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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dracos harry's love slave:3
Ha ha im gonna write a short passage to give you a little idea why in this oh so shitty picture draco (who looks far from draco) is wearing a dog collor.

once again im sorry its not big but its the the quitaly it gets all messed.

Harry kissed draco softly on the forehead.Draco looked up into harrys eyes. He was naked and laying on harrys bed in hogwarts. He gripped harrys arms and licked his chest. Harry pushed him aganist the bed. He knew by the way dracos legs we're spread out what he wanted. Harry pushed a finger up dracos enterence. Draco moaned and gasped wit pleassure. He was begging for another and the another. Harry bit into his non exsistenced thighs and kissed them softly. He withdrew his fingers and draco's body relaxed.
"Thank you," he whispered
"Any time Draco...."

Its not really that good. Please don't sue or ban me im just a hopeless romantic.....my writing means nothing.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Harry and Dracos : DOP
Yeah ill explain what the stands for later anyway heres my picture. Well pictures.

This Harrys hand with Dracos tie and Dracos hand with Harrys glasses. Once i get my psp this will be coloured i swear.

This is Draco (shite i know) and the camera is blurry and shitty. Its better in the flesh i guess you could say. Anyway. This is a random picture i fished form my head. Theres not a story behind it yet all i can say is that he looks damn young.

Iv not bothered to post them on here at orignal size becasue the'd strech the screen and thed take for ever to load and the bigger it is the bluryer.

This is Harry, duh. Its not very good as always but i was sleepy when i drew it. It looks more like harry than draco looks like draco.lol.

Bunny harry in a scarf :3 so sexy really look at the expression.
I still need to get dracos done for that ill do that tonight.
Okay well i post more when i can.


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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Okay so my art ideas.(that no will steal or they will be killed.)
So um.....Harry and Draco with bunny ears.......:3 so anime so total anime. kay maybe thats just my sickness talking i really am beginning to hate RED FRED ladys know what im talking about. LOL. the digusing word. nah its a cures so anyways. Draco in the Dark Forest....sitting infront of a tree with his scarf on and his normal clothes and maybe a title that says 'loves always over in the morninig' or summit i like that or i did last night. Well i am kinda hanging on the thoughts of Harry and Draco animal style and maybe sirus (drools at sirus in head) lmao. Well you have to tell me what you think and dont forget the ideas i have damn artest block.

and writers.

XXXXxXxXxXXXX Chloe peace love and die from the inside out!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I need some art help.
OKay so im trying to draw some art for my fan fiction called ' Harry and Draco's Dungeon of Passion' which is on my plant in angelfire. Not to mention i need to finish Eyeliner Story on Angelfire.....im really pinning my self down. Anyway so far i have a pictre of harry finished.

This is the smaller version and the bigger and blurrer ones in my photobucket. So if u want to see that then ask me for the url.

Anyway if any of you have any ideas or any help then please post them here...oh wait the story behind the picture is that draco is in the hospital wing for poising himself after he felt so quilty about not helping harry out of a tight situation where he was brouht into the wing becasue of deep and continous self-harming. Now harry is blaming himself for what has happened to malfoy and he thinks that he's gonig to die plus i thought the idea of him using the glass from his glasses and him being in the shower would make it better.

Oh well sorry for the crap blurry ness of it my scanner isn't working so i used my mothers digital cam.

Peace love and die from the inside out

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Monday, July 17, 2006

my new fan club
Okay so it isn't for Anime but its for harry potter fans. Visit and join well e-mail me to join anyway. Theres a website witch is under construction. :3. Anyway i would really like it if u join that is if u like harry potter and draco.
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer time.
Hey guys im not posting an eyelnier story becasue no ones reading it so im gonig to move the whole thing to my quillza account and my free webs account which i am also writing fan fics on. Proably harry potter mostly becasue at the moment im obsessed. And maybe some .hack but we'll see. Any way its summer time over here and im bored and lazy not to mention i have late nights and can't sleep, and end up waking at like 5 in the morning and wondering the hall's like a ghost. I have to go to spain in august and i was in germany but not for the world cup did u see who won. ITALY!!! yayyyy. they desevered, the frech capton was out of line. way out of line.

Anyway you guys have a great summer!!
XxXxXx Chloe

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An eyeliner story - my dreams say it all
After carrys fone call to the boys they came home and the police took the body away. Carry,Paul, Joel and Benji all went home and you and billy went to bed.

"You all right?" billy asks laying down beside you.
"Yeah" you whisper sleeply ," night"
You are asleep before billy can replie.

Xdream , 1st person as in youX
I yawned deeply and sat up.I went to put my hands on my tummy but it was flat.....no baby. I panicked.
"hey, hey ____its okay calm down." joel smiled at me.
"My babies?!! wheres my babies." i screamed.
"Over there in that cot. duh." he replied walking out the bedroom door.
I was back in our old room back at the old house.I got out of bed and moved slowly to the cot, and as sure as anything they were both in there.
I lifted one out.
"Hey sweetie."i said...
He didn't move....again i panicked. He was surly dead, he was cold and white and so was the other.
I cryed. and ran from the room to get billy.
I screamed his name as i ran down the hall.
"______ whats wrong?" she asked
"My babies are dead!" i screamed.
She was calm...not even a whimper not even a word of symphaony.She just walked of.
then she turned.
"Billys away in the car." she said.
I ran down the stairs and out to the car....
Billy sat in the front seat,he was dead white and cover in blood.
"BILLY!" i screamed even louder but no one came.
Billy was dead, he was covered in blood.My babies where dead.
I ran inside in otter panick.But no one even noticed they all just sat did waht they where doing. Cash didn't even notice.
What was going on....paul looked at me.
"Oh did u hear billies dead, suppose u dont' know what happened well u see what happened was......." he was about to tell me but i woke up.

Xout of dream back in to normal formatX
You open your eyes, light shines in through the curtains. you put your hands on your stomach.
"What checking the bumps still there." billy sits up beside you.
you sigh and throw your arms around him.
"What did i do?" he smiles
You put your head back on your pillow.
"Nothing i just..love you."

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

an eyeliner story - and so they say its over.
You stand in the kitchen, leaning on the sink counter with your head in your hands.Tears run down your face, you don't why, he was a murder, a rapest that nearly destroyed your life and that drove your friend to attempted suicide. He killed Mike and Billie Joe how could you feel something for him???
Carry paces the hall where the body is with the cell fone to her ear.She explains to the boys what happened and there on there way home.
"_____ are you alright?" asks carry entering the kitchen.
"i just saw a man who raped me and hurt me kill himself infront of me......how do u think i feel? do u think im alright?" you reply.
You stare out the window into the darkness covering your backyard. You shake your head in disbeleave that the fear could be over, but also at the fact that when tre asked you to kill him you wanted to put a bullet square through his head but you refused. Carry moves into the living room and sits stareing at the silent t.v. She is shaking with fear and shock.
"Is it all over?" you ask her
She looks up at you,
"i don't know, it could be but theres still the possibleity of nightmares."
"Like i said it made his stop but it won't make mine."
Carry nods her head slowly the turns back to the t.v.
If it really was all over then why did you still feel his presence and still feel the pain and fear when he was around you?

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

an eyeliner story - bang bang ur dead
its just dis, then the day before the wedding, then the wedding , and then last final one unless i wanna do one in between it. but i might not.
Don't worry there'll be a second series called 'An eyeliner story - scond times the charm'. :3

Billy paces up and down the living room waiting for 9pm to arrive. Joel and benji sit beside each other nervious decusing stuff.
Carry has her head on pauls sholder.
You twidle ur thumbs while resting ur hands on ur growing stomach.
"billy sit down!" you say
"Im fine here." he replies and looks at the clock.
its only 8.30
"Billy we have half an hour relax." says joel
"I can't i just can't, i wanna get this over with i just can't belive i might have to kill a human being."
"only if it comes to that sweete" you say ," sit down."
Billy sits down beside u. He dosn't lay back he sits unright and alert.
You don't say anything nor does anyone else. Finally 9 pm arrives and theres a knock on the front door.
Billy gets up and lets the police in.
"Shall we go and get into posion?" asks the sergant.
Billy nods and he, joel,paul and benji follow him out. U and carry stay home.

You and carry sit nervously in the living room. The fire cracking and the t.v turned low.
"wonder whats happened?" u say
"don't know" carry replies.
Its not really the talking mood, so nothing else is said until theres a loud knock on the front door.
"Who could that be?" you ask carry.
You get up and go to the front door. Something tells u not to open it but something also tells u that it couldn't be tre becasue hes at the park.
You open the door.
Tre walks in.
You scream and move back, carry enters the hall.
"What do u want u bastard." carry screams.
"Im not going to hurt u" he repies
"yeah right get out!"
"i swear im not going to hurt u"
you look at him.
"Carry listen to him." u say
Theres no expression but sadness on his face.
"Tre what do u want?" u say softly.
He holds out a gun and takes ur hand. He puts it into ur palm.
"I want u to shoot me."
U look at carry who looks at the gun.
"I can't do that!" u say
"Please" he says
"no i can't" u force it back at him.
He takes it.
"I suppose i better do my own dirty work. Im sorry...for all the pain iv cost u" tears are in his eyes "theres no reason or excuse for what i have done. I sorry."
He lifts the gun to his fore head.
"No tre please." you say
He pulls the trigger. Blood splashs across the walls.
"tre" u say silenty.
"we need to call the boys." carry says almost crying.
You take a deep breath.
"This won't make my nightmares stop but maybe it'll help his."

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

an eyelnier story - the chase is on
OKay so i have my commenters back go u guys i missed ya!!!!!!!!! U guys need to catch up on what happened.

Carry, you, Billy, Joel, paul and Benji all stand in the hallway. The whisper is faint and rasping but creepy and depressing all the same.
"Tre must die." Billie joes voice whispers brethlessly.
"What do u want?" asks benji the big hard man.
Billie joe didn't whisper back.
You move back and grip billys hand.Carry stays put.
"Carry come here!" says paul
She moves back to paul.
Suddenly the door to the living room closes and the front door locks itself.
"We're trapped in here!" says joel looking round," all the windows and doors have ether locked or closed themselves."
You look at billy and then at the walls.
"Tre must die on the park bridge tonight!" billie whispers.
"On the park bridge!! WHEN!" you ask.
"____Shhhh!" billy whispers ,"ur talking to a dead guy!"
"Billie joe when!! answer me!" you ignore billy.
"Midnight. take only one gun u won't be needing anymore."
"Why is it always midnight with u dead guys?" asks paul
"I don't know ask the big man upstairs!" replies billiejoe in the same whisper.
"Theres a man upstairs!" repies benji confuffled.
The doors unlock with a click and the cold errie feeling is gone.
"Hes gone.....what did he mean by the bridge and 1 gun!" you ask.
"Tre must be going to the bridge tonight we need to call the police."
Joel lifts out his cell fone and calls the office.
"Hey sargent dude get men together for tonight tres going to the park bridge at midnight. The park bridge u know where dat is! okay round 9pm we'll meet here good bye."
"Well!" says billy.
"We're all gonna meet here at 9pm and then head off.!" says joel.
"did u tell him where here was?" asks paul
"they already know."
"Im coming with u."you say
"me too!"
"Carry__ you guys can't come!" says benji," ____ ur pregant and carry....you just can't come!"
"I don't care we're coming!"carry says
"I wanna see tre die like a rat, i wanna see the bullets go into his chest and see him gasp his last breaths!" you say
billy looks at you and edges away
"Creepy homacidalness!" he says
"Right so the chase is on then!" joel says
"From rockstars to mission imposiblestar." replies paul.

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