told how loved I was. lol! Conversations with a group of drunk people is so freakin’ funny. All my friends become philosophers when they’ve had one too many. Gavin will keep throwing out his lame jokes and then giggle himself senseless after he tells them…which makes it that much funnier since he has the high-pitched giggle like Homer Simpson.

We had a snow storm Sunday night...it took me about 10 minutes just to brush all the snow off my car after work. It's no fun sweeping all that snow off at 3am.>_< I'm glad my Subaru has 4 wheel drive though because at that time of morning (or night, however you want to view it) the roadways are barely plowed, if at all. I'd rather drive in snow then ice though. You're pretty much screwed with ice.
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Glad you guys enjoyed the clip in my last post…yes, there’s something so satisfying about watching someone get totally slugged in the face…especially when it’s so justly deserved.XD

So, I got quite a nice surprise today! I had gotten an email from the guy who ran the NY Anime Fest asking me for my address because they were going to send me a certificate for winning the Fan Manga contest as well as an anime gift basket. So, I gave it to him and the package came today and ho-ly crap!! Anime galore! 9 count them, NINE anime DVD’s were in there! Some of them were full season box sets like Prince of Tennis and Inuyasha! I also got a NYAF t-shirt, a Death Note calendar, Bleach playing cards, and an Inuyasha and Shippou keychain! ‘Twas nice indeed…it was like Christmas all over again but completely anime.XD

Tonight, my friends and I are getting together for an early New Year’s party. I have to work on New Years and some of my buds will be out of town during that time so we decided to have it early. I have to work today though and then go there afterwards and then I have to work Sunday so I can’t stay as long as I’d like. I’m getting fed up with work lately. I’m sick of having to work every holiday and pulling all this overtime. I would have left this job long ago if not for the awesome people I work with. *sigh*
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Friday, December 28, 2007

I’ve been recently addicted to a new show. And it’s a genre I’ve never watched before…ever! It’s a Japanese drama! As in, live-action .XD When visiting NYC a few weeks ago, my friend, Sena told me I should check out these Japanese dramas and I instantly was like, bleck because I associate “drama” with the American soap operas but, I don’t tend to shun anything until I try it so she had me watch clips from some of her fave J-dramas and I was hooked. I came home and instantly downloaded a show called, Hana Yori Dango which is Japanese for Boys Over Flowers…some may recognize that name because this is the live-action version of that anime/manga! It is so…freakin’…good!!!

I downloaded a spiffy DVD ripper so I could compress the video and upload it onto youTube just to show you guys a clip from the show. To give a quick summary of the show, it takes place at a high-class/expensive school in which there are 4 worshipped guys called F4. They’re super wealthy and if you do something to tick them off, you get red flagged….meaning, the students at the school are allowed to terrorize you prior to the “king”, named Tsukasa Domyouji beating you up. The show follows the “poor girl” at the school named, Makino Tsukushi who is very quiet and shy but she has a history of beating up anyone who upsets her or any of her friends. In the 1st episode, her only friend at the school gets red flagged and when Domyouji starts harassing her, Tsukushi sticks up for her which ticks Domyouji off so now Tsukushi gets red flagged and is terrorized throughout the entire episode but she doesn’t do anything about it. Until the end…and that’s where this clip comes in and it’s such a great moment I was like YES!!! The clip is about 4 minutes long but it’s totally worth watching…and gomen, the clip is high-quality but the original format was wide-screen and this got kinda stretched and shrunk since I was a bozo but you can still see it fine^^:

YES! She just SLUGGS him and because she’s the first one to ever stand up to him like that, besides his sister, he falls in love with her! lol! But then, the cute guy who is smiling down at her in the clip, his name is Rui and a member of F4 and she falls in love with him because he was the only person who was nice to her. DomyouJi and Rui are so much like Kyou and Yuki from Fruits Basket, it’s scary..except those 2 are best friends and Yuki and Kyou obviously aren’t. But Domyouji is more likable in my mind then Kyou ever was.XD

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas! We celebrated out Christmas on the 24th because that’s the only time my family could make it. I have to work tonight on Christmas. Kinda peeves me off because my boss has made me work every major holiday this entire year…mostly since I’m young and don’t have kids, therefore it must mean my time with family is less important. *grumbles to self* Anyway, I didn’t get much for Christmas since I already got my birthday/x-mas gift which was my laptop. Well, I should say, I paid for most of my own laptop but my parents gave me cash for how much they would have spent on me for birthday and Christmas. So, I really only got gift cards from my sibs since that’s what we always get each other. lol!

Well, I hope everyone has a nice holiday! My bro brought over his puppy, Lexi and again, her and my kitty FuzzButt were chasing each other around the house. It was very amusing.XD

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Monday, December 24, 2007

As promised, I shall share with you guys one of the songs Johnny Depp sings in Sweeney Todd. Keep in mind too that what you’re about to hear is all self-taught! Like I said in my last post, Depp refused any professional voice coaching because he wanted to depict the character the way he wanted. I can’t sing worth crap so to me, he sounds awesome! lol! This song is when Depp’s character, Sweeney Todd gets his barber razors back and later a girl joins in with him and that’s the lead female role who has a crush on Sweeney the entire movie. So yeah, if you want to take a listen, just pause the music in my profile and push play here:

I started working on the fan arts for that website I mentioned awhile ago. In case you missed it, I was given a little job offer from the Cartoon Doll Emporium website. They asked me to draw some anime characters for them and the first anime they asked me to draw from was Fruits Basket! This site is like an avi/paper doll type creating site in which you’re given a character and some clothing and you dress them up! So, I have to draw the character first in little undies and then draw separately all their clothing and shoes and accessories. I’m drawing Kisa first since she’s just so cute and I can think of a bunch of clothing styles for her. They asked me to also draw the character from Fushigi Yuugi but they wanted Fruits Basket first. So awesome…getting paid totally legally to do fan art! Hee!

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thanks for all the happy birthday greetings! ‘Tis appreciated! Yeah, I just got back from seeing Sweeney Todd with my boys. It was awesome! Then again, I’m a big Tim Burton fan so I’m used to that style…interesting seeing him do a musical too…I mean, besides using clay animations and such.XD Johnny Depp was great…as usual. Hee! What’s interesting is that Depp refused any kind of professional voice lessons because he thought going to a voice coach would take away from how he wanted to portray the character, so he self-taught himself by recording himself singing and listening to it to try and teach himself. I tell ‘ya, I wish I could sound that good by teaching myself! I’m downloading the soundtrack now…maybe in my next post I’ll post a sampler of him singing so people can hear him.

A lot more people showed up to my b-day celebration then I thought would. I thought it was going to just be my main boys which are Tyler, Phil, and Gavin…but the group ended up consisting of some of my other pals I don’t see as often which were Steve, Lauren, Kristen, Jim, and Rick! We had to take 2 cars to the theaters and then we went to Outback for dinner. They all paid for me which was dandy. We all then came back to my house and talked and then played Pictionary. I know, we’re such bad-asses. Some of the drawings that people do are just plain hilarious…Rick got the word, “Bend” and…well, he drew a very explicit drawing but he can’t draw worth crap so it was just that much more funny.XD

I got some nice gifts too! Tyler got me Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for my DS as well as he burned me Adobe Creative Suite 3 which has every Adobe program in it including Photoshop CS 3 and Premier! WOOT! I got some other cool gifts like Dane Cook CD/DVD as well as some nice Lord of the Rings graphic novels. It was a nice day but I’m beat so off to bed!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow, I feel like bonking my head…with my drawing in my last post, a couple people said in the comments, hey, your drawing reminds me of Prince of Tennis is that where you got the idea from? *smacks forehead to the point of indenting it* Dudes, if you had simply CLICKED on my drawing and actually LOOKED at it, you’d see that it’s a Prince of Tennis fan art! Gah…*bonks head again* Those are the same kinds of people on my post will ask, what materials did you use or, what anime is it from? And if they’d simply look at the drawing, I clearly state what materials I use and what anime/manga it’s from. It’s like them pointing a finger at themselves saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m lazy and am making it obvious I’d rather spend the time to type out a question then simply looking at the artwork and finding out myself!” I can’t stand that…*grumbles to myself*

*breathes* Anywho, today is my birthday! Whoop-di-do-da. I look forward to tonight though because my boys are coming to my house and we’re exchanging Christmas gifts…and birthday gifts for me. And then we’re going to go see Sweeney Todd…the new Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp and it’s based on the dark musical. Can’t wait! Then we’re going to go out to dinner and who knows what we’ll do after that.
Oh, and yesterday I had those 2 big newses…newses, I invented a word apparently but yeah, the 3rd big news was that my eldest brother is moving to New Jersey for awhile so I’ll be taking his apartment. He has a nice big apartment too and it’s in a quiet neighborhood. He said that he’d pay for my electricity and gas bill which is awesome since that’ll be a big help. The apartment comes with free Road Runner and cable too!

Picture of the Day again, comes from the manga, MeruPuri…such a pretty manga…awesome manga-ka:

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! Got 32 comments on my post but only 22 comments on my drawing…I have 10 lazy friends! Feh! Oh well, I remember those who check out my work because I conveniently wont check out there’s if they never look at mine. BWAHAHA! See, I don’t get mad, I get even.XD But yeah, for those who didn’t see my last post, I’d appreciate it if you could check out my new drawing:

I have big news! Well, 3 to be exact but I'll only fit 2 in this post.XD The first being, I got a laptop! It’s my Christmas/Birthday present…my parents only paid for a little of it though but still, a little is better then nothing. I got a Special Edition HP…only thing really special about it is the slick color and lights and that it came with a 12 cel battery rather then a 6…so the battery life in my lappy is about 5-6 hours rather then 2-3.^_^
2nd news is I got a little job offer from a website…the site is an avi-type creating site for girls and kids but they wanted me to do some anime drawings for them and guess what the first anime they asked me to draw the characters from? FRUITS BASKET!!!! AH! I’m going to get paid to do fan art!!! And it’s totally legal too! WHEE! And based on one of my fave anime/mangas! WHEE! I’ll be sure and show people the site in my next update…I’m running late and don’t want to be late for work!

Picture of the Day comes from the manga, MeruPuri…the same manga-ka who does, Vampire Knight:

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