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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey, a girl can dream.
I am so excited!!!!! Okay, for quite some time, Square Enix has released super-detailed figures that go along with their Final Fantasy characters. Well, ever since Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been released they’ve only had 4 character figures which were Sephiroth, Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent. Now….FINALLY they’ve released the next set of characters which include…KADAJ!!!!! *fangirl squeal* I already bought him off ebay and I should get it in a couple days! But yeah, the other 2 released with Kadaj are Reno and Yuffie. I’m pretty much only buying the characters that are my faves and I have Sephy and Cloud displayed proudly on my drafting table and now, they shall be joined by Kadaj! This is what it looks like:

So, things shall be getting interesting later tonight…my parents drove up to my bros’ house to bring home his doggy. Harley…it’s a long story but my bros’ ex-wife is a little psycho and she’s trying to get sole custody of Harley (I know, it’s like we’re talking about a kid) but she’s not responsible at all and Trevor (my bro) bought Harley so Harley is his but she wont leave him alone about it. Trevor ended up buying another doggy named Lexie, and he asked my parents if they could take Harley and watch her so his ex-wife can’t get her hands on her. So yeah, my parents are bringing home Harley tonight and my kitty FuzzButt…oh man, this will be interesting. Lol! FuzzButt hasn’t had to share attention with another animal and he’s not too fond of dogs (he growls at them at the vet) but Harley is the sweetest dog ever and LOVES to play and LOVES bugging kitties so…yeah, this will be interesting.XD Oh yeah, and Harley is a Boxer, by the way.^^

In light of my new Kadaj figure, my post for today is all Kadaj-pimped. Gotta-love that little silver-haired psycho…he just needs a hug:

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