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Saturday, November 17, 2007

I was wrong in my last post about the snow…it didn’t melt! Ergh. And this is the “wet” snow so it froze my car doors! I had to get my dad to open them because with my hurt neck, I still can’t do too much strenuous stuff. The joys of the snow season are already starting. Whoop-di-freakin’-doo.

So today, I had to meet with the guy who’s putting my book together. Remember how I had tried to send him my book cover and stuff but all he has is a craptastic frontiernet e-mail so he can’t accept any files larger then 4MB? I had to drive to his house to give him the CD of my front and back cover and then we spent about 5 hours just doing the final details and touch-ups to it. All I have to do now is send him the title…which I SUCK at titles so I asked my dear pal, Angel who is an awesome writer to see if she can come up with any. She’s going to e-mail me some ideas tonight. I’ll probably be pestering Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon on Yahoo since she’s a good writer too.XD I don’t think I’m too bad of a writer but I stink at titles and usually resort to just using the character’s names as the title for my artworks.

The NY Anime Festival is only about 3 weeks away! AH! For those who may not remember, I was asked to be a guest artist and hold a workshop showing people how to color like I do. Adam told me that my class will be for an hour and it’s called, ‘Color Me Perfect.’ This weekend, I’m going to be working on the drawing that I’ll be using for the workshop. I’ll actually have to “think” about what I’m doing as I’m coloring it so I know what to talk about for the class. I don’t usually “think”…just sorta put the pencil down and go.
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